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Special things for aniversary?

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  • [Question] Special things for aniversary?

    So, My boyfriend has only been to Disneyland once before, when I took him on our anniversary last year.. And I have been... a million times.. Well last year we ran all about like chickens with our heads cut off between both parks and had one heck of a time.. This time we wanted to do more of a romantic chicken with its head cut off day. We don't like to celebrate exclusively though.. so we are bringing my brother and his boyfriend along with us.. possibly my dad.. and we are attending the meet. (This will be on Oct. 26, 10 days!) He has still to ride most of the rides... We never made it to Fantasy Land, Frontier Land, Toon Town or Bugs Land.. ect. I was wondering what rides would you consider a definite go on... which to skip.. where would be a good place to eat... and any shows... We -have- to see the fireworks and haunted mansion holiday... but for the rest we just want a fun crazy friend filled day. We wont be able to go back to Disneyland til December the earliest.. since that is when we are moving back to Cali. (I've never really enjoyed some of the finer things.. such as character dining or even food in general! I tended to eat a lot before I went and then eat after I got home..) Oh! And it will be our 2 year anniversary.

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    Re: Special things for aniversary?

    Before you even worry about what to do, you should seriously be considering compatability. If you love the Park, and your boyfriend has only been once, am I to assume that he isn't a fan? This is one of those issues in a relationship that will only grow into a very large problem. Someone will be forced to 'give in' until they just can't give in any more. Then the problems begin. I know of what I speak. This has been a problem in our life for 24 years now. At several points it was nearly a marriage deal breaker. You'll be happier with someone who loves the Park as you do. Sorry, but it's the truth.

    Now, here's the must list:

    1) Haunted Mansion Holiday
    2) Pirates
    3) Indy
    4) Jungle Cruise
    5) Thunder Mtn
    6) Matterhorn (left side)
    7) Subs
    8) Space Mtn
    9) Buzz Lightyear
    10) Star Tours
    11) Fireworks
    Foods: The kabobs in Adventureland, the German pretzel at the Fantasyland Theater, fresh toffee candy on Main Street, Mint Julep in New Orleans Square, bread bowl chowder or stew in New Orleans, the Blue Bayou or French Market for the Monte Cristo (oooooh), many more!

    1) Tower of Terror
    2) Aladdin Show
    3) Monster's Inc
    4) Muppets 3-D
    5) Soarin' Over California
    6) Screamin'
    7) Toy Story Mania
    8) It's Tough to be a Bug
    Foods: Malibu Mocha Frappe at the Zephyr, the obscene corn dog, the free tortilla and sour dough bread.

    Downtown Disney:
    1) Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen is a favorite. If you're lucky, they'll have TurDucKen. Get the binets!
    2) The Filet Mignon at the House of Blues is tremendous.
    3) Love a Wetzel's Pretzel Dog.

    Have fun, and GOOD LUCK!!!
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      Re: Special things for aniversary?

      Actually, he -loves- the park but he lives in the middle of nowhere in south eastern oklahoma, that was the second time he was in california for a decent time period. I took him to the beach for the first time.. amusement parks.. the zoo even! We didn't get a very long time in the park.. hes constantly asking when we can go back and ride and do what we didn't do before. We love watching Disney movies together too (we work at a movie rental store) and playing games and such. We were going to name our son Christopher Robin (we both liked it) but when we saw him he looked more like an Alexander Mathew (named after his daddy.. well the mathew part) So he is a disney nerd.. he just didn't have the ability before.