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11/2 Harry Potter Day TR

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  • Trip Report 11/2 Harry Potter Day TR

    Little Harry Potter Day Trip Report

    This was my 2nd year playing in the Harry Potter Day event. Last year was a photo scavenger hunt, and this year was a coin quest. I once again tip my hat(I guess my pointy...wizard's hat) to the organizers of the event. They do their best to make a fun little confuddled world of Harry Potter translated into Disney, and they're a very nice group of people.

    The group started out in Plaza Gardens for team registration and general how do ya do's

    Mr. Weasley was in attendance representing the Ministry.

    And so were Tonks and Sirius to make sure things stayed on the up and up.

    At around 11:30 we took our group photo in front of the castle. From there the clues were given out for the first hour and the foot race began.

    As happened with all the clues, a large gathering took place shortly before the top of the hour as all of the teams staked out perimeter scouting for a squad member.

    And when they did show up, they were instantly mobbed into a corner.

    And when it was your team's turn, you went off on your own to answer the squad member's trivia question.

    Another queue, this time coming out of the exit from Dead Man's Grotto.

    The Inquisitorial Squad member at the end of the pier only had 5 roses to give, but many teams to choose from. Who would be the lucky team?

    We were actually late showing up to this one(late being like.. 2 minutes) so we were somewhat far back in line. We might've been farther but we guessed where they'd be and took a shortcut across the island after getting off of the raft.

    Soon it was our turn to take the walk..

    Nailed it

    On our way off the island we ran into a wandering group of the Inquisitorial squad, none other than Draco Malfoy himself, and shouted "ROONIL WAZLIB!" to answer a bonus question.

    The next clue involved the sword in the stone. While we were waiting one of our teammates was bored and wanted to ride the carousel. She didn't look to happy once she got up there though, because she had to sit there for 5 minutes before they even started it.

    A most feared fugitive, and the only one to ever escape from Azkaban, Mickey Mouse!

    Then, hidden in the egress from Tarzan's Treehouse lay the next clue. One other team and us beat the Inquisitorial Squad to it, while many of the others followed them through the treehouse and lined up behind.

    The squad member could barely finish reciting the question before our own Hermione Granger(but an evil-ler, Slytherin version) spouted out the answer without hesitation, evoking a "Wow!" from the inquisitor.

    Our not yet finished but soon to be 1st place team waiting outside of the final clueplace under the statue of an Angel.

    And back where we began the squad tallied everyone's galeons and sickles they'd collected in their coinbags throughout the day.

    I won a Harry Potter figurine, the first Harry Potter item I've ever owned I think (shhhh)

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    Re: 11/2 Harry Potter Day TR

    Thanks for sharing the photos. I was planning on going, but I was so burnt from Mickey's Trick or Treat and going into downtown LA the Saturday before. I would have worn my movie 5 style Ravenclaw outfit (last year, I did HP Day, but didn't really dress up - just went as a busty death eater ^^;.

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      Re: 11/2 Harry Potter Day TR

      Nice report, great to see how the event was!
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        Re: 11/2 Harry Potter Day TR

        Very cool!!!


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          Re: 11/2 Harry Potter Day TR

          Very cool TR!
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            Re: 11/2 Harry Potter Day TR

            Looks like you had a lot of fun! Thanks for the cool TR!
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              Re: 11/2 Harry Potter Day TR

              Nice TR! I think if I was at Disneyland and saw people running around in Harry Potter get-ups I'd have to take a second and question where I was.
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                Re: 11/2 Harry Potter Day TR

                I am so glad you did this report, it looks like great fun was had by all the participants.


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                  Re: 11/2 Harry Potter Day TR

                  Fun TR!