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    Have you ever filed a complaint at City Hall or written a letter to Disneyland about something you didn't like?

    Did they respond? Was it a form letter?

    Share your thoughts.

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    I have complained about bad syncronization on Star Tours. This was in Pressler times and I had a suit come out and say how very sorry he was and he gave me a fastpass to ... Star Tours ... just what I wanted to do after nearly getting sick. I doubt anything ever happened.
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      Wow. How stupid can you get. "I got sick on Star Tours!" "OK! To make it up to you, heres a fastpass to Star Tours!" yuk.

      Is there a puking smiley?
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        I only wrote one cpmplaint at city hall. It wa about the really bright exit signs on HM. I did not receive anything acknowleging my concern, but I didn't expect one either. The signs do seem to be dimmer though..


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          One time we were with our kids watching Fantasmic. Now, Crowd Control is always an issue, but it makes it much worse when CM's have attitudes.

          We almost got seperated from our kids and just wanted to stand against the wall near the RiverBelle but 3 CM's were quite rude and MADE us move because they had to "clear the area".

          We went to City Hall, complained and they gave us, now check this out, tickets for the "Special" balcony. Not the main balcony where you have to pay but the one on the side entrance to the gallery. They also gave us $50 in meal vouchers.

          So we went back the next week, had lunch at Blue Bayou and saw Fantasmic from the best seats around.

          Had great service, noticed that they actually had changed the policy and weren't herding people away. We made sure we went back to City Hall to give them kudos. Actually spoke with the same manager that helped us the week earlier and she was very appreciative.

          My advice, if you have something to report and it's bad, report it. But make sure you also give them kudos if they correct the situation.


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            Originally posted by MiceMan
            I have complained about bad syncronization on Star Tours. This was in Pressler times and I had a suit come out and say how very sorry he was and he gave me a fastpass to ... Star Tours ... just what I wanted to do after nearly getting sick. I doubt anything ever happened.

            oh, they knew what they were doing
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              Now that the new president Matt Quimet has cone into the ring and spiffed up Disneyland and is getting things done, has welcomed complaints and is known to address the guest directly and thank him or her for complaining and promised to fix it himself ..Ive talked to Matt once and he was a very good listener and liked how i voiced my concerns and praises. He also has suits out in the park, like the New Years suits in the park, as Matt requested. He has surveyers out in the park to do surveys of guests and their expectations. Bottom line .. he likes getting complaints as much a scompliments and is constantly acually reading and changing the park to fit the complaints.
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                This is really evil..but one time (back in the late 70s) my CM friend at City Hall told me that if you complained they would listen. So... for the fun of it I wrote in this complaint that said that I was offended by the photo op on TSI that was an open grave marked "unknown remains found 1805". I said it was in bad taste since there had been a recent stabbing and that people actually die at Disneyland. How would the Yorba family feel if they saw this open grave knowing their own son was killed in the park yada, yada, yada.. etc. You should rip this out before the press gets a hold of it... I was shocked when they actually got rid of that exhibit a few weeks later in the TSI cemetary. A guilty pleasure..
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                  I did email Dl resort about not recieving buttons from Goofys kitchen when I took my grandson for his first character experience. First was a standard form letter , followed by an acknowlegement of the issue checking with Goofys kitchen , then sorry they are out of buttons. The I recieved in the mail some older attraction pins which were not what I was looking for , I explained they were for his first character experience scrapbook page ( which I love and would post , but I have tried to insert , but cant) anyway it was the thought that counted and the acknowledgement of my email. LOL!


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                    Not at DL, but my best friend and I had a horrible experience at Fort Wilderness campground back around 1990 or so...we were put next to a bunch of people who just partied all night long.

                    The response from the front desk was terrific. I think we also complained about a bunch of graffiti and other issues, and got a very nice letter.


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                      this didn't happen to me but to my mother in 95' or 97'. She had changed one of my younger sisters diapers in the baby care center on Main Street. The CM was annoyed by this since she apparently told my mother in a very rude tone, "What are you doing?! I just cleaned up!". Anywho my mother was pissed since she changed the diaper where it was specified and she never even made a mess. Not to mention there were plenty of other people around, so she was pretty embarrased by the rude CM. She wrote in and we got eight tickets for my whole family!


