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A Surpise First Trip Report! (loads of photos)


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  • Trip Report A Surpise First Trip Report! (loads of photos)

    This trip to Disneyland was such a surprise for me! I had gone to my aunts house down in Bakersfield for a well deserved vacation for a week. She had taken the week off, and I was expecting to just hand out by her pool all week, even drive down to San Diego and head to the zoo or the Long Beach Aquarium.

    On Tuesday, the second, I had just woken up at 10:30, I was making the bed when my aunt popped her head in my room and said 'Hey, do you want $100 to go clothes shopping today' (and I totally need new jeans) 'OR do you want to go to Disneyland?' And well, I mean it's still summer, who needs jeans?

    We packed our bags, and at 11:30 we headed to Disneyland! We arrived at the AnnaBella at about 3:00-3:30. Man, that place is huge! Nice rooms too.

    Now, not only is this my first trip report, but this trip was also my first time in the Tiki Room (I know right?), first time on the Mark Twain, my first time on Indiana Jones since 1995, and I faced my fears and went on the freaking Sun Wheel, swinging. Some photo's are blurry and I'm sorry about that! Still trying to figure out my camera.


    Tower of Terror

    Grizzly River Run

    Yay! And I love the poppies (those are poppies right?) on the sign.

    We get my AP (also a first, which also means one less ticket to pay for in December!) Go in and get my picture and actual AP Card, then head down Main Street, my Aunt who has to walk super fast everywhere, was about 5 feet in front of me and heading into Crystal Arts and the China Closet when I ran into Heidi Klum, Seal and their kids! Well, more like walked a foot or 2 off to the side of them. I didn't know who they where, it didn't click for me, until a minute or less later when I was already in the store looking out the window at them. Boy, was my aunt mad when I told her later that night!

    Me in the Hub

    Aunt and I.

    The first ride we hit was Pirates, and it was a complete walk on. Please excuse the blurry pictures.

    we then headed over to Jungle Cruise! Which was also, a walk on. That is one of my favorite rides. And we had the coolest skipper!

    'Here we have the Male Elephant, the second most dangerous animal you'll find along the river...'

    'And here's the first! His mother in law!'

    'Poor zebra's, so old they're still in black and white!'

    'Those nice lions, doing a favor for the zebra's and babysitting!'

    'I told them not to mess with the rhino's, cause they always get their point across in the end.'

    'Watch out! The hippo is charging! Cover your ears while I shoot at him! Did you see that? I got the ones in the trees, they are the most dangerous. I don't even know why they charge the boat, they know I only take cash!'

    'Look, some natives! Be quite and let me see if I can hear what they are saying......nope, can't understand a word!'

    Our lovely fuzzy skipper.

    'Watch out for the maneating fish! Don't worry girls, they're MANeating fish.'

    'Ah, good ol' Trader Sam, hey, I here he's running a deal, 2 heads for one of yours!'

    After Jungle, we hit Indiana, 5 minute wait if that. No pictures though. I'm glad to say though that the Spikes and Pole, along with the Rope where working and I got to experiance them!

    We then decided it was just too hot and made our way over to Splash Mountain, where, on the way, I spotted MonstersGoBoo and her brother with a group of people. I would have said 'Hi' but was trying to keep up with my Aunt. So 'HI!'

    Splash was a 5 minute wait also, rows 1 and 2. I stuck my Aunt in the front because hey, I had the bag with all the electronics, it was water proof, but we don't want to take any chances right? She was SOAKED by the second 'dip' and my whole right side (thankfully not the side with my bag) was soaked also.

    After Pictures:

    We where on our way over to Pooh, when we had to take a little break. We went over to Hungry Bear (if I'm correct, it's right next to Pooh?) where my aunt breaked and I sat out near the river with the ducks, and watched the Mark Twian go by.

    We get on Pooh, and it was so weird, my aunt said it was cheesey and she was right. That is a total waste of space.

    Since it was getting near closing time, we made our way over to Fantasy Land. We rode the 'little' rides. Pinocchio, Snow White, and Toads Wild Ride. On the way out, I preceeded to take some horrible night shots!

    We headed back to the Hotel to watch Iron Man, which I havn't seen yet and it's amazing, and then I crashed at midnight.

    Coming up in about an hour and a half, we have Day 2 and Day 3! Where we spend the first half of the day in DCA, and I face the Ferris Wheel. Then hit the other side of DL and the House of Tomorrow! (Got no pictures though XD)
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    Re: A Surpise First Trip Report! (loads of photos)

    Thanks for the TR! You got some nice shots! Looking forward to more...


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      Re: A Surpise First Trip Report! (loads of photos)

      Nice trip report, can't wait till the rest.
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        Re: A Surpise First Trip Report! (loads of photos)

        What a great aunt. Looks like you had fun.


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          Re: A Surpise First Trip Report! (loads of photos)

          wow awesome trip report. thanks.


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            Re: A Surpise First Trip Report! (loads of photos)

            Gosh, you have a nice aunt! I wish I had an aunt like that....

            Very nice trip report so far and I'm looking forward to the rest! And that shot of the duck shaking himself off is awesome!
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              Re: A Surpise First Trip Report! (loads of photos)

              great trip report
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                Re: A Surpise First Trip Report! (loads of photos)

                Fun report! That duck pic looks like he turns into Tornado Duck! It's sooo funny! Great pics, glad you had fun!


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                  Re: A Surpise First Trip Report! (loads of photos)

                  Welcome to MiceChat! Wonderful trip report! Yeah, I like that tornado duck too! :lol: Thats also a great close up of the lion cubs! When you come back in December I hope you have a chance to stop by a meet and say howdy to everyone!

