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Were's the Best Food in the Park?


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  • Were's the Best Food in the Park?

    What is the best food in the park? Maybe best overall, and best for price. Any hidden Gems?

    I love the corndogs on main street.

  • #2
    I love the chinesse chicken salad at Red Rockets Pizza Port, the steak sandwich at Carnation Cafe and the fried chicken at Plaza Inn.

    The absolute best deal in the park has to be the children's meals at the Blue Bayou. For $6.99 the meal comes with a choice of three entrees (spaghetti, mini corn dogs or mickey mouse nuggets), mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, applesauce, a drink and jello for dessert. This is much more than any of the other meals offer, and for only a dollar more.
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    • #3
      Nothing can beat the Tahitian Terrace and the Big Thunder BBQ... the two best places to eat in Disneyland.. both lost
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      • #4
        Chili cheese dogs on main street! You can get them in DCA also in the Hollywood section (they have a super selection of dogs there!).
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        • #5
          Blue Bayou, French Market, Village Haus and Hungry Bear get my votes!


          • #6
            The Hungry Bear is awesome!! Love feeding the ducks my french fries. If I die, I wannna come back as a Disneyland Duck.

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            • #7
              PASTA PASTA PASTA!!! RRPP...going this friday night just for it! Can't wait! YUM
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              • #8
                I love, love, LOVE the cheese ravioli at RRPP! I think it's become one of the only places I want to eat there. It's kinda tough to eat at a place that serves burgers after eating those at the CM cafeterias for a significantly lower price.

                I like the mini corndogs too.


                • #9
                  Arials Grotto in DCA is a pretty good bargain with good food.


                  • #10
                    I like the fried chicken and mashed potateos at the Plaza Inn. TJHe pasta at RRPP is awesome too.

                    Of course, the Prime Rib at the BB is the best


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by PirateMunkee
                      If I die, I wannna come back as a Disneyland Duck.
                      Here here! We can satrt a duck gang and rule Disneyland!


                      • #12
                        Originally posted by swagdaddy
                        Here here! We can satrt a duck gang and rule Disneyland!
                        The FRDDs....The Future Reincarnate Dinseyland Ducks. We should start a club and plan future Disneyland Domination now :lol:

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                        • #13
                          Blue Bayou's Monte Cristo sandwiches are great.

                          (Although, this is the only place I've ever had them...)


                          • #14
                            Award Wieners Ceasar Salad Dog is unbelievably good! So is the Hot Link Corn Dog at Corn Dog Castle.

                            Tuscan Salad and Italian Meat Sandwich at the Tratorria are favorites

                            Anything at The Vinyard Room

                            Eating is about the only think I like to do at DCA.

                            Cinnamon Twists from either bakery

                            Any of the selections from Bengal BBQ.


                            • #15
                              Crab Cakes from Blue Bayou

                              Cobb Salad from Plaza Inn

                              Tortilla soup from Rancho(extra cilantro)

                              Campfire fries at Rancho(they're HUGE)

                              Bengal BBQ

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