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A quick trip to DLR


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  • Trip Report A quick trip to DLR

    I decided on Thurs that I must have DLR this Sat. I conned my sister-in-law into helping me lie to our kids (they had plans with Grandma) and we left Sac at 4am!!!!!
    In the park by 11am and fast passes for Indy. We meandered about the park for about an hour--shopping, looking, taking in all the great decor. I took her to Woody's Round up--she'd been to DL a lot but never knew there was a petting zoo? Never been behind big thunder? huh? Don't worry I schooled her.
    Finally she admitted that while she was having lots of fun she wanted to go on a ride. Oh yeah-- we were in the park for over an hour and we still hadn't gone on a ride. Whoops!! Peter Pan it is!! We saw Jack and Sally, Woody and Jessie. We rode Space (with a bonus 2nd trip in row---wheeeeeeeee). By this time I was VERY tired. It was 6 in the evening and I'd been up since 3am!!! Our hope was to drive back to Sac, but since I was starting to fall asleep, we crashed at a relative's house and returned to Sac in the morning.
    It was a great short trip. When my daughter gets home tomorrow I'll have to tell her what I did. Oh I am in SO MUCH TROUBLE.
    Next Trip???? I want to go for x-mas but can not go any time after the 20th. Which weekend-ish is best between Turkey and the 20th? Thanks for all the help.
    Yes--I took all of 20 pictures. I really only like about 5. I'll post them eventually. Maybe. for now? Zzzzzzzzzzz and dream of Disney.....
    To All Who Come to this Happy Place.... Welcome! Disneyland is Your Land!

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    Re: A quick trip to DLR

    haha that sounds like me! boyfriend and i take random spur of the moment trips from san jose....we leave at like 2am get there at opening, stay for the day, then drive back that night....needless to say rockstar and red bull play a definate part in the driving....but its so worth it sometimes to get a quick fix of disneyland


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