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                    Re: A Surpise First Trip Report! (loads of photos)

                    Haha good shot of Drill Duck. And that was really awesome of your aunt to surprise you like that. Great report!

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                      Re: A Surpise First Trip Report! (loads of photos)

                      Great report. Loved the close ups on the Jungle Cruise. Wonderful Aunt!


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                        Re: A Surpise First Trip Report! (loads of photos)

                        Hmmmm, $100 for shopping or 3 days at Disneyland. What to do, what to do?

                        You made the right choice! :ap:

                        What a great opportunity for your first trip report, too. More please!
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                          Re: A Surpise First Trip Report! (loads of photos)

                          Fantastic photos, besides the blurry ones, great job!!!


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                            Re: A Surpise First Trip Report! (loads of photos)

                            Great first TR! I defintely think you made the right choice!

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                              Re: A Surpise First Trip Report! (loads of photos)

                              I've been calling him my little Torpedo Duck, the little boogger. And thanks for your kind words on my pictures. As for the meet's in December, we'll be driving up on the 7th, just hanging out at the pool or in the room that night, then we'll have all week in the parks. So as we get closer I'll totally see what's going on with you guys and see if I can drag my family to a meet, lol.

                              Day Two

                              We started out Day 2 at DCA, so I can conquer my fear of the Sun Wheel, and to get on TSMM.

                              We made our way around the park, stopping at Soarin' first, with a 10 minute wait, went over to the rapids, saw it was a 10 minute wait also, but it wasn't that hot at 10 in the morning, so I dragged her over to TSMM. We got there, saw that the line was like, maybe half an hour wait, but then, I saw that the Single Rider line was open! So by using the Single Rider line, TSMM was a walk on for us, but I think Karma got the best of us, cause we're standing in line, ready to be loaded on, and what happens?

                              Yep, the ride breaks down. We sat there watching them unload everyone, then I turned to my aunt and asked her if she wanted to wait, or come back later. We waited for only about 10 minutes. The ride started working again and I have to give the ride designers a big Kudo's. That has to be one of the funnest rides.

                              Didn't get a picture, but my first timer's score was a nice 108,600, compared to my aunts 38,900. As soon as we got off, I tried to drag her back in line, but it was broken AGAIN

                              My aunt then dragged ME over to the Sun Wheel, into the swinging line. Now, I can handle things like, roller coasters (as long as they don't go upside down, but she swore she would drag me on that when we go in december), and I love ToT. But I don't do Ferris Wheels.

                              While in line I told her she better not do any extra swinging on the darn thing or I wouldn't go on the coaster with her. So no, we just had regular swinging. And they stuck other people in with us. Is that customary? It just seemed weird. They where a young couple and you can tell they where angry and that they wanted to cuddle or something. They didn't talk the whole time, while I sat there trying not to fall forward on my aunt. Seriously, why isn't there a belt or at least something to hold on to?


                              That's me being terrified whilst sitting next to angry guy.

                              After the wheel of torture, we decided it was hot enough to go on Grizzly, which was a walk on. We rode that twice, and I love going on Grizzly, not only because it's a water ride, but because you do go on with other people. We find the funnest people on these things. First group was a couple with their young girl child, and she didn't like getting wet, and she wasn't crying but she was going 'I never want to go on this ride again!' 'Are we going down that?' 'Why are you doing this to me!' but she was smiling at the end of the ride. Then it was another couple with their 2 boys, and a teenage couple (or friends?) and we had a blast with them.

                              Got some ice cream then headed back to DL. I did not ride ToT, even though I wanted to, because my aunt cannot ride that or the tea cups ever since she had her youngest kid (my cousins did not come because they had school and work), and I don't like riding them by myself.

                              At DL we caught the train on Main Street and rode it over to Tomorrow Land, yea, I know we could have walked, but I love the train!

                              The New Orleans Station was down though, anyone know why?

                              Yay! Fake deer! It was great because my aunt was all excited and I'm all like 'yea so, I lived in the mountains where deer where my neighbor's for 6 years o.0 -picturetake-'

                              BTW, Haunted Mansion was down also, for 'beautification', I'm going to assume that means Jack is coming to a HM near you

                              Now, a little back ground on my aunt. Since she lives near DL, she takes my cousins there for their Birthday's every year. The last time I went was 3 years ago. But I had so much fun pointing out little things she's never noticed before! (Thanks to MiceChat that is) She had no idea what the PFF was, she actually had no idea that the Evil Queen from Snow White popped out over Snow Whites ride, and then a bunch of little stuff, it was fun pointing it out to her.

                              We hit the House of Tomorrow (or Future, take your pick) and it was fun, I asked her if she wanted to stay for Story Time in the boys room and she didn't, we couldn't get the mirror to work in the girls room, and the sink wasn't working, but the rest was pretty nifty. We sat there playing with the lights, security cameras and stuff like that.

                              Then it was over to Buzz's Astro Blasters, which was a walk on.

                              I was rushing because I had people in back of me and my aunt was way ahead of me, again XD Which didn't matter because we got our own 'cars' anyway.

                              After blasters, we headed back to the hotel, because we where told the following day that the Angels where playing in town, and we wanted to catch a game, more like my aunt did. But when we got to the hotel, we went in to see who they where playing against, and learned they wern't even in town! Darn that liar who told us there where there all week.

                              So we went over to The Cheese Cake Factory to grab some grub. They have the best food, and the cheese cake, omg. And inside is just amazing.

                              We then went to the liquor store for some Mikes and Dorito's, went back to the hotel and watched The Republican Convention, Sarah's speech, while America's Next Top Model was on a commercial break, lol. Then we went to bed because she was waking me up early the next morning because we had to leave town at 1 and we had lots of things to get done.

                              Coming up after a short commercial break, DAY 3.
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