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Say Goodbye To Captain Jack Sparrow--& ME!


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  • Say Goodbye To Captain Jack Sparrow--& ME!

    To whom do I voice my discontent over the ridiculous ousting of Captain Jack Sparrow from Disneyland? I am an annual passholder--have been for many years, but no longer. I will not be renewing my pass next year when it expires as a result of this egregious offense. May I take a letter to City Hall, start a letter-writing campaign, or just ask everyone I know to boycott Disney until the return of our dear illustrious Captain Jack? I'm FURIOUS. I know many others who are. They will also not be returning until this situation is corrected. And to wait until 2010 is inexcuseable. MOST importantly, the men who have been so fantastic in this role do not deserve this shabby, callous treatment by the powers that be. They are by far the most animated, physical & entertaining performers in the park & should instead have been given raises.

    To discontinue the most popular character because of "budget cuts" due to a bunch of PIXIES that won't last longer than MAYBE 1-2 months tops at the box office is rubbish. This movie at best will appeal to 3-5 year-olds who do NOT pay to see repeat performances of these movies. Pirates, on the other hand, appeals to ALL demographics--DUH--this is why the three movies combined so far have grossed well over a billion dollars--WAKE UP DISNEY!!!--and is due partly to the fact that people see those movies repeatedly. NOT just 5 year olds. People from 5 to over 75 go to these movies over and over again, mostly due to...CAPTAIN JACK!!! Why else would there be a 4th one coming out?

    Cut something elsewhere, yeah? (Do we not already have an overabundance of princesses, faires, etc., that are basically non-descript and pretty much the same character with a different hair color/dress color? In contrast to the fact that there's only ONE Captain Jack Sparrow? Without doubt, he is the most interesting, unique & original Disney character by far...) Unfortunately, I have already wasted money for another three more months of my pass, as it expires in February. I'm just depressed going there now.

    If there's anyone official at Disney that I can complain to, I'd love to hear from you. How do I start a letter writing campaign, & to whom should it be addressed? Or do we just flood City Hall with our vitriol?
    :yuck:I HATE PIXIES.:bash:

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