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My Disneyland Resort 2.0 Blue Sky Thread


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  • [Idea] My Disneyland Resort 2.0 Blue Sky Thread

    My disneyland Mice Chat/Visions Fantastic Post

    Welcome to the Disneyland 2.0 Blue Sky Thread!

    I think that overall the resort seems like a hodgepodge with not much else to do besides go to the parks. I think htat it is important to have more hotels, more diversions, and another theme park. Let's plunge into the hotels, shall we?


    The only current hotel staying the Grand Californian Resort due to the fact that it fits with California. The Disneyland Hotel transforms into two hotels: Aloha Inn and Unlce Sam's Wild West Bed and Breakfast. The Aloha Inn has a tropical and Hawaiian theme with a restaurant on a small beach, a Lilo and Stitch character breakfast and huge leis on top of the roof. Uncle Sam's has a Wild West theme with a saloon, a Toy Story character breakfast, and a small petting zoo.

    Replacing the Paradise Pier hotel is the Poco Loco Resort, a Mayan/Aztec resort with a large pool area, a cantina, and Aztec turrets surrounding the building.

    Continuing down is the Lake Disneyland area, featuring three hotels and a lake. An upscale Boardwalk on the lake connects two hotels. The first hotel is the Disneyland Hotel, in the style of the Paris and Hong Kong hotels with ornate decor and a Peter Pan-themed pool area. The third hotel, Mon Ami, has a French atmosphere feturing a beauty and the Beast-themed wing and a can-can sohw. The final one is a West Coast version of the Yacht and Beach Club resort.

    Next to the Anaheim Convention Center (would be bought by Disney) is the La Mediterennia Hotel, a hotel themed to an Italian Villa with a canal running through it and a theatre featuring Cirque du Soleli show saluting Disney and its films.

    The second in-park hotel was the Toontown Towers, behind the Toontown area of Disneyland. You enter through the Gag Factory, visit Barbie's Closet, and meet the classic Disney characters. Imagine a caricature of a 1920's Hollywood hotel.

    Next to DTD 4 (formerly the GardenWalk) is the New York Hotel, an upscale boutique hotel featuring a Times Square restaurant, an ice skating rink and a Statue of Liberty replica in the central atrium.

    Beside the third theme park are the Babwe Suites, an African-themed hotel for families.


    A Ticket Center by the main parking garage with a picnic area and a main PeopleMover station for this side of the resort. 2 PeopleMover tracks are going to be built in the resort with about a total of 2 main stations (TTC and Central Plaza East) and 19 stations (Uncle Sam's, Aloha Inn, Poco Loco, Yacht Club, Mon Ami, California Adventure-Nautical Bay, Imagineering Academy, Cirque Theatre, La Mediterennia, Convention Center, DCA Parking, DTD 4 Parking, DTD 4, Disneyland-Muppet City, Cirque Theatre-East, Babwe Suites, and Third Theme Park-American Avenue).

    A building by the Convention Center is labeled on the map as the Imagineering Academy. It is home to a new Preview Center, Imagineering hands-on projects, and offices for Imagineers.

    Downtown Disney is expanded beyond DCA's main entrance, going toward the East Resort. There is a pedestrian walkway to the 4th section (GardenWalk and New York Hotel).


    Disneyland will recieve many new rides and a new land based on the Muppet franchise, in addition to a new table eatery in each land. Major rides and restaurants include:
    Journey Into Narina: Adventures Into The Wardrobe-A large dark ride in Adventureland replacing Tarzan's Treehouse and a small chunk of Indy
    Remy's Adventures In Paris-A small dark ride in New Orleans Square replacing Cafe Orleans building
    Pooh's Hunny Hunt-A clone of the Tokyo ride, replacing Pooh Corner and land behind
    Br'er Watering Hole-A new restuarnat concept by Splash Mountain exit and on top of Pooh's Hunny Hunt
    Bambi's Adventures-Replaces Winnie The Pooh
    Treasure Island-Replaces Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer's Island
    Lone Ranger ride on Big Thunder Ranch land by Frontierland
    Pocahontas Riverbend Journey-water ride between Lone Ranger and Storybookland Canal Boat
    Mary Poppin's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (sp?) Ride-Replaces Snow White
    Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride Thru Agrabah-Replaces Pinocchio's Daring Journey
    Cinderella: Dreams Come True-replaces Mr. Toad
    Belle's Beautiful Fairy Tale-Large scale Omnimover dark ride at Motor Boat Cruise dock and lagoon edge
    Cruella's Crazy Cars-replaces Gadget's Go Coaster
    Forbidden Mountain-Large mountain roller coaster between Small World and lagoon
    Atlantis: The Lost Empire Expedition-Old concept mixing Atlantis film with the Submarines and ride-thru arcade ideas
    Space Needle Dropper-Tower Of Terror ride with a 3-level complex on top with "Mexican Techno Diner", show, and observation deck, replacing Innoventions
    Muppet City-New land between Tomorrowland and Main Street featuring Muppet Movie Ride and 2 C-Ticket rides

    Walt Disney's Califorina Adventure features a complete overhaul, leaving only 5 major rides from what is there:
    Lillian's Cinema-a small movie theatre w\showing shorts and some feature length Disney films replacing the train station
    Carthay Circle Theatre-hmoe to Walt Disney Story film and exhibit
    Villain's Revenge-Villain themed 3D film in Muppet Theatre
    Timon and Pumbaa's Safari Adventure 1.5-Based on Lion King 1.5 bonus feature, replacing Monsters Inc. (Possible holidy overaly)
    The Great Movie Ride-Boat ride through movie history, featuring "Enchanted" and "Mary Poppins"
    Beauty and the Beast-musical at remodeled Hyperion Theatre (now only 8 shows a weeks, normal show length, separate entrance outside of parks)
    Radiator Springs Racers-ride in Carsland (moved to bug's land) with an underground tunnel track due to space constraints
    Adventure City-a new land surrounding Lake Arrowhead, connected by Lake Paradise by Colorado River with 1 E-, 1-D,1-C, and 1-A ticket
    Rocky Mountain: The Search For Gold-A new "mountain" ride in Adventure City, featuring a splash into Lake Arrowhead
    Raging Waters Of Malibu-A roller coaster through the crazy waves of Malibu and being squirted with water
    Balboa Animal Park Tour-A dark ride where you can meet the animals of the Balboa Park in San Diego
    Mission Square-Located between Adventure City and Paradise Pierm this land celebrationg missions and Zorro with 1-D and 2-C tickets
    Western River Expedition-The classic ride is finaly built with modern technology in Mission Sqaure
    The Adventures Of Zorro-A dark ride through the world of Zorro (can be changed out with "Home On The Range"?)
    The Alamo Stunt Show-A new Waterworld-style stunt show based on the Disney film "The Alamo" in Mission Sqaure
    Air Balloon Sailors-Replaces Jumpin' Jellyfish and is built between Califronia Screamin' and Western River Expedition
    Christmas Screamin'-California Screamin' holiday overlay
    Mermaid Lagoon-Indoor mini-land replacing the Route 66 area with Mermaid omni-mover
    Sebastian's Under The Sea Revue-Animatronic show with Sebastian
    Nautical bay-An aquatic themed land behind Paradise Pier
    20,000 Leagues Under The Pacfic-In the style of DisneySea's ride, themed to the Pacfic Ocean
    Crush's Coaster-Imported from Disneyland Paris
    Bay Area-Themed to San Francisco and home to an ice arena and 2-C tickets
    Cable Car Frenzy-Simulator irde through San Francisco
    Walt's Chinatoen Revue-Tiki Room style revue featuring Chinese dancers and bird
    Country Bear Jamboree-Replaces Redwood Creek Trail Challenge'
    Mammoth Ski Trip-Reide themed ot skiing on Mammoth Mountain
    Colorado River Canoes-Canoes ot rent to paddle down Colorado River, connecting the two lakes
    The Flying Planes-A Dumbo-style irde where your are in planes

    The third theme park is kinda like a World Showcase, but with more rides and each land is divided by continents. Ride through the Great Wall of China, tour the rainforests of Brazil, meet your favorite characters in their specific countries (like Mulan in China, Simba in Africa, and Belle in France), and stop at the Globe, a large sphere in the middle of the park.

    Any other questions?

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    Re: My Disneyland Resort 2.0 Blue Sky Thread

    Well thank you for putting so much work and thought into this. It's very much appericated. I'm all for a new Blue Sky.


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      Re: My Disneyland Resort 2.0 Blue Sky Thread

      (I admit I didn't read it all.)

      I'm intrigued by the idea of replacing Fantasyland dark rides with new rides with up-to-date technology. I've only ridden Peter Pan and Mr. Toad in the last 10 years or so, but either of those could be replaced without me batting an eye. I know people love the nostalgia of those rides, but it would be nice to someday have something new that pushing dark-ride technology a lot further.

      Caveat: The replacements would need to have a very traditional theme so they could stand the test of time.


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        Re: My Disneyland Resort 2.0 Blue Sky Thread

        The technology would be new, but there would still be some glow paint, scary-ish sections, and windy paths!


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