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Let's Go Back...DLR Christmas Vacation 2002


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  • [Pictures] Let's Go Back...DLR Christmas Vacation 2002

    Here are some photos taken of our first multi day stay at the resort back in 2002.
    We arrived the day after Christmas and stayed for two whole days. Ha, it has now turned into a 5 day annual event.
    Anyways...It's December 26th 2002, I'm armed with my brand new 1.3 megal pixel camera and ready to venture into a brand new Disney park, a park that me and my family were experiencing for the first time. I was quite euphoric.

    We stayed at the Hilton that first year and loved it. This is the lobby.
    We wanted a room with a view and this what we got.....

    Not bad for a Fujifilm1.3 mp.

    Looking at this picture just takes me back. I remember how I felt that morning, the crisp air and everything. It's amazing the memories that come rushing back when you look at photo that you haven't viewed for quite some time.

    I know these pictures are jumbled. Those early morning shots must be from the second day.

    Okay enough of the hotel, let's go to Disney's California Adventure.
    I went into this park with an open mind but needless to say I came out very disappointed.
    Blah, blah, yah, yah and...enough said. It's a dead horse so I won't go on.
    It is funny though, because when I look at this stuff I get all nostalgic and teary Sigh...maybe it's me just getting older.

    The sand sculptures were cool.

    And one final shot before I go to bed.
    Thank you for looking at my photos and I'll have more of DCA tomorrow.
    Good night.
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    Re: Let's Go Back...DLR Christmas Vacation 2002


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      Re: Let's Go Back...DLR Christmas Vacation 2002

      Love em' . Looking forward to more.



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        Re: Let's Go Back...DLR Christmas Vacation 2002

        Loving it so far!

        I love going into the not-so-long-ago past of the Resort so thank you very much for posting these shots!
        ap·pur·te·nant – adjective: appertaining or belonging; pertaining. Disneyland.


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