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Digger's first trip report


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  • Trip Report Digger's first trip report

    Hi All,
    One of my favorite things to read here on Micechat are the trip reports, so I thought I would give one a try. The family and I took a week vacation, with a quick stop in Monterey before heading to Disneyland.

    The Monterey Bay Aquarium is where we spent most of our time while in Monterey. Here are a couple random shots, and a couple of videos:

    The jellyfish exhibit is still going strong.

    My wife thought this fish was cool. It had quite a personality, and seemed to pose for photos if people got near.

    This was my daughter's favorite part of the aquarium. There is an outdoor tide pool, which gets a "wave" every 20 seconds or so. The wave crashes down on some glass that you can stand under while inside of the aquarium. Just watch the video, you will see what I'm talking about.....

    Alright, enough of that.....lets go to DISNEYLAND!!!!!!

    When I planned our trip, the park was going to be open until midnight on
    Sunday the 5th. But, because of this: daughter was greeted with this at the entrance to Disneyland (note the attempt at being mad).

    After a quick dinner at Downtown Disney, it was off to DCA. We had never been on Toy Story, so we decided to give it a try. All I can say is wow! Disney did a great job on this attraction. I loved the attention to detail:

    After a fairly short wait, we were getting closer to the front:

    Oh man, almost there:

    My first score. I was riding with my daughter, who clearly didn't quite grasp the concept:

    We had so much fun on this ride, and the line was so short, that we rode it two more times. Here is Regan and my last score. She started to get the hang of it, and had a pretty good accuracy rating:

    Someone likes this ride:

    That is it for tonight. Day one, since Sunday was really only a partial night, is next. Until then I hope you enjoy this video covering the Disney portion of the trip:

    Before I forget, a HUGE thank you to Koutesu for the technical help posting the videos in my report.

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    Re: Digger's first trip report

    wonderful report! The video of disneyland at the end was especially fantastic!


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      Re: Digger's first trip report

      :clap: Great report so far! And I agree with Aaron... fantastic video at the end!! Looks professionally done!

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        Re: Digger's first trip report

        Very nice for your first trip report! I enjoyed all commentary, photos and videos. Can't wait for the rest!

        BTW, your daughter is soooo cute! Love her part in the parade.
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          Re: Digger's first trip report

          Nice report, love the last video.
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            Re: Digger's first trip report

            Thanks to everyone who took the time to look at my report and leave a comment. And now, on to day 1 where the plan was to enjoy a mild California October Monday with very light crowds.

            Uh oh, this does not look promising:

            And the line to get in around 10:15

            On top of the crowds it was fairly hot, so the plan was out the window about an hour after getting into the parks. Luckily, we had made reservations at the Blue Bayou, so we were able to enjoy a great lunch in a cool place. This is my daughter giving her best Arrrrggghhh:

            A trip to Snow White revealed some people were either very lucky or very skilled with their coin tossing abilities. You gotta hand it to someone who can toss a coin into the eye socket of the skull:

            The last few times we were at the park this apple was gone, so it was a welcome sight to see that it has been replaced:

            And now, some random shots I took at Haunted Mansion on Monday:

            After most of the day was spent in Fantasyland, it was off to get a good spot for Parade of Dreams. I shot some really good video from the Main Street Train Station that I hope to post in the next few weeks. I also took a couple of photos while we were up high. I don't know why, but this is one of my favorite views in Disneyland:

            I had never noticed this before:

            Look closer in the window and you will see a security camera:

            Spotting that made me be on the lookout the rest of the trip for other cameras I had not seen before. I did not find any others, but I did have divided attention trying to keep track of a 5 year old. It did get me thinking though, that Disney should make this camera a web cam so that people could watch the crowds and goings-on when they can't make it to the park.

            After POD we wondered over to Pan. We normally make Pan our last ride of the night. After we got in line, the person most famously known as the Penguin Lady appeared and, as usual, was the last in line. This would not be our last encounter with her this trip, but you will have to wait for that story on day 4. Here is a cropped photo of my wife and Regan third to last in line. Why cropped you ask? Because I got the Penguin Lady in the photo as well, and this being my first trip report, I don't want to get in trouble for posting her photo:

            I will say though, that she was very nice and picked up a couple of pieces of trash that inconsiderate people had discarded while in line.

            On the way out this window display caught my attention:

            Coming up shortly, Day 2: The Day of DENIAL (yes, all the day's have a theme from here on). Also, a couple more short videos.


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              Re: Digger's first trip report

              Great pictures, video and reporting but I would love to see the uncropped photo as I have never seen the Peter Pan penguin lady.


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                Re: Digger's first trip report

                Great 1st report
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                  Re: Digger's first trip report

                  Great TR so far, looking forward to the rest. Love that you incorporated video into the report. Good stuff.
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                    Re: Digger's first trip report

                    And we are off and running with Day 2: The Day of DENIAL.....

