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Xalesa's Family Vacation to CA...and DISNEYLAND!


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  • Trip Report Xalesa's Family Vacation to CA...and DISNEYLAND!

    [B]Well, we're finally back from sunny California. And even though I am fighting a cold, I am ready to share my adventures.

    Last Tuesday me, my husband Tim and son Matthew flew to Ontario airport by way of DFW. While in DFW, Matthew checked out the cool play area at McDonald's. He loved this big shoe!

    Then, once in Cali, we spent time with my friend Kelli-we have been friends since Jr. High.

    We had lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant in CA; Acapulco! Yum!

    Then played cosmic golf in Montclair.

    Matthew had a blast!

    Then no trip to CA would be complete without visiting the In N Out Store in Baldwin Park!

    What a beautiful sight!

    I did actually eat a few of these burgers, but didn't get them documented with a photo! We ended up buying t-shirts for the whole family. And I taught my son the "hamburger song", as he refers to it. You know, the jingle, 'In N Out, In N Out; that's what a hamburger's all about'. LOL

    Then later on Wednesday, we met up with my brother Bobby and sister in law Dolores; they were already out in CA enjoying time at a nice resort. We met up in Covina and ate dinner at Northwood's Inn; a great steak restaurant that Bobby and I both grew up eating at all the time.

    Steak Sandwich Open Face, Yum!

    My brother turned 50, so we celebrated the Northwood's Inn way!

    Birthday kisses from his wife Dolores.

    The next day, we hung out at two beaches; the first one was Coronado in San Diego.

    I loved the sand; it looked like it had gold flecks in it!

    Matthew LOVED the ocean. I really enjoyed him run out to the waves, then run back as they rolled in.

    After San Diego, we drove to Laguna Beach, another favorite childhood spot of mine.

    Here's what happens when you throw ONE peanut shell out for ONE bird.

    Beautiful waves.

    I love the beach.

    Next up, DISNEYLAND!!!! :yea:

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    Re: Xalesa's Family Vacation to CA...and DISNEYLAND!

    Cute pictures!!!
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      Re: Xalesa's Family Vacation to CA...and DISNEYLAND!

      cool. keep up the good work


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        Re: Xalesa's Family Vacation to CA...and DISNEYLAND!

        Lovin it so far!

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          Re: Xalesa's Family Vacation to CA...and DISNEYLAND!

          Can't wait for Disneyland pics!


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            Re: Xalesa's Family Vacation to CA...and DISNEYLAND!

            Ok, I've got lots of DL pics, so bear with me.

            When my brother asked us to join them on their vacation, he asked what I wanted to do while I was out there. I quickly said, 'well, DISNEYLAND of course!' After all, it had been 3 years (almost to the date) since we had been out there and I was NOT going to miss a chance to go back. We only had one day planned for DL, so I spent it all at DL (believe it or not I still haven't been to DCA ).

            Ok, on with the pictures! My sister in law had NEVER been to Disneyland. We had so much fun showing her everything! She LOVED it, and can't wait to go back!

            We spent Friday night at the Best Western directly across from the entrance; it was Very Nice and we will definitely stay there again. Very convenient and nice rooms. We drove up Friday morning, checked into the hotel, parked in their lot and walked across to DL.

            That smile on my face pretty much stayed there all day long. After all, I WAS at Disneyland!!

            No, we didn't get dreamed.

            Random esplanade pics. No lines. We got to the park by 10am

            Since this was my sister in law's first trip; we had to get first time buttons. But at 10am they were already out! So she settled for a Citizen of the Day button, along with an Anniversary pin; it was their 9th wedding anniversary that day!

            City Hall

            I just loved the look of Main Street with all the fall colors! Very beautiful. I could spend all day just checking out all the shops and attractions.

            We headed straight to a store to pick out the perfect mouse ears hat for Dolores and Matthew. 'Cuz, that's what you do first, right??

            First, Matthew tried this on,

            but then we went with this one.

            Then on to the Mad Hatter to get our names on the hats.

            Cruella DeVil was hanging out near the hat shop.

            We ran into a mini parade on Main Street.

            Matthew gets his silhouette!

            Ok, back with more soon! Hope you are enjoying our trip so far.


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              Re: Xalesa's Family Vacation to CA...and DISNEYLAND!

              Nice trip report so far!
              I love Northwoods, by the way.....we used to go to the one in La Mirada......haven't been in about a year and a half.......and of course, who doesn't love In N Out Burger! And then, there's love love that place......when I retire, I want to retire there


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                Re: Xalesa's Family Vacation to CA...and DISNEYLAND!

                I am so loving your TR. your boy is so cute


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                  Re: Xalesa's Family Vacation to CA...and DISNEYLAND!

                  Nice report so far, can't wait for more!
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                    Re: Xalesa's Family Vacation to CA...and DISNEYLAND!

                    I always pass that Northwoods restaurant on the 5 and laugh because there is fake snow on the roof. Great report!

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                      Re: Xalesa's Family Vacation to CA...and DISNEYLAND!

                      Love it so far

                      Friends for life


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                        Re: Xalesa's Family Vacation to CA...and DISNEYLAND!

                        Ok, more pics of DL, then I HAVE to go to bed. I'm planning on going to work tomorrow after being home sick for the last two days.

                        Before we could start riding anything, we needed a snack.

                        Mickey pretzel!

                        And a Woody drink!

                        Dolores sporting her Minnie ears! She wore these all day long!

                        There's just something so compelling about that castle. I guess that's why I go to Fantasyland first on every trip.

                        Our 4 yr. old son took this photo of us. Nice job, Matthew!

                        We decided our first ride would be Snow White's Scary Adventures.

                        Now you see her,

                        Now you don't.

                        Tim went flash-happy inside this ride, and Pinocchio, which was our second ride. I'll post those pics if anyone's interested.

                        Storybook Land was next. I think we took more pictures of this ride than any others.

                        Love that mountain!

                        A glimpse of the new IASW colors from the SBL queue.

                        Me and my son. See, the smile's still there!

                        Then it was on to Alice in Wonderland.

                        I just love the AIW queue; it's so magical with all the oversized leaves and colors. And then the Matterhorn in the background. Love it!

                        Matthew trying to get in to see the White Rabbit! LOL

                        Ok, it's bedtime here in Arkansas. I'll finish up tomorrow. Thanks for viewing, and for all the kind remarks so far!


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                          Re: Xalesa's Family Vacation to CA...and DISNEYLAND!

                          I'm loving the pictures so far. Northwoods Inn is my favorite restaurant. I go there at least 6 times a year.

                          You and the family are so adorable.

                          Can't wait to see the rest.


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                            Re: Xalesa's Family Vacation to CA...and DISNEYLAND!

                            I am so glad you had so much fun. I'm loving the pictures and can't wait to see more.


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                              Re: Xalesa's Family Vacation to CA...and DISNEYLAND!

                              Glad to hear that you had such a wonderful trip. Your pictures show how much fun you had! Thanks for sharing.

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