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A Disneyland Sunrise


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  • [Pictures] A Disneyland Sunrise

    After seeing several threads with photos of the park before sunrise on several occasions during the last couple of years, (10k runs, early openings, etc) I have been looking for an opportunity to take my camera down during the predawn hours to get some shots.

    Well, ironically, I need to thank Miley Cyrus and the Disney Execs for finally giving me this opportunity. And I now officially take back every evil thing I've ever said about Miley and her purple birthday party. If it wasn't for the Mileypalooza back on Sunday, October 5, I wouldn't have gotten my chance to finally get to the park before the sun was in the air. I owe her and them an enormous debt of gratitude.

    (And...I know that this event happened more than a month ago, but I've been crazy busy.)

    So...after the disclaimers, on with the photo thread.

    It took a LOT to get me out of bed at 5:00 AM on a Sunday morning, but after huge amounts of coffee, I dragged my butt out the door and was off to Disneyland....with, not surprisingly, no traffic at all.

    I parked in Downtown Disney...

    ...and set off toward the park...

    The sky was beginning to glow slightly as I approached the esplanade...

    Mickey and his pumpkin friends were still glowing as I arrived just before 6:30 AM. (This was before the time change.)

    The lights on Mainstreet were glowing brightly as I entered at 6:30. I've been at Disneyland at dusk dozens of times, but this was the first time I was able to see the glow in the sky coming from the opposite direction.

    And, needless to day, it wasn't exactly crowded...

    To those CMs that work these early morning hours, I'm sure this isn't such a big deal, but to me, this pre-dawn light was amazing.

    There was no rope drop as the park opened exactly at 6:30, and people scattered in all directions to take advantage of the complete and total lack of lines.

    For the next half hour or so, I ran around like a maniac trying to get to several spots to catch the park in this light. I started at the hub...

    The castle...

    ...then headed off to NOS where I noticed that the staff of Club 33 was already hard at work...

    CMs were just setting out with their ODV carts as I approaced Critter Country...

    Much of TSI and NOS was taken over in preparation for Miley's Party, but the view was stunning nonetheless...

    As the sun was just about ready to come over the horizon, I headed back across the park...

    and made it to the sub lagoon just as the first rays of light hit the park...

    Click here for Part II
    Last edited by Mac Daddy; 11-19-2008, 10:27 PM.

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    Re: A Disneyland Sunrise

    Very nice!!
    Just countin' the days til the next visit!


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      Re: A Disneyland Sunrise

      Absolutely beautiful pictures! I wish the park was open that early more often so that there are more opportunities to see the park in this light. Truly beautiful, can't wait to see more!


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        Re: A Disneyland Sunrise

        Very beautiful pictures!
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          Re: A Disneyland Sunrise

          Wow....I salute anyone willing to get up before the butt crack of dawn just to get pictures!! And what spectacular pictures they are! I've only done it once (last Jan. Gumball Rally), and I am so not a morning person!

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            Re: A Disneyland Sunrise

            Wonderful shots. You wake up early and we enjoy the pictures. Life can be perfect sometimes.


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              Re: A Disneyland Sunrise

              Absolutely Beautiful.


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                Re: A Disneyland Sunrise

                Truly remarkable.

                As always, your photos are amazing. Thanks, Mac Daddy!

                Photos, news, and commentary every week from Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom!


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                  Re: A Disneyland Sunrise

                  Stunning photographs you got there.

                  :yea: I <3 SPACEMOUNTAIN!!!!!!!!!:yea:



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                    Re: A Disneyland Sunrise

                    Oooooooo and Ahhhhhhhhh. What a great opportunity. I love that you left us with the stunning shot of the sun peeking up over the lagoon. Leave us wanting more is what you've done!


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                      Re: A Disneyland Sunrise

                      Wow, that light really does give a completely different feel, very beautiful.
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                      -Walt Disney


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                        Re: A Disneyland Sunrise

                        Gorgeous photos indeed...thanks for sharing them!
                        when the spooks have a midnight jamboree....


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                          Re: A Disneyland Sunrise

                          Beautiful pictures Mac Daddy...thank you! Can't wait to see more....

                          I was there at the crack of dawn for the Pirates preview a couple of years back, and the feeling of watching the sun come up over Disneyland was indescribable. Unfortunately, this time, the comfort of my bed won out


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                            Re: A Disneyland Sunrise

                            wow, great pictures sir! i would love to bring the slr and do the same, was busy that day or i would have been there
                            DLand Connoisseur


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                              Re: A Disneyland Sunrise



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