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My new camera and Disneyland/DCA


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  • [Pictures] My new camera and Disneyland/DCA

    Right off the bat let me put in a disclaimer. My new camera is not one of the fancy, shamcy cameras like some of the great phototogs on this site use. But for me this camera is a step up. Previously I used a Sony CyberShot P32 which was 3.2 mega pixels and 2x zoom. My new camera is also a Sony CyberShot (because I am used to Sony) H10 which is 8 mega pixels and 10x zoom. I've had the camera for two weeks and yesterday I was finally able to get to the Park and play around with it. I am very pleased with the result. The pictures are much faster to take. Previously in order to get a clear, sharp photo I had to use the flash. I did not with this camera. I was able to take pictures using ISO in low light. It has a face detection feature, sports motion, steady shot, and many other features I need to learn to use. (Note: I have resized the photos for easier loading here).

    So, here we go with a few select (I took 299 ) photos from yesterday 10/27.

    I was able to get clear, close shots of the pumpkin heads above the entrances

    On Main Street Minnie, then Pluto and finally Donald came out to perform with the band.

    The Duck has attitude

    Decorations along Main Street

    I was never able to get in close to these pumpkins before

    At the Pin Trading place in Frontierland some filming was going on. ???

    Next, our favorite show Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. Again, I've never been able to get good shots of anyone in this show. This time I used the ISO feature and close ups.

    Pig whistling

    They did their tribute to the Beatles

    It's time for the "train thang"

    Did you feel the wind coming dangerously close to the front row?

    Billy's proth"teeth"sis

    The finale, The Devil Went Down to Georgia

    Johnny, our hero

    The battle between good and evil

    My daughter's day was made when we found Jack and Sally out for photographs. I have to say I was really impressed with them but especially Jack. This person is really tall and thin and his voice is uncannily like Jack in the movie. Really great characters.

    While waiting in line my daughter sketched them and then they signed the sketch

    A really great pose

    I loved how this shot came out

    More to follow

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    Re: My new camera and Disneyland/DCA

    Great photos and glad you got an upgrade from 3.2 megapixels! Whew, even if you went to a 5, you would have seen a HUGE difference. The older camera you had was just terrible. I spoke to some reps at sony about it 5 years back and they agreed that it had its problems.

    And... jack looks like an alien. Very scary!

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      Re: My new camera and Disneyland/DCA

      8MB is screamin'. The camera at TOT is 10.
      When I go to Disneyland, I tune my FRS Radio to channel 2, without a quiet code. They're faster than a cell phone and you can talk to a whole group at a time, and you don't have to get everyone's cell phone number in advance.


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        Re: My new camera and Disneyland/DCA

        Since I sit here 400 plus miles away and it's 92 degrees and I'm totally missing the park... THANK YOU! Great photos. A grand shot of Donald!


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          Re: My new camera and Disneyland/DCA

          On to part 2

          We headed over to see the pumpkins at Big Thunder Ranch. I posted those photos in a thread about the pumpkins which is somewhere on this page.

          From there we went to see Pixie Hollow. We did not want to wait 45 minutes but from what little I saw and heard, I was really impressed. The look of the place and the music they play is really great. They also shoot off streams of water in an arc at random including one that goes over the path way.

          On this sign is a cute sculpture of Tink

          And if you looked really closely a real dragon fly was perched on her wing

          Something else my new camera has is Macro

          Here's a shot using the sports feature which detects motion and figures out when to take the photo

          Some balloon reflections (someone else on here did this, sorry can't remember who, and that is where I got the idea from)

          Some things inside the Fortuosity shop

          Next we headed over to DCA to visit Blue Sky Cellar. I took a lot of pictures but will only post one as there are many, many terrific photos of this on here already. This was a great place and again I was really impressed.

          After eating dinner at IHOP we came back into Disneyland at dusk along with a huge crowd of people coming over from DCA. Along Main Street I enjoyed this chef pumpkin which was lit up

          One thing I wanted to try with the camera was taking evening and night shots with the various features. Unfortunately this is where I ran into problems ... the battery. I only had the one battery that came with the camera and at this point it was getting really low.

          I had really wanted to take pictures of the parade but only got a few. The battery died completely on me. Also I was at Small World and the floats and performers really come hauling out from back stage so it is hard to get a good shot. I've decided not to be there for photos in the future. My flash was taking a long time to recharge and I suspect it was because of my dying battery. This is one area I am going to have to work on with the camera and various settings. Also daytime shots will probably be better as I really need one of those fancier cameras to get moving shots at night. But here are a few that did come out before the camera shut down.

          And then the camera died

          One thing I am looking forward to trying is fireworks shots as the camera is supposed to have that feature.

          Overall I am really, really happy with the camera and the results. My birthday is coming up and I've told my husband I want another camera battery

          I want to be really comfortable with this camera and the various settings for my trip to WDW in April.

          Thanks for looking


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            Re: My new camera and Disneyland/DCA

            Even though I have one of those Fancy-schmantzy cameras, having a nice point and shoot that is comfortable enough for you to use and makes you want to take more pictures is what is what it's all about. Clearly from your post, you like using the new camera. That's what's important. That the pictures are really good is just icing on the cake!

            Nice pix. Enjoy, and have a great time taking more pictures. Don't forget to post some here...

            And a spare battery is a great thing to carry with you. (hubby hint, hubby hint)


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              Re: My new camera and Disneyland/DCA

              It sure looks like a fancy-shmancy camera to me! Those are some outstanding shots you have there, Wendygirl! I love you how set up your photos, and I think you have a great eye! I bet you're loving those extra megapixels. And I'm assuming your new camera has higher ISO as well. Those night shots came out great.

              Nice job....looking forward to your next thread! And yeah. The extra battery would be a must. We wanted more!


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                Re: My new camera and Disneyland/DCA

                Cool pics Wendygirl! Sorry about your battery dying, but it sounds like you're enjoying the camera!
                Home away from Home.


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                  Re: My new camera and Disneyland/DCA

                  Your new camera seems to be doing just wonderfully! Thanks for sharing these terrific photos with us. I especially enjoyed the pictures of the Billys. Great work photographing their show inside the Golden Horseshoe!



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                    Re: My new camera and Disneyland/DCA

                    Great pics.
                    Oo-de-lally, Oo-de-lally
                    Golly, what a day


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                      Re: My new camera and Disneyland/DCA

                      lots of ohhhh and ahhhhs moments. Thanks!


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                        Re: My new camera and Disneyland/DCA

                        Nice pictures!
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                          Re: My new camera and Disneyland/DCA

                          Nice pics.... I think I need to upgrade my camera also....
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                            Re: My new camera and Disneyland/DCA

                            Love your pics !!!! It's the person behind the lens that really can create a great shot. You do have the talent :thumbup:


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                              Re: My new camera and Disneyland/DCA

                              Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I do enjoy photography. Years ago (talking back in the 70's) photography was kind of a hobby with me and I had a nice SLR camera. Marriage and a child made it too expensive to keep up. But now with digital cameras I can once again afford to indulge a little.

                              I am really happy I did this. I suspect with stores desperate for business this Christmas season we should see some really good sales.


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