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MGB's Short But Sweet Trip Report (11-9-08)


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  • Trip Report MGB's Short But Sweet Trip Report (11-9-08)

    Hello! Since I haven't done a TR in awhile, and since I have some great pictures from last night I'm going to do one

    Jenny, Shawn (Pacman), and I arrived at the parks around 4:30pm because in the morning, Jenny and I attended the Saddleback Church Prop. 8 protest. We didn't leave there until 1p, and then we went out to lunch with my grandparents.

    We had to park in Minnie, for the first time since June, and I'll just say that we had to circle the lot 3 times before finding a parking spot. No CMs were up there to help anyone and it was kind of stressful.

    After parking, we arrived and I got a quick picture of Goofy on the A.

    After that, we sat down on Main Street to get ready for the Parade of Dreams (we're getting our fill in now before it leaves!) Shawn wanted to go take pictures of something, and came back to tell me they're selling this HUGE EVE plushie inside the Emporium.

    lovedisney33 and Light Mouse called us and met up with while we were sitting on Main Street. LM wanted to go get a spot for Fantasmic! and lovedisney stayed with us.

    (BAD PICTURE ALERT) Bolt Pre-Parade Float

    Rhino's ball that pops in and out of the cage thing actually missed the cage, and fell on the floor right in front of us. We picked it up for the CM who walks the parade and we were all squealing like children, "WE TOUCHED RHINO!"

    LD33 shows off his lovely drawing that Bert did for him

    Parade Of Dreams! - I'm only going to share my favorite shots of the night.

    When the parade finished, we decided to head to Toontown.

    Small World's Clock looks festive for Christmas!

    We wanted to go on Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin, so Jenny sat out. While we were in there, we got E-stopped!

    Group photo of our excitement!

    I'm only going to show where we actually stopped just because I don't want to get anyone in trouble.

    It was very interesting and sort of freaky to walk through the ride. Of course, everything is different (black lights are magical!) When we were walking through, it felt like we were walking on planks. I had no idea that the track was underneath the ride so it was a learning experience as well.

    We then head back out into Toontown, and still excited that we were Evac'd off of one of our favorite rides.

    Then we headed to ROA to meet up with Jenny, Light Mouse, Hilsbro, Sir Didymus, Seawolf 38, Burt Gummer, and one more MCer who I forgot his name (sorry!) so we can watch Fantasmic! While on our way there, we learned that Matterhorn, BTMRR, and Indy were also 101. What a coincidence!

    Big Thunder Mountain RR with it's track lights on.

    The projections look great!

    When Fantasmic ended, we all stayed on the ROA to watch the fireworks. It was very nice to see it from a different angle. That ended and almost everyone had to head home. Hilsbro, his friend, Jenny, Shawn, and I were left. So we went on Jungle Cruise, and BTMRR. Jenny wanted to watch the Columbia sail out during Fantasmic so we headed to Tomorrowland.

    We played with the giant marble ball and then met up with Jenny at Pinocchio.

    After that, we parted ways with Hilsbro and friend, and then went on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Alice in Wonderland, and Storybookland Canals. Park closed and then we went through the Emporium.


    Then we looked at the window displays - Only posting the favorite pictures.

    I re-created the California sign!

    And then we headed home.

    THE END!
    (I'm not sure if that was short, but was it sweet?)

    Last edited by MonstersGoBoo!; 11-10-2008, 07:12 PM.

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    Re: MGB's Short But Sweet Trip Report (11-9-08)

    Great pictures!! I wish I was there on Sunday, I regret it.


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      Re: MGB's Short But Sweet Trip Report (11-9-08)

      Very cool TR MGB! Thanks for sharing some of your Fantasmic pics!
      Home away from Home.


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        Re: MGB's Short But Sweet Trip Report (11-9-08)

        Really great photos. I can hardly wait until I can be taking my own.


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          Re: MGB's Short But Sweet Trip Report (11-9-08)

          Nice report!
          Check out my page at

          Check out my pin collection at User name is WheresMickey


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            Re: MGB's Short But Sweet Trip Report (11-9-08)

            Thank you everyone so far!


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              Re: MGB's Short But Sweet Trip Report (11-9-08)

              Hey, nice to see you again yesterday.
              Nice Trip report.
              "You are watching FOX"


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                Re: MGB's Short But Sweet Trip Report (11-9-08)

                Great pics! The California sign at the end was a very nice touch!


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                  Re: MGB's Short But Sweet Trip Report (11-9-08)

                  Thanks fo the fun trip report!


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                    Re: MGB's Short But Sweet Trip Report (11-9-08)

                    Nice pictures MGB, sorry you missed the meet. It was a good group of people.


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                      Re: MGB's Short But Sweet Trip Report (11-9-08)

                      Thank you guys! I was bummed that I missed the meet, but I had a great time at the protest.


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                        Re: MGB's Short But Sweet Trip Report (11-9-08)

                        Sunday was so much fun! Too bad you guys couldn't get there till later, but I guess it was for a good cause. That was one of the best birthdays I've ever had at the park!

                        You weren't there, but Bert spent a good 20 minutes "autographing" LD33's sketchbook, his handler wasn't too happy with him!

                        I never realized Flounder looked so terrifying! I'M GOING TO EAT YOUR OFFSPRING!!!


                        • #13
                          Re: MGB's Short But Sweet Trip Report (11-9-08)

                          I know! Blake told me that Bert was out of it and so he drew a picture for him. Kind of sad (that he was out of it), but he did a good job!

                          And yes, that Flounder looks terrifying, but you should see the one in the window displays. Yikes!


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                            Re: MGB's Short But Sweet Trip Report (11-9-08)

                            Sweet TR!
                            Taking contributions to get me back to Disneyland!


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                              Re: MGB's Short But Sweet Trip Report (11-9-08)

                              Loved the TR and all of the pictures!



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