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Fairy Dust . . . book signing

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  • Fairy Dust . . . book signing

    sorry this pictures took so long to get up, but here they are . . .

    the line at about 2 (it started at 2:30, me and my mom got in line at 11:30)

    me and the author, gail carson levine

    me and the illustrator, David Christiana

    me and TINKERBELL :bow: Margarett Kerry

    the whole thing-a-ma-jig

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    Re: Fairy Dust . . . book signing

    wow, tinkerbell!!! I wish i could see a close up of those pics, it's google time!



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      Re: Fairy Dust . . . book signing

      Awesome pictures! Gail Carson Levine is too precious!

      Has anyone read the book yet? I read the first part of Chapter 1 online with Ali last night. She was loving it, as was I. I have to find the book this weekend.
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        Re: Fairy Dust . . . book signing

        I looked for you but did'nt see you! We were further back in line!

        The artwork is gorgeous. The book is great... I really enjoyed it. Ali's gonna love it! It made me fall more in love with Tink as well. I'm looking forward to the other books.

        And as I already said, meeting Tinkerbell was... just... awesome. No pics... I stupidly left my camera at home!
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