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We Won the Dream Suite!!!


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  • [Fun] We Won the Dream Suite!!!

    I've been a lurker for a while, not posting much, but I have to post this...

    YESTERDAY (Sunday, 12/14/08) WE WON THE DREAM SUITE!!!!

    My son exited Space Mountain at 9:37 am after sitting in the right front seat in the ride vehicle, and the Dream Squad was waiting for us at the top of the stairs.

    The CMs were absolutely fabulous, and the entire experience was absolutely amazing!!

    You've read about all of the details in other posts, so I won't bore you with more of the same except...

    After we returned from our Midnight tour of the park, at about 2:30 am, it started raining heavily. At about 3:00 am, there were several places where water was dripping into the Master Bedroom. By 5 am, the bathroom was flooded and the carpet was absolutely soaked. Then at 6:10, the cascading water caused a fire alarm to sound...we all had to evacuate!! (Actually, they let us congregate in the hallway until the all clear was sounded).

    By 7, managers, engineers, CMs, etc. had all converged on the Dream Suite to figure out what was going on. It was quite an adventure!! Luckily, today is a down day for the Dream Suite, so thry will have a chance to fix the leak and clean up (and dry out) the mess.

    And through it all, our concerieges (Chad and Christian) were so great to us, offering us anything we needed, including transfering to another DL hotel. But, who would want to leave the Dream Suite...even if it was a bit damp!!

    We had a phenominal time, and want to offer our heartfelt thanks to any and all of the CMs who worked to help make this visit to DL so enjoyable (Josh, Jared, Taylor, Chad, Christian, Lisa, John, Brian and all of the others whose name I have forgotten!!)


    After we won (and signed the Paperwork...with Jarod)

    Entering the Suite

    The wonderful Master Bath!!

    Hanging out in the Parlor

    Adventureland Bedroom

    Tom Sawyer's Island from the Balcony

    The Mayor of Main Street

    In the Parade

    These were waiting for the kids after we got back from the Parade

    Jingles "Cousin" in our Room

    The Castle when no one is around!!

    Pictures of the water pouring in. Notice the water along the crown molding and ceiling as well. Also, look at the streaks of water on the walls!!

    PLUS, a bonus link to a portion of the video of our perspective of the parade. No sound, but it is a hoot anyway!

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    Re: We Won the Dream Suite!!!

    No trip report? Or pictures?
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      Re: We Won the Dream Suite!!!

      Awesome! We almost got a big prize, once, but the person who bought the next churro after us won a cruise!
      We are currently imagineeing a new attraction for you!

      Please enjoy all the