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                        *knocks on wood* Have never had to. And don't ever plan on having to. It would have to be something really bad, horrible, and shocking to get me to even consider filing one.


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                          Buttons at Goofy's Kitchen? My family and I have been there at least 3 times in the past year or so and never got a Button, my daughter would have loved that! Is that something they used to do, or is it that every time we go they are out of them?
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                            Originally posted by Gemini Cricket
                            Have you ever filed a complaint at City Hall or written a letter to Disneyland about something you didn't like?

                            Did they respond? Was it a form letter?

                            Share your thoughts.

                            I complained constantly about how Pressler/Harris were destroying Disneyland but all I ever got back was a lousy form letter saying how Disney takes all complaints seriously and how Imaganeering is working on new projects to get my faith back. Yadda yadda yadda.

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                              I filed a complaint about the safety tape that they put around Sleeping Beauty's statue in the courtyard area near the castle walk-thru entrance. It was ugly and unneccesary. It's gone now, but I think way more than one complaint was filed. I got a form letter back which said something like, 'We apologize for your unfortunate experience in Fantasyland. Come visit us soon when Disney California Adventure's A Bug's Land opens soon!"


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                                I complained about the non-spinning Teacups last year and got a cheery phone message assuring me that the teacups was "still an adventure for all to enjoy" and that magic was still there, etc.

                                In the same letter, I had praised them for the new lights above the teacups that are synched with the teapot music. I love that touch.

                                Now that they've been refurbed and they are still not spinning like they used to, I plan on writing again.
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                                  We have eaten at Goofy's Kitchen at least twice a trip for quite a few years now and always have gotten a G-K button. And if we were there for a birthday (usually are) a birthday button (and cupcake) as well.

                                  You can find them for sale on eBay on a regular basis (no, not a commercial for me selling stuff!)

                                  I have had only one occassion to complain. They ignored the first letter. When I sent a follow-up letter, I also CC'd the supervisor's supervisor and that one got their attention. I was satisfied with the results .

                                  Always CC someone else. It holds them accountable.


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                                    I wrote a long complaint at City Hall regarding what I regard as an unfair policy that is arbitrarily enforced against Camera Tripods. I said I wanted a letter in response. I got a phone call about a week or two later. The young woman was nice, but obviously had no power (nor did I expect her to). All she could do was apologize for my feelings and continue to reiterate what the policy was. She couldn't tell me WHY the policy was suddenly made or why full size tripods are now considered "professional camera equipment".

                                    When I asked for a letter from her reiterating what she told me, she had to go get a supervisor because she couldn't figure out why I would want something like that.

                                    So a week later I got the letter stating what the policy is inviting me to return and experience the magic.

                                    In the 80's a wrote a letter to guest services complaining about the waiter at the Blue Bayou being (I felt) too familiar. I felt that an upscale restaurant like that shouldn't have the waiter leaning on the table and flirting with my girlfriend (were times different back then, or what?).

                                    About a month later, I got a letter of apology and 2 comp tickets back into the park.

                                    THAT was a time of real customer service! Yes, those were different times...

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                                      I recently wrote a letter of complaint, and they turned it into a complement... Sigh...

                                      It was in regards to an event that happened where a theme character that was walking down a street was walking alone and was harrassed by someone who grabbed them... I thought, in my opinion masked characters should not be walking alone, but rather accompanied by someone...

                                      My understanding is that theme characters often work in groups, and they do this for this very reason...

                                      They turned it into a complement alright thinking that I was complementing the CM's reaction to the crowd...

                                      Whatever.... I don't know if they knew what to make of it... It was Yadda yadda yadda... Thank you for the complement... Yadda yadda yadda... Attention to detail... Yadda Yadda Yadda... We are conserned about the event with Pincochio... Yadda Yadda Yadda... We will forward your coments on to Entertainment... Thank you for your message. - signed someone from Guest Services...
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                                        I sent an email complaint in about a bad birthday experience(loooong story) and received 1 day passes for everyone in my group. Even better though was that the corresponding emails were not form letters and the follow up was great. Don't get me wrong the 1 day passes were wonderful!

                                        I try to email them for anything that stands out, good or bad on our trips. Whether is be a wonderful cm experience(quite a few of those)or a really bad experience.

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