                    Day 2 (Tuesday) sort of started on Monday night when I read Darkbeer's "Monday in the Parks" report and learned that Disneyland was going to be open an hour late for a few lucky winners the following day. We also had reservations to do Breakfast in the Park with Minnie and Friends. The plan: get some good photos of Regan with some Disney characters, then try to score one of the passes to stay an hour later in the park.

                    You don't normally see this place vacant (taken on the way to breakfast before the park was open):

                    On to breakfast we went. We have been seated inside every other time we have done this breakfast, but this time we were seated outside. What a difference (for the worse). My daughter was all but ignored by the characters. Luckily, I am posting this TR a couple of weeks after having gone to the park. Without the colorful language I would have used two weeks ago, suffice it to say that children who behave badly seem to get most of the attention from the characters. I did manage to get one shot:

                    We were so disappointed with the lack of character interaction we cut breakfast short. I spoke with the manager on the way out and she was VERY nice. She immediately refunded our money and apologized for our experience. I wish I remembered her name so I could post it here. I guess that would be half a DENIAL; denied on the photos, but got refunded the money. Anyway, on to capture the ever elusive after hours ticket.

                    Not here:

                    No luck here either:

                    After wondering around for a while hoping to score one, we conceded that we were DENIED the extra hour.

                    The park seemed even busier and definitely hotter than the day before. I finally found something without a line, so I gave the ol' urinator a spin:

                    The coins had been cleaned out of Snow White over night:

                    It was really starting to heat up, so we headed back to the hotel for a dip in the pool. After a quick nap, we were back at it. But, before we proceed, two brief video clips from Monday that I didn't get to post because I wasn't at the computer with the video on it. I don't know who posted a Billy Hill thread a year or so ago, but I had never taken the time to see them before reading about them on Micechat. Now I can't go a trip without stopping in once or twice, so thanks to who ever posted that. Now, I hope you enjoy them too, because herrrrrrrrrrre's Billy!



                    I took a ton of video of them, but those are my two favorite parts of the act. By the way, you can watch all of these videos in high-def if you go to youtube directly.

                    And now, back to the Day of DENIAL:

                    Wanting to get another angle in my POD project, I got a good spot triangulated with the Emporium and City Hall, which would get some great video. Then, the third DENIAL of the day; getting a good spot to record and then some clam jumps right next to, and partially in front of me just as the parade starts. DENIED on the clear recording angle! After recording POD it was off to Pan again. Yes, if you haven't guessed, I got a new camcorder. It is a true high-def Sony HDD, and I love it!!

                    At Pan we were 4th to last in line. But then, what is this? The four people behind us don't want to wait in line, and there is no Penguin Lady in sight (I told you, you have to wait for day 4 for her reemergence, and no, it won't be at Pan). For the first time ever I am going to be the last to ride Pan. And then.......DENIED, everybody out!!! Pan breaks down:

                    Still, is there anything more beautiful and relaxing than Disneyland at night? Out the park we went, thankful to be at Disneyland where the temp was perfect, the atmosphere amazing, and that the DOD was over.

                    Up next, Day 3: "Where did the day go?"


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                      Re: Digger's first trip report

                      Dude, sweet interactive report.

                      -I love the jellyfish at Monterey. My favorite part of the aquarium.

                      -Nice score at Toy Story, but what is with that accuracy percentage. It's like you've never held a gun before. What gives loser!?

                      -On with the penguin lady story, I can't stand the suspense!!!


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                        Re: Digger's first trip report

                        Just for that I should make you, and only you, wait....but I don't have the technology to make it happen. And now TWRV, aka
                        my friend Tommy, on with the show.....

                        Day 3: Where did the day go?

                        The plan, hit the halloween store just off of I-5 by Knotts, then swing by the famous Berry Farm for some fun and Mrs. Knotts chicken. Unfortunately, we sort of slept in. Then we lolly-gagged around when getting ready, so we didn't make it here until 1:00 or so:

                        We spent a bit of cash putting the finishing touches on our Mickey's Trick-or-Treat costumes. By the time we made it to Knotts, it was around 2:30. Now for some Knotts chicken:

                        After lunch I went to wash my hands with this question: Do we go into Knotts for 2 hours before they close, or go back to Disneyland? The question was soon answered:

                        That is exactly how I found this "not so hidden Mickey" when I walked in. The decision was made, off to Disneyland!!!

                        When my daughter is not hanging out in Fantasyland, she can be found in POTC. Here is a short video of some of the scenes from the ride for those of you who haven't been in a while and need a little fix. In this video I left the original sound from the ride and soundtrack instead of dubbing music. I hope you all like it:


                        After Pirates, we hit a few Fantasyland rides and the day was over.

                        Up next: The moment some, at least one, of you have been waiting for. Day 4: "D-Day" and the Penguin Lady!!!!!!!!!!


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                          Re: Digger's first trip report

                          Great TR so far!! I love the video at the end of day 1. Your daughter is ADORABLE!! Can't wait for the rest!
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                            Re: Digger's first trip report

                            Cool!! Can't wait for more!!!!


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                              Re: Digger's first trip report

                              Awesome pics so far! Can't wait for more!
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