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Club 33 pin question...


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  • Club 33 pin question...

    I posted this over at Dizpins and thought I would try to get any input here as well. Although it is a "pintrader" kind of question, there seem to be some Club 33 experts who view these boards frequently who might have some insight. Here goes:

    So I was just wondering. I remember a couple years ago, there was a big controversy over this pin:

    Pin 23136: DLR - Club 33 Door

    (which I missed getting before they sold out!! )

    Apparently, (so the story goes) club members were all upset because any pin with the "Club 33" logo on it is only supposed to be sold to club members or in the Club 33 store. It was a big enough deal for management to send each an every member this special pin as an "apology" for the error:

    Pin 27953: Club 33 Members Only Hinged Locket Pin - Walt Disney

    Which brings me to my question: how then, can sell a "Club 33" logo pin in their new 50th Anniversary merchandise New Orleans Square Boxed Pin Set??

    Did they get "pre-approval" or special permission from club members before hand? Or do they really not care and that whole "controversy" thing was just a big myth? Or maybe (as somebody suggested), Disney made the same mistake twice and PO'd all the Club 33 members again!

    Just curious!

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    Re: Club 33 pin question...

    They did not get approval (or least I don't recall them asking anyone) and this will no doubt be an issue for some. I do think that they are attempting to mitigate the damage by issuing one that is very similar to the pin sold at the club. In the picture, it looks silver and not gold colored like the one they sell.

    A number of members were upset about the pin fiasco because the door pin was such a nice pin. Members were not even offered one (they were sold inside of the park for the 48th birthday). All members were later given the silver pin with Walt's photo inside and these were strictly limited to members (cast members including management were not even given one). Mary Niven, VP of Food and Beverage also sent the green door pin to everyone as well.

    I think that the current pin was done by an outside department and the fact that it is sold outside of the park and is almost exactly like the tired old pin they continue to sell at the club will keep the complaints to a minimum. I have not looked at merchandise recently, but they may even have a few sets of the pins at the club in order to ease the tensions that came up two years ago.


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