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Facade Designs


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  • Facade Designs

    Take Splash Mountain,
    Matterhorn Mountain,
    Space Mountain,
    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad,
    The Temple of the Forbidden Eye
    "it's a small world,"
    Sleeping Beauty Castle,
    The Haunted Mansion,
    Tower of Terror,
    The Disney Animation Pavilion,
    Soarin' Over California,
    and Grizzly Peak, and put them side by side.

    Imagine that you don't know what the ride is, you don't know what the attraction is about, all you see is the facades of these attractions. Judging on the facades, which one of these attractions would you be most 'attracted' to? I guess the basic question is, which attraction, do you think has the best facade design to where it is so great, you are drawn to it.

    I personally think Splash Mountain has the best design. It's colorful, lively. The top has always looked like, to me face. If lined up with the other attractions, I think I'd be drawn to Splash Mountain.

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    Re: Facade Designs

    Matterhorn, because it was done in a less cartoonish, more realistic style, yet, like Splash, reveals enough of the attraction to draw you to it.

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      Re: Facade Designs

      I personally think Space Mountain draws me in -- especially with the cool new light show at night.

      I also want to give honorable mention to the Haunted Mansion. AWESOME facade.


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        Re: Facade Designs

        Splash Mountain or Indiana Jones. Splash is just so grand and beautiful, and there aren't 50 million things cluttering it's view. As for Indy, you just feel like you're traveling deep into the jungle, you feel so adventurous. hehe


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          Re: Facade Designs

          During the day, I think the Temple of the Forbidden Eye or Splash Mountain would pull me in ... The Tower of Terror would pull me in before any other at night time though (and maybe Space Mountain since it has the great new lights!)... However, this is if I never saw any of the attractions before and had to pick one...

          My favorite facade of all time is the Haunted Mansion, but I'm not too sure it would "pull me in" like the other ones I mentioned above

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            Re: Facade Designs

            I think nothing will EVER beat Sleeping Beauty Castle. Remember, it was the first "weenie" and I think it's the facade for wich more people go "Ahhhh". It's just so breathtakingly beautiful. :ap:
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              Re: Facade Designs

              I think that based soley on the exterior my choice would be IASW.
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                Re: Facade Designs

                I could not possibly decide which one I like best. Here's what I like about a few of these:

                Splash Mountain: that twisted stump is so interesting to look at, and watching logs of people fall into the briar patch really draws you into the ride. (No, that was not an innuendo about "Flash Mountain." :bang: )

                Matterhorn: This is such an iconic Disneyland image--the towering alpine peak, Anaheim's one and only mountain. I love the sounds of wind and the abominable snowman that echo through its grottos. Really does an outstanding job of drawing you in. You wonder what's inside.

                Space Mountain: The Space Mountain building is so unique and unusual. You immediately wonder what it could possibly be. It's a little ominous. Like the Matterhorn, you really want to find out what's inside. You can't run up to the mountain and touch it, which greatly heightens the ominous feeling--you're always separated from the mountain and you don't even realize when you've entered it.

                Thunder Mountain: Very different from anything else at Disneyland. Those spiral buttes are real eye candy. You get glimpses of the ride, but just enough to get your attention--not enough to reveal the ride's real surprises.

                Indy: With the exception of the small temple you enter in the queue, there's no immediately visible facade, per se, but the entire area is outstanding. The Jungle Cruise jungle basically acts a facade, setting the scene for an incredible adventure. The theming in and around Indy is some of the most elaborate, well-done, and appropriate theming that Disney has ever done.

                Haunted Mansion: What can I say--I love the HM facade so much that I've even tried to create floor plans for it, even though the ride doesn't take place inside the building. While I would be SO happy if the facade had been built a bit bigger, it's a wonderful facade as it is. It looks so innocent, and yet there's an auro of foreboding that envelopes you as you enter the gates...

                Sleeping Beauty Castle: Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. It's the #1 weenie that pulls you into the park. Sure, it's not huge like the WDW castle, but need I point out that it's the Disneyland castle that appears in the Disney logo before EVERY Disney film... I think that speaks volumes...

                Tower of Terror: Another great facade. Not my favorite, but quite well done. Good theming, nice scale--and it's nice to see the elevator doors open before the drop.

                How could I possibly pick a favorite? I second-guess myself every time I try. I guess it's down to Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, and Indy--wait, no, that's not it. I like all the others, too. I couldn't possibly pick a favorite. :blush:


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                  Re: Facade Designs

                  Did you know that if you stand across from Splash Mountain, on the opposite side of the river, and look through the "valley" on Tom Sawyer Island", at night when the lights are on, in and on, the Mountain, that area just around the peak, forms Brer Rabbit's Head? Yes it does, really. :angel:

                  Just like when you stand on the correct side of The Matterhorn you can see Muffasa's Head on the side facing West. Oh yes. These two mountains are my favorites. :clap:
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                    Re: Facade Designs

                    Gotta go with Indy.


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                      Re: Facade Designs

                      Haunted Mansion - hands down. It fascinated me before it was open and, after it opened, it did not disappoint. I always wanted to live there.


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                        Re: Facade Designs

                        Haunted Mansion, because just looking at the facade makes my imagination run wild.
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                          Re: Facade Designs

                          Pirates. The expectation is low and the payoff is high.


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                            Re: Facade Designs

                            I'll have to go with Indy. The jungle enviroment and the temple really add to the ride. My second favorite is Pirates. The exterior doesn't give that much away and makes you wonder what the ride is going to be like.


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                              Re: Facade Designs

                              Obviously the castle.

                              But my personal favorite is "it's a small world"

                              You can't even SEE the facade of Indy from the main walkway! The facade doesn't pull me in at all!
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