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Bad time to visit the Blue Bayou?

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  • [Question] Bad time to visit the Blue Bayou?

    Hello! Long time lurker (better time of the year) who finally needed to ask a question here. :P

    For my 19th birthday, the only celebration I want is to go to Disneyland and eat lunch at the Blue Bayou waterside. Unfortunately, trying to coordinate school schedules and work schedules so we can go to Disneyland and still see all the holiday decoration up, we'd have to go from January 2-6. How bad will the park crowds be? And what are the chances that we'll be able to get lunch reservations on January 5th?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Bad time to visit the Blue Bayou?

    Call 60 days before the day you want to eat at the Blue Bayou and make reservations for the earliest lunch time (11:30 am). 714-781-3463.

    Show up on that day 5 - 10 minutes before your reservation time to check in with the host(ess) and request waterside seating.

    As long as you call right away, first thing in the morning when Disney Dining opens, you'll be fine. Blue Bayou can fill up quickly, especially during busy weeks.

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      Re: Bad time to visit the Blue Bayou?

      Yeah, as stated above, it's an easy process.

      We always make priority seating arrangements through Disney Dining for the Blue Bayou as soon as we schedule a trip to DL.

      We've seen too many disappointed faces when guests are told that there are no available tables for the rest of the day.

      And that happens a lot...


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        Re: Bad time to visit the Blue Bayou?

        You should have no problems
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          Re: Bad time to visit the Blue Bayou?

          That time of the year crowds at the park are usually fairly light. People are recovering from Christmas, the weather is usually fairly mild.... it would be a great time to go and get into the Blue Bayou. I think the park hours are a bit shorter, but with light crowds that won't be a problem as you will have plenty of time to hit the high points and then some.

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            Re: Bad time to visit the Blue Bayou?

            If holiday decorations are still up... its not going to be a "light day" The only reason they keep them up is so enough people get there to see them, plus, it's right after new years... still a considerably busy time... not new years eve busy, but busy non the less.... Now, having said that, as long as you do what the first post said... calling and making reservations before you get to the park, usually a week or two will but the sooner the better, 60 days is the max i believe (someone correct me on that if i'm wrong) and just let them know that you want to sit waterside... if you show up a little early, it wont feel as long waiting a little extra for waterside... have fun!


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              Re: Bad time to visit the Blue Bayou?

              Originally posted by Dark in the Tuna View Post
              If holiday decorations are still up... its not going to be a "light day" ...
              We planned our annual DL vacation for just after the new year in 2006. We had never seen the park in Christmas Decorations. It was CROWED! Much more than we were used to during our typical late January visit. The local schools were still on winter break! But, we were OK with it because we got to see the park decked out in decorations. Look at Disneys website and check the calendar, if they are back to normal hours, then you might expect that the crowds will be down, however, if they are open until midnight...