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Disneyland Resort (11/15 & 11/16)


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  • Trip Report Disneyland Resort (11/15 & 11/16)

    Hey folks, I recently got some very helpful advice on these forums from some very friendly people regarding my first WDW vacation in TEN years, so I figured I'd share my experiences/insight/commentary from a recent weekend trip to DL/DCA. (PS - It's pretty epic, we had the run of both parks. If a picture is worth 1000 words, this would be equal to about 13 pictures It may be a bit easier to read over at Trip Report: Disneyland Resort - Saturday Nov. 15th - Sunday Nov. 16th 2008)

    Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA
    Saturday Nov. 15th - Sunday Nov. 16th 2008
    Weather: Warm, smokey on Saturday, Hot and sunny on Sunday
    Crowds: Light (for Disneyland)

    We just couldn’t stay away. We tried to go to Magic Mountain instead. We tried to only go for one day. But the idea of not spending every second we were in Southern California at Disneyland just sounded too awful. Ok, so not really, but since we were bringing a first-timer with us on this trip it only made sense to get the full Disneyland experience. And for that, you need more than one day. Usually.

    Now the ten months since our last visit were made a bit more bearable because of a visit to Disneyland Paris right in the middle. We also have the Disney trip of a lifetime (flying out to Orlando for a week at Walt Disney World) in January. That’s not to say we weren’t looking forward to this, it would be our last chance to bask in the history and the nostalgia of the original park, and that was especially important making the trip with someone whose whole Disney perspective is based on Florida.

    I have no doubt we’ll be spending much of our week at Disney World seeing how it compares to our “local” resort, but this weekend we’d be doing it in reverse. I’d gotten past my “Orlando-centric” view some years ago, having first visited Disneyland in 1997, and Disneyland Paris in 2001. But visiting with someone who had never heard the phrase “Florida Project” meant taking the opportunity to enlighten him how the whole thing got started.

    I’ve never stayed at a hotel on Disney property, so the whole “Disney is your entire vacation” concept we’ll experience in January will be quite a change. But for now, there’s absolutely no need to stay “on-site”, not when off site is just as close. Actually, compared to Paradise Pier, the Fairfield Inn Anaheim is considerably closer. I’ve always been wary of choosing a hotel based on its proximity to an amusement park, but after our modest success here earlier this year, we were more than satisfied to stay there a second time around.

    There’s no question there is remarkably more to see and do in Orlando, but the advantages you get in return making a trip here are more than worth it. It all means I’ve gotten quite used to and quite comfortable with the convenience and efficiency of the Disneyland Resort.

    David (friend) started down from Sacramento (ok, Roseville – but no one knows where that is) just after lunch and made it to San Jose right around 3pm. He ditched his car and we settled into mine for what is a long drive, long enough where every time we make it, Megan (my fiancee) and I wonder whether we should have flown.

    Getting out of San Jose, where rush hour starts at 2pm on Fridays, was a little iffy, but once we made it past an accident and down to the one-lane pass to the Central Valley it was all clear. We were making good time and got to Kettleman City for the obligatory In-N-Out stop for an early dinner. But as with any drive to the LA area, the worst is usually yet to come.

    By some sort of miracle, it never did. Traffic was certainly heavy and it was still quite stressful but it was a relatively smooth and uninterrupted shot over the Grapevine, through the valleys, past downtown and down to Anaheim. I love exiting on Disney Way and pulling up to the intersection with Harbor Boulevard that Tower of Terror looms over.

    The goal of making it down in time to see the fireworks from the hotel balcony was miraculously accomplished, but as we stepped out of the car into the warm Orange County breeze, we were not optimistic. We checked in, dropped off our stuff, grabbed a drink, and headed up to check things out. 9:25pm came and went uneventfully, but we were not surprised at all. Instead we enjoyed the birds-eye view, pointing out all the landmarks. Space Mountain and Matterhorn dominate the view, but in the distance you can see the flash of Splash Mountain, and the Christmas lights on Haunted Mansion. Yea, this was going to be a fun weekend.

    Day 1Day 2
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    Re: Disneyland Resort (11/15 &amp; 11/16)

    Wow, I think this is the longest trip report (in words) that I have ever seen!


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      Re: Disneyland Resort (11/15 &amp; 11/16)

      I know, I know... )

      I'm not sure how many people will have the have the fortitude to get through it, but I tried my best to keep it entertaining. Mostly I put it together as sort of a souvenir. My fiancee is in charge of the camera, and I'm not one for merchandise, so this is how I relive the trip.

      This is certainly the longest one I've ever written, though my collection continues to grow: Greg's Trip Reports <- Go there, it's good!


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