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Finally an AP + mini trip report


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  • Trip Report Finally an AP + mini trip report

    So I actually posted this awhile ago, but for some reason it didn't go through

    So as of a couple weeks ago, I was able to fulfill several life goals at once:

    1: I've finally moved to California, the state I've wanted to live in since I was a kid. Over the years I've grown tired of living in my small, boring town. I love it here for many reasons, Disneyland being a big one, and Movies! I love movies and have a great passion for them, which leads to my second goal/dream...

    2: I'm pursuing my dream of filmmaking. My emphasis is on directing because that is my calling I feel, but I also love editing. I'm finally on the path to having a career in filmmaking, the love of my life! I'm going to film school, Columbia College Hollywood, and living in Lake Toluca. I've always wanted to be an AP, but I lived in Northern Washington, which means...

    3: Now that I live in CA, I'm finally an AP. I'm a little less than an hour away from DL, which makes me very happy.

    So 2 Saturdays ago, I decided to head to DL and purchase my AP and spend the day at the park. After purchasing said item, I felt a little guilty spending close to $400 on a piece of plastic, but that guilt and doubt washed away when I walked through the gates. The pass will have payed for itself soon I'm sure, especially during the holiday season...and then I still have almost a year left!

    So my first stop on Saturday was HMH, one of my favorite attractions and it had just opened up the day prior. I read about the pavement change, but if I hadn't known I doubt i would have noticed...although i am quite oblivious

    Awhile back i saw a documentary on the attraction which stated they actually use real gingerbread for the house in the ballroom scene...and to my surprise and delight, upon entering that scene, the scent of gingerbread filled my senses like a warm fart in small cramped room (only way better!). I'm sure the smell will be gone by the next time I visit, but I was very surprised how powerful the scent was...only a day old so I guess it was still really fresh, again, like a fart.

    After that I did my usual favorite rides such as Indiana Jones, POTC, and space mountain. However, when passing by SM, I saw HISTA. Now, I haven't gone on HISTA since the first couple or years after it originally opened. I have gone to DL many times since then, but skipped it. But today, I thought, what the hay? So I decided to go on it, and needless to say, I don't feel the need to go on it anytime soon. I'll probably go on it in the year 2088 when they FINALLY change it to something else.

    After many years of riding, I finally got to ride Star Tours in the front row, which is very fun. It's a ride I always do once, but I really wish they'd put something new in there.

    Next, I needed a little "Buzz" so I headed to...Alice in Wonderland! Just kidding, I went on BLAB (haha I'm so clever). When I'm on that ride, I turn into someone else. As a great man once said, "I have a competition in me...I want no one else to succeed." So after a pathetic attempt at a score, I was able to pick it up with a score of around 1 million 300k, which put my at #3, so I was satisfied. My highest score so far is 2 million, and without a ride stop, around 1 million 200k.

    I decided I was done with DL until it got dark, because I wanted to visit HMH again at night...because it looks freakin' awesome at night. So I did DCA for awhile. I was able to ride TSMM, which I rode a few months back, and was delighted. Personally, i think it's a great ride. Really fun, incredibly amazing 3D, and just overall enjoyable. I understand why some people dislike it (just a big video game) but I have fun.

    Back to DL, at night, and went on HMH again. I then decided to ride TMRR, and to my surprise and more delight, the fireworks started while I rode it. That was really cool, seeing them while riding it.

    After I got off, the fireworks still had awhile left, so I watched them from fantasy land so I could get on PP as soon as the area opened again. The Matterhorn is one of my favorite rides to do at night, so I did that. Also, I find the left track (or right track, next to Alice) to be MUCH more fun. It's smoother, faster, and a better track layout IMO.

    So that was the end of my day. My next visit will be to see the new preview center next week. Until then, if you wake up having had a dream of corndogs ruling the world...well, don't let anyone tell you that's crazy! It's on the verge of happening, who will be laughing when it happens?
    "Pain is temporary, Film is Forever..."

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    Re: Finally an AP + mini trip report

    Congrats on the AP. I grew up in Washington and now live in Oregon, someday I will finish the migration south!


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      Re: Finally an AP + mini trip report

      Big Thunder during the fireworks is the BEST

      And the AP will pay for itself in just a few visits, you're right. You walk into the park and you're so happy you have it because it's just WORTH it, isn't it?
      "And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by" (John Masefield)


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        Re: Finally an AP + mini trip report

        Congratulations on getting an AP! Sounds like a fun trip!
        "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." -Henry David Thoreau


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