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On Disneyland's B-Day Does anything Special Happen ?


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  • [Question] On Disneyland's B-Day Does anything Special Happen ?

    At the parks on Disneyland's B-Day is there anything special that goes on in the parks.

    Anything different?
    More Crowded?

    I know it's not till July but I'm curious
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    Re: On Disneyland's B-Day Does anything Special Happen ?

    They can't do anything special because nobody can agree on what day it is.

    Sorry, I had to. Anyway, they have a small ceremony in Town Square with a few characters on the non big anniversary years. Nothing big and I don't think it's significantly busier than normal.
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      Re: On Disneyland's B-Day Does anything Special Happen ?

      Can I then submit the fact that Walt Disney himself named july 17th as the official opening day in the Disneyland People and Places film?


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        Re: On Disneyland's B-Day Does anything Special Happen ?

        Per the request of Dustysage, off topic posts have been removed.

        This thread is not meant to serve as a debate over which day is considered Disneyland's birthday.

        Thank you.
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          Re: On Disneyland's B-Day Does anything Special Happen ?

          Originally posted by jackskeleton1015
          Why is it a debate that it opened on the 17th or 18th

          I've never heard 18th in all the books I've read.

          Why do some peole believe it opened on the 18th.

          Is it because people don't count Black Sunday
          This situation is quite understandable and unavoidable in terms of the logistics back in the day. On July 17 1955 Disney held a nationally-televised live event that marked the momentous introduction of the physical Disneyland park to the world; previously, it had been introduced as the concept behind a television series that turned out to be very successful (although the actual park was the original goal). While the park wasn't truly ready on July 17, this date had been planned in advance, and the park was "open" in the sense that the attractions were operating and there were tens of thousands of guests visiting the park. However, all of these guests had received invitations through various channels (including counterfeit tickets), and the park was not open to the general public on that day. The first day that Disneyland was open to the general public was the very next day, July 18 1955.

          Which date should be considered Disneyland's true opening day is really up to individual interpretation or one's point of view. Disney is not a definitive source because both July 18 (in the early days) and July 17 (more recently) have been cited by the company as Disneyland's opening day, and both are correct in their own way.

          Certainly from the business perspective July 18 is more significant, and the documentation evidence we have from that era does tend to focus on the business side of things. Some have also theorized that July 17, sometimes referred to as Black Sunday, was such a disastrous day in terms of operational issues that it carried a stigma that made Walt and the rest of the company want to forget that day. While I can neither prove nor disprove this theory, I think it's safe to say that Walt and the company were far too busy building up and running the park to dwell overly long on this issue (apart from learning from the experience). They probably did consider July 18 the true official opening day back then, regardless of the nightmare of July 17.

          As Disneyland itself took its place as a noteworthy part of history over the years, as opposed to a relatively new and quickly growing business venture, the company became more focused on Disneyland's big July 17 introduction, during which the park was technically operating. Although this does not make July 17 either right or wrong, it was a big historic event in and of itself, as the first major nationally-televised live broadcast in history, and it is actually a more conservative choice because it doesn't skip any days during which the whole of Disneyland was operating as a theme park filled with guests.

          I can see both sides of the debate--July 17 was the first fully operational day and July 18 was opening day for the public. Although Walt himself likely considered July 18 the true opening day for valid reasons, personally I tend to think of Disneyland's "birthday" as July 17 because it is more inclusive and was such an event. I can easily imagine myself rejecting this argument 40 or 50 years ago, too, but perspective can change with time, as it apparently has for the company. All points considered, while July 18 could be described as the more "strictly" correct opening day, July 17 is also a significant date that some may wish to include. Another way of looking at this is that July 17 1955 was the first day that Disneyland welcomed guests as an operating theme park, while July 18 was the first day on which Disneyland was opened to the public--both statements are factually true.

          To give us some additional perspective, July 4 1776 being celebrated as US Independence Day is a similar scenario. July 2 was actually the date on which the Second Continental Congress resolved to separate from Great Britain--independence had already essentially been declared in a legal sense and was a done deal, although no formal declaration to the world had yet been agreed upon. July 4 was when the SCC approved the text of the US Declaration of Independence, although the document would not be engrossed and signed until later (most of the delegates actually signed it on August 2 1776, and some signed it even later). Most people seem to believe that independence was declared and the Declaration was signed all on July 4, but the reality is that July 4 itself was arguably the least momentous date that I've mentioned, relatively speaking. So why July 4? Well, the Declaration itself has become such a towering symbol of freedom and American ideology (in some ways more significant than even the US Constitution) that its date of finalization and approval has overshadowed the real date of independence, that's why! If it were only up to me, I'd chose to celebrate on July 2, but then I'd miss the party on July 4, so why fight it?
          Last edited by Robert Cook; 10-22-2008, 07:59 PM.


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            Re: On Disneyland's B-Day Does anything Special Happen ?

            Ok, to try and respond to this thread again (hopefully there won't be anymore black holes that will suck out anwers to the quesiton posted)

            someone previously responded,

            On 7-17-05, DL did give free gold colored Mickey ears to eveyone that entered DL, for it's 50th birthday.

            Also on the same day, the maps included a look like what DL was like on opening day. DL also had TONS of cupcakes that they were giving out to everyone, all day long!

            They also had year long celebrations, where Disney gave away prizes during DL's 30th and 35th Birthdays.

            I wouldn't expect anything on 7-17-09, maybe they might do something on 7-17-2010.

            During 2009, Disney has said that they would be focusing on guest birthdays, where you get in free on your own birthday. Be sure to register your name at Disney dot com, and check with them for details.
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              Re: On Disneyland's B-Day Does anything Special Happen ?

              The best place to register for the free BD invite is.

              Check out my Theme Park Photos at


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                Re: On Disneyland's B-Day Does anything Special Happen ?

                At Main Gate, you'll get a birthday hat (cone shaped with stretchy chin string), there is often cake, and there are usually special pins. Of course the ceremony. The 50th was great! Just very well done and appropriate.


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                  Re: On Disneyland's B-Day Does anything Special Happen ?

                  I went on the birthday this year and nothing special happened!


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                    Re: On Disneyland's B-Day Does anything Special Happen ?

                    Originally posted by AshleyJaded View Post
                    I went on the birthday this year and nothing special happened!
                    Same here, all they did was the town mayor thing in town square. Stiil kinda cool to be there for something like that. Like someone mentioned before, it seems as if the major birthdays get more fanfare.
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                      Re: On Disneyland's B-Day Does anything Special Happen ?

                      You can bet something will happen when Disneyland turns 55 in July. The people at Disney will want to play up Disneyland opening in 1955 and celebrating 55 years and since the 50th was celebrated July 17, 2005, the 55th will be celebrated July 17, 2010.


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