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Rocker's 10/26 Trip Report


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  • Trip Report Rocker's 10/26 Trip Report

    Sunday was a nice day. After I spent the morning helping around my house, I showed up at Disneyland at around 12:10 in the afternoon, just in time for the meet.

    If you like to listen to the entrance music, here is the box right here.

    This Trip Report brought to you in part by Kit-Kat- break me off a piece of that.

    The Minnie Pumpkin
    Let's go inside.

    I seemed to realize that this was the last weekend for the Halloween decorations to be up, so I decided to take a quick look before they came down.

    There was a very nice questionarie to greet me at the gates.
    My camera has a setting where I can make the images into any color, so I decided to try black and white.

    Why I know you- I walked with you- once upon a dream...
    Anyway, I had arrived just in time for...

    Rex Dopey 24 doing the CMPaley pose, while Cuddles greets me

    Rex Dopey 24, Huntress, MickeyMousePal, and Cuddles decided to do the Rabbit Ears pose. Dustysage, caught in the middle, was not amused.


    Captain Pheobus

    PEZZ Lightyear and his evil grin.


    Dustysage found some dough

    Dusty asked Hilsbro if he wanted it

    Fishbulb Rockin out

    Al Lutz looking away

    Crazy Legs

    After meeting and talking for a while, Dustysage decided that all of us should go to the Plaza Inn since we haven't been there in a long time. So off we went.

    I'll personally admit I like some of the food at Plaza Inn. To me the Pasta is very good, even though it is just a little creamy.

    The Plaza Inn

    Light Mouse acting crazy as usual

    superstacie stopped by to say Hello and hug Fishbulb

    Mary Read eating away

    Fishbulb's signature Cons- but where's the congress of it?

    Disney1978 had brought some candy- Now and Laters

    Here is my own personal one.
    After lunch at the Plaza Inn, someone had suggested that they wanted to go the exit of Pixie Hallow to take a look at it. So we went on our way.

    Pixie Hallows entrance

    Mary Read in a scene from "Psycho"

    Okay, off black and white, back to Technicolor.
    After we had taken a look at was going on, we decided to head on over to DCA. The High School Musical 3 Pep Rally was going on, and some wanted to see it, so we decided to head on over there.

    Off we go
    We decided to look at the shop on Main Street that had opened back up, and see what they had done during refurbishment. When I went to have a look inside, it seems like a very nice shop, however I do feel they were a little selective on what Merchandise they decided to put in.

    Afterwards, we decided to head on over to DCA. But we had gotten the time for the HSM3 show, it was already starting, so we had to wait for the next one. As a backup plan, Dustysage decided we should go to Blue Sky Disney's preview center.

    Rex Dopey 24 hiding behind the letters.

    Light Mouse dancing to "The Candy Man"

    Candy Corn!!
    All right- into Blue Sky Disney

    Love ya, Walt

    The Orange Stinger will be replaced by a swing inspired by the 1935 Mickey mouse Cartoon, " Mickey's Bandstand"

    Don't stand too close to those lights- it turns your shoes blue

    The art design for the new Little Mermaid Dark Ride

    The concept art for the World of Color nighttime show.

    The Toy Story Midway Mania Car design

    California Screamin' without the Mickey head

    Mickey's Fun Wheel

    More to come...

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    Re: Rocker's 10/26 Trip Report

    Great so far! Cant wait to see the rest!


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      Re: Rocker's 10/26 Trip Report

      Nice report so far.

      I just realized something, does the stuff on TSMM in the Cellar refer to the ride as Midway Mania or just Toy Story Mania?

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        Re: Rocker's 10/26 Trip Report

        Hey Rocker,
        It was nice briefly meeting you yesterday. I was the guy talking to Fishbulb when you were bragging about your newly found black and white camera thingy. I made it into the background of that top pic at the hub too!
        Nice update!
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          Re: Rocker's 10/26 Trip Report

          Great TR so far. If you have the Sepia setting on your camera, you should try it. It's my favorite .


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            Re: Rocker's 10/26 Trip Report

            Nice report so far!
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              Re: Rocker's 10/26 Trip Report

              Nice report so far Alex.


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                Re: Rocker's 10/26 Trip Report

                Nice to see the meet pictures. Keep them coming.


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                  Re: Rocker's 10/26 Trip Report

                  Nice TR so far Rockr! Can't wait for more!
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                    Re: Rocker's 10/26 Trip Report

                    I felt like I had to get my eyes checked after this... thanks for the visually interesting trip report!


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                      Re: Rocker's 10/26 Trip Report

                      Dusty looks like he's in the middle of an argument! ;o)


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                        Re: Rocker's 10/26 Trip Report

                        Great TR, sorry I missed you guys.
                        Taking contributions to get me back to Disneyland!


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                          Re: Rocker's 10/26 Trip Report

                          Great report! Good choice at the plaza inn! I love the salads!!
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                            Re: Rocker's 10/26 Trip Report

                            great TR!


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                              Re: Rocker's 10/26 Trip Report

                              Originally posted by Rocker View Post

                              It looks like you got Rosetta there Alex. If you look on the left of the grass you see what looks like Rosetta.


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