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Real magic at Disneyland (warning: long and perhaps sad)


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  • Real magic at Disneyland (warning: long and perhaps sad)

    Well… This isn’t really a trip report, but the last trip some things happened that were truly amazing…. And I have to share..

    The Cast: My wife, My younger sister, my brother, My oldest sister her husband and two kids (three and seven) My mom and dad, and my second oldest sister’s daughter (two)

    My second oldest sister (Jenny) didn’t come because she was pregnant and really tired. We took her daughter to give her a week of nothing but rest. … you see, my family has Thalisimia…. A rare blood dieses that doesn’t do much to guys (lucky me) but it does some pretty awful things to women…. How awful? My oldest sister is twenty-nine and has already gone though menopause…. That’s how bad. It also makes it nearly impossible to get pregnant… Our family has done a lot of adoption… my oldest sister got lucky and got pregnant, but it wasn’t looking like Jenny ever would. They adopted two wonderful kids, but then, lo and behold, she beats all odds and gets pregnant.

    This all goes back to Disneyland, trust me…

    We go and have a blast! My brother-in-law would rival Darkbeer for fast-pass knowledge and savvy. While it got a tad crowded, we never had to wait in line more than twenty minutes for anything. At the end of the day we usually had about thirty unused fast-passes…. We would give them away to people in the back of the line so they could go on at least one more ride… that was kind of fun, kind of fast-pass-passing… Also my nephew hit the 40 inch mark, he rode everything he could and wasn’t even scared by Tower of Terror… He also has the “of course, there’s always my way” speech memorized.

    ANYWAY… by day four of non-stop parking (opening to close and then some [with lots of park hopping fast-pass runs]) we were all getting tired and a bit cranky. About noon we all decided that to prevent us from killing each other we should all go back to the hotel and have a little rest before the evening.

    We went back to the Hotel (me a bit be-grudgingly… I wanted to rest when we were back home… I’m such a kid) and all flopped throughout our three rooms we rented to hold our family.

    At about two thirty my wife, my brother, and I are all watching TV with one eye in our room when a horrific pounding comes on our door. In a Panic, I jump up and answer the door. It was my mom. She was bawling and told us to come to her room quick. She was in a bigger panic than we where so we ran with her to her room. She was crying so hard we could hardly understand what she was saying, but we finally understood, “They need to take the baby now.”

    Now being a little more than three months early.

    She threw everyone down to their knees and then she said a prayer, pleading to God for help…. The prayer worked to calm her down at least to the point that she could tell us what happened. Jenny had gotten sick and collapsed. They took her to the hospital and said that her immune system was attacking the baby and that they had to perform a c-section if the baby had any chance to live. They ALSO discover that due to Jenny’s illness, her blood had become dangerously thin and they doubted that she could survive the physical and emotional shock of a c-section…. She told them she could handle it.

    All the family, apart from her husband, was at Disneyland feeling pretty helpless and a bit worthless and guilty…. We were having the time of our lives while she could be dying. We waited in silence, even the little kids seemed to understand that something serious was going on and didn’t run around like kids do…

    After another couple of hours the baby was delivered. Both her and her baby were in critical condition. The baby (named Jay) was life-flighted to a special pre-natal hospital while my sister stayed. My mother was telling my dad that she needed to fly back to Utah to help her girl, but my Dad told her that the more important thing would be to make sure Jenny’s daughter who was with us would be ok… Jenny didn’t need any extra stress…

    Feeling down and sad we returned to Disney’s California Adventure to see the Electrical parade.

    Now, I’m a sap, but that parade always makes me cry, reminding me of when my parents would take their five kids to Disneyland and always watching the electric parade. Right around the Blue Fairy, I started to cry because… well…. I knew Jenny and the baby would be ok… I can’t explain it, but I just knew… call it luck, karma, god, whatever, I just knew…. My wife was crying as well…. So was every other member of my family (little kids excluded, they were busy building their own memories) After the parade was over we all talked and all had the same feeling, that everything was going to be just fine.

    Less than an hour later we got a call from the Doctor saying that Jenny was just fine… Jay was touch and go, but in less than two days, they were able to take him off oxygen and all but one IV.

    Yesterday Jenny got to see and hold Jay for the first time…

    However you want to define Miracles, be it divine help or dumb luck, a miracle occurred. we all know that Disneyland always says that whatever you wish for will come true… well, for me and my family it really did.

    Here is Jay from 9/16/05 he just reached three pounds! Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, and private messages.
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    Re: Real magic at Disneyland (warning: long and perhaps sad)

    What a Touching story. I send all my prayers to to your sister, her baby, and the rest of your family.


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      Re: Real magic at Disneyland (warning: long and perhaps sad)

      Oh my God ... that is amazing ... I seriously am crying right now. It is amazing that Jay was able to come off the ventilator and IV's so early ... I was two months premature and I was on a vent and IV all the way until a week before I left the hospital so that truely is a miracle. I am so happy for you and your family. :squeeze:
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        Re: Real magic at Disneyland (warning: long and perhaps sad)

        That's really truly touching :gladsad:

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          Re: Real magic at Disneyland (warning: long and perhaps sad)

          Thanks for sharing that story. I know all of us here are sending our thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I'm glad that everything has turned out so miraculously.

          We've really become a great family of our own here at micechat. We support each other and it seems like people empathize fairly well.

          All the best to you and yours.
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            Re: Real magic at Disneyland (warning: long and perhaps sad)

            Hugs to you and all of your family you are all in my thoughts and prayers.This a trying time. I am glad all is going well now. God works in so many ways.


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              Re: Real magic at Disneyland (warning: long and perhaps sad)

              Fantastic story, and although I'm sorry for all the stress, I'm gald it turned out as it did. Keep an eye on thet premie, they usually end up being tough and a handful for their poor parents! Miracles do happen, and I'm happy one happened for you and your family!
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                Re: Real magic at Disneyland (warning: long and perhaps sad)

                That didn't just bring a tear to my eyes - it opened the floodgates.
                What an incredibly moving story with a miracle ending.

                Hugs to you and yours and I'm so happy for the wonderful addition to your family!


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                  Re: Real magic at Disneyland (warning: long and perhaps sad)

                  I am glad that Jenny and Jay are OK. That must have been a horrible time to go through. My prayers are for you are your family. :love:
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                    Re: Real magic at Disneyland (warning: long and perhaps sad)

                    What a touching story. Add me to the list of criers. I am so glad to hear that Jenny and Jay are doing so well! The baby's progress is amazing, what a little fighter!!! Truly a miracle

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                      Re: Real magic at Disneyland (warning: long and perhaps sad)

                      Thanks for sharing, we will pray for your family. Great story of faith and family.
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                        Re: Real magic at Disneyland (warning: long and perhaps sad)

                        I cannot begin to explain how much this story has touched me. Life does indeed go on, and this story is nothing short of a miracle.

                        It warms my heart to know that Jenny and Jay are alive and well.
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                          Re: Real magic at Disneyland (warning: long and perhaps sad)


                          Geesh, I'm crying here.....

                          But, I'm also shouting, "Yay for Jenny and Jay!!!"


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                            Re: Real magic at Disneyland (warning: long and perhaps sad)

                            wow... thanks everyone for the support and thoughts and prayers...

                            As soon as I get photos of Jay and Jenny i'll have to post them!
                            St. Elizabeth, Patron Saint of Themed parks. Protect us from break downs, long lines, and used gum. Amen.

                            "Dance like it hurts, love like you need money, and work when people are watching" - Dogbert


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                              Re: Real magic at Disneyland (warning: long and perhaps sad)

                              I am so glad things turned out alright for your sister and all of you. You have an exciting story to tell your new little nephew someday.

                              In 2002, we had a vacation planned with all of our kids and their spouses. My Mom was very ill, and had been in the hospital for six months. Since I was the only surviving child, I had spent nearly everyday at her side along with my Dad. As the time for our trip got closer, I agonized over what to do. I knew my Mom's time was getting really short, but I also had young kids who had sacrificed being with me for half of a year, and were ready for their Disneyland. The Doctor finally convinced me to go, by reminding me I was only an hour away by plane, and a few hours by car.
                              We were there four days when we got the call to return. Mom waited for us to get back, and passed away that night. I didn't mean this as a downer, You just reminded me of it. We found out the next day our oldest daughter was pregnant with our little Makenzie. Life brings all sorts of things, and then there's Disneyland!
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