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Fishbulb's 09.14.08 trip report


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  • Trip Report Fishbulb's 09.14.08 trip report

    FISHBULB'S 09.14.08 Trip Report

    Today's Trip report sponsored by COKE!

    Before I begin I would like to read you the postcard I got from a friend vacationing in the netherworld.
    Hell has become a winter wonderland. It's nice and cool here. in fact it's down right freezing. Wish you were here.

    Another fish report. Odd right? Well, again the mood struck me. I think that I will be making a bit of a goal to at least do one a month. I hate to be so intermittent but it's what I can guarantee.

    So we got to the park early. Yes Early. (See the postcard message above.) Approaching the Security tents it seemed that our prayers to the Disney Gods had been heard. There was a separate entrance through Security for those not carrying bags.

    Bagless, Dusty waite for Al and I

    While Al and Dusty decided to wander Main Street's shops I opted to wander around and take pics before the meet.

    The clock on the Main Street Train Station

    No sooner did I begin wandering Town Square than the Horse Drawn Carriage and Motor Cars pulled out from back stage. Simeltaneously I ran into the lovely MissChristine and her husband along with DisneylandMom and her son Kyler along with his friend.



    The CM in the Red Motor Car Called us over to jump into his car so he could take a picture of us.

    Friends, OH MY!

    Before we knew it we were headed up Main Street in a Horseless carriage. I quickly called Dusty and told him to come out to the street.

    After nearly running over Al (Jokingly, although I am sure Disney would have hit the gas) The CM, Jeff, had Dusty check the radiator and promptly honked at him. We sailed down the road.


    We got to the Castle and I explained to the CM that it was Kyler's birthday and we had meant to go to City Hall to get him a button. Well, not only did Jeff immediately pull out a b-day button for Kyler...

    But he had the other motor car join him in honking a happy birthday song for Kyler.


    This CM was freaking AMAZING and went above an beyond. This was one of those moments you don't get anywhere but a Disney park.

    D-mom, MissChristine and the gang took off to grab a bite and said they would meet me at the hub. I headed over to the hub early and, already, LovesDisney33 was already there. Soon others joined us.


    A newbie to the meet whose name I forgot. DUH me!

    Coolest custom ears ever.

    MonstersGoBoo and friend


    Knucklehead showed up to the meet and showed us his cool tatts on his legs

    It was a great meet and all agreed that Whitewater was the place to head for lunch.

    On our way

    Almost there

    We made it to Whitewater and the staff was great at handling us again.

    Big lunchtime meet

    Knucklehead, KnuckleheadKatie and family

    Litemouse and Rocker

    The kids were allowed to join the adults in the main dining room

    KH's baby really dug the Tapatio

    LovesDisney33 after sugar

    After filling up on lunch we decided that the best ride to go on would be Tower. You know, to settle our tummies.

    Entering Hollywood Studios the sky illusion worked

    MGB with Frozone and Elastigirl

    KatieKnuclehead joined us while her family stayed off.

    The CM's were really into their roles here today. very effective.

    14 of us

    You see the little eyes in the lights?

    Dusty and IJ get ready to drop in


    Now it was time to do a family ride. We rejoined KatieKnucklehead's family and took a ride through Monstropolis.

    How fun. I don't know what it is but I just love this ride.

    We now had to say goodbye to the group as we had to get a goin.

    It was another fun day at the park. We got to hang with our dear friends IndianaJen, MCow1 and Mary Read, Almondot and others. We also got to meet so many new friends. It's amazing how each week we meet so many wonderful new people. Knucklehead and his family were so sweet and LovesDisney33 was a nut. It really helps to make the day great when so many cool people show up.

    Till next time...

    "All my life I've had one dream, to achieve my many goals.
    Homer Jay Simpson

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    Re: Fishbulb's 09.14.08 trip report

    I had a blast today with everyone. I want to thank you all for being so friendly. We all felt at home. Dang, now we are going to have to go to more Meets.
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      Re: Fishbulb's 09.14.08 trip report

      Great report!
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        Re: Fishbulb's 09.14.08 trip report

        loved every minute of it...too bad i couldnt make it again after the last trip, i have since ran out of money for a rental car and hotel


        For me, Tomorrow is everyday...wait...what?


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          Re: Fishbulb's 09.14.08 trip report

          Originally posted by Nuklhed View Post
          I had a blast today with everyone. I want to thank you all for being so friendly. We all felt at home. Dang, now we are going to have to go to more Meets.
          Darn tootin' you'll have to go to more!!! Hey... all it takes is one and the hook is set and you can't help but go to more!! :lol:

          Great report Fishy!! Awesome to see some new wonderful faces!

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            Re: Fishbulb's 09.14.08 trip report

            Thanks, FB. Next best thing to being there.


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              Re: Fishbulb's 09.14.08 trip report

              Disneygirl52, SkeletonStockings, and I really should show up to these some time...we're always there Sundays, but we never go.

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                Re: Fishbulb's 09.14.08 trip report

                Great report Fishy! Looks like a lot of fun with a lot of fun people. I'm so looking forward to my next meet, it's been way too long.


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                  Re: Fishbulb's 09.14.08 trip report

                  Great trip report. The micechatters were thought fondly of Aaron and myself while we were at Universal Stuidos. Grrr. Thanks Fishy!


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                    Re: Fishbulb's 09.14.08 trip report

                    Great report as always Fishy. Looked like a nice day at the park. I'm wishing, I'm wishing ..... etc. I have to wait untill next month to get my next micechat meet fix.
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                      Re: Fishbulb's 09.14.08 trip report

                      yay a fishbulb trip report. Great pictures fishbulb. Sorry I missed you guys. looks like you all had a wonderful time. See you at knott's scary farm fishy. mmmhhahaha.


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                        Re: Fishbulb's 09.14.08 trip report

                        Fishy .... had a much needed fun day today.

                        ToT was fun with an elevator full of Micechatters!

                        And to the Knucklehead Family () - it was so nice to meet all of you!
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                          Re: Fishbulb's 09.14.08 trip report

                          I was working in the hub today and saw all of you and even witnessed the happy birthday on the horns. I wish I could have joined you at the meet. Hopefully one sunday ill be in the park not working during a noon meet


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                            Re: Fishbulb's 09.14.08 trip report

                            Good pics as always. You got some really good shots of Monster's, some I haven't been able to get.
                            -Jack :geek:
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                              Re: Fishbulb's 09.14.08 trip report

                              Wonderful trip report Fishy! We were there today but with three other families and a mess of kids under the age of three so getting all of us to the hub at noon (or anywhere in DL in a timely fashion) would have taken a minor miracle!

                              Looks like a great meet-wished I was there


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