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What to Do With the Moterboat Area of Fantasyland?


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  • What to Do With the Moterboat Area of Fantasyland?

    I know this area probably won't be used for a while, but it's a big space and they have a lot of room to work with. I was thinking what they could do, is have a new "dark ride" but it would remain outside. Sort of a mix between the Jungle Cruise and pirates. Maybe they could finally do a Little Mermaid ride, or Sleeping Beauty, Marry Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, or even Aladdin. But who knows what and when they'll ever actually do something over there. What do you guys think? What could they do?
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    Re: What to Do With the Moterboat Area of Fantasyland?

    Whatever the choose needs to theme well with the Monorail Beams, Small World, and the Matterhorn. So that somewhat limits what can be placed there. It would almost certainly need to be in a show building with the facade just in front of the Monorail Beam (or, perhaps under it).

    I'd be in strong favor of the Little Mermaid ride that WDI has been dying to do for years. The Mary Poppins ride would be best for the Fantasyland Theatre spot - more room there for the mini London that would surround the show building.

    Of course, I'd give all of that up for an awesome new E-Ticket. Yes, let's hold out for Disneland's first new E-Ticket since Indy (Rocket Rods doesn't count).

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      Re: What to Do With the Moterboat Area of Fantasyland?

      *Mutters to self*

      Stupid Rocket Rods......wave of the future my :!$#%: .....damn 98' Tomorrowland.... :rant:


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