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Above All...A Trip Report featuring the US Air Force


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  • Trip Report Above All...A Trip Report featuring the US Air Force

    A new Trip Report.

    Here is the story:

    My Dad has been in the United States Air Force for about 24 years. So what happend was the United States Air Force drill team was going to perform a routine at Disneyland on Main Street, and so his squadron got tickets to go to Disneyland to see this, and my Dad was able to get Mom and himself a pair (since they didn't renew thier annual passes this year). So on Monday we went to the Disneyland Resort to watch the drill team and have a day of fun.

    Driving into the parking lot.

    The Timon parking lot was closed off
    With the Timon parking lot closed off, we were forced to go park in the Mickey and friends parking structure and take the tram to the Main Entrance. I'll be honest with you, the parking structure isn't that greatly built if you ask me.

    The new Christmas decorations were put on top of the entrance.

    The clock on Main Street showing 11: 04 A.M.
    We had entered the park earlier than expected. The US Air Force Drill Team performance was not until about 1:30 P.M, so we decided to try and find something to do.

    Mom checks the entertainment schedule.
    While walking onto Main Street, the Christmas decorations were already up on Main Street, and the Christmas music was already starting to play. I decided to go take a look at some of the new Christmas decorations.

    The chipped paint on the fence surrounding one of the trees on Main Street
    After Mom took care of something really quick, she wanted to have a picture next to the tree that was in the center.

    From the left: my Dad, my Mom, and me.

    The Christmas Tree

    Mom and Dad at the hub in front of the Mickey and Walt statue

    Mom wanted a pic in front of the castle- she loves to do these kinds of things.
    We still had more than one hour-and-a-half for the show, so we decided to head on over to Fantasyland for a ride, which, surprisingly, none of them really had a wait.

    Down for refurbishment
    I hadn't been on Casey Jr. in a month, and since it is becoming one of my favorite rides in Fantasyland, I decided to go for a ride on it.

    Casey Jr. Sign

    Casey Jr. coming down the track

    Aladdin's Agrabah village

    Cinderella's Caslte
    It was about 12:15 when we got out of Fantasyland, and after around this time, it was time to eat. After we discussed it, we decided on Plaza Inn. I'll be honest with you: the only meal that I really eat at the Plaza Inn is the Chicken Alfredo pasta- it is the only thing that is descent. The chicken in my opinion isn't that great, and the Pot Roast tastes a little soggy, as does the vegetables.

    My Mom took a picture of me next to the Chirstmas tree. Where we sat at- near the window-- it was cold.

    The Christmas tree at the Plaza Inn.
    After lunch, it was getting close to the start of the Drill Team performance, so we decided to head back towards Town Square to find a place to see it.

    A sign talking about the band concert.
    A little background info about the Drill Team.

    What this is is that the drill team tours all over the United States to raise awareness for the Air Force and what they are all about. What the Drill team does is perform routines to show that they are strong, and that they can't break concentrations.

    While watching, I took a couple of videos of it.

    Here is the first one:

    And here is one of them peforming a routine called the Domino:

    Dad talked with someone he knew from the Drill Team.
    More to come...

    AUTOPIA: Fan Since 1991

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    Re: Above All...A Trip Report featuring the US Air Force

    awesome! thanks for posting.


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      Re: Above All...A Trip Report featuring the US Air Force

      Great videos of the Drill Team! And fun report!


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        Re: Above All...A Trip Report featuring the US Air Force

        Can't wait for more.

        Originally posted by Grumpee
        I only care for Disney bling!


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          Re: Above All...A Trip Report featuring the US Air Force

          Hey I'm looking for a friend to go to Disneyland with. If you interested private message me.


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            Re: Above All...A Trip Report featuring the US Air Force

            ohhhh Air Force... Yeeeaaahhhhuuummm!


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              Re: Above All...A Trip Report featuring the US Air Force

              Nice pictures! The one of you guys in front of the castle is cute!
              "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." -Henry David Thoreau


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                Re: Above All...A Trip Report featuring the US Air Force

                Great trip report Alex like aways. It was wonderful that your parents were able to go to the park on Monday.

                Now,I have "In the Navy" song in my head.
                "You are watching FOX"


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                  Re: Above All...A Trip Report featuring the US Air Force

                  Thanks for sharing the video! It's great seeing the drill team!

                  (I wonder how long it took these guys to get through the bag check station at the main gate?! )
                  Far from the frenzy of the frantic world above.


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                    Re: Above All...A Trip Report featuring the US Air Force

                    Anyway, continuing where we left off...

                    Here is a couple of photos that were taken while they were performing:


                    After the performance of the drill team, me, Mom, and Dad decided to head on over to DCA for a couple of rides. Mom always loves Soarin Over California, so we decided to head on over there. Now here is something rare: Soarin had a 15 minute wait!

                    Soarin' over California

                    Writing I found on the Soarin wall
                    Soarin' is always a fun ride, it never gets boring. I've always loved the take-off, it's the most thrilling part.

                    After Soarin', my Mom wanted to go see what the wait in line for Toy Story Midway Mania was, so we headed on over to Paradise Pier to see what was up.

                    While walking over there, I noticed a couple of changes in the Paradise Pier landscape.

                    Christmas wreaths wrapped around the lamppost

                    The Christmas Tree across from the old Golden Dreams.

                    The lagoon now drained for the Wonderful World of Color show.
                    TSMM ended up having only a 20 minute wait, so we went ahead and jumped in line before it got longer.

                    Work- don't leave home without it

                    Some of the games in the boardwalk

                    One dork....

                    ...two dorks.

                    My final score
                    After TSMM, we had some fastpasses for California Screamin that we picked up before we got in line for TSMM, so we decided to go there next.

                    California Screamin'

                    After Screamin,' we decided to split up and go seperate ways and meet up again later in the evening. So I decided to head on over to HPB for a ride on Tower of Terror- one of my favorite rides here at the park.

                    A lamp inside the Hollywood Tower Hotel.
                    I love Tower of Terror. I never get tired of it.

                    After Tower of Terror, I felt that I didn't really want to go on anything else while I was there, so I headed on over back to Disneyland. I decided to go on the Astro Orbitor, since I hadn't been on it in a while.

                    A rarity: a 5 minute waiting time.

                    I'll be honest with you: this ride gives me the willies. I guess I just don't like being twirling around that fast...but I might do it again.

                    After Astro Orbitor, I headed off towards Space Mountain, which also had a five minute wait as well!

                    Grab a fastpass just in case the line gets longer.
                    After Space, I felt a desire to go to Fantasyland, and the first thing I decided to go on was Alice In Wonderland.

                    Polly want a cracker?

                    The Matterhorn viewed from the on top of the Alice track
                    Alice in Wonderland is a great dark ride, and now I especially like how you get to go out.

                    More to come....

                    AUTOPIA: Fan Since 1991


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                      Re: Above All...A Trip Report featuring the US Air Force

                      Go Air Force!

                      Alex, it's really cool that you would just go spend a day with your parents, even as a "big kid." That's nice to see.
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                        Re: Above All...A Trip Report featuring the US Air Force

                        Nice report so far!
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                        Check out my pin collection at User name is WheresMickey


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                          Re: Above All...A Trip Report featuring the US Air Force

                          wonderful trip report alex thanks for sharing.


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                            Re: Above All...A Trip Report featuring the US Air Force

                            funny I think I saw ya lol

                            Come Celebrate with us, we can't wait to meet ya!


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                              Re: Above All...A Trip Report featuring the US Air Force

                              Nice report Alex. Seems pretty special going to see an event like that with the parents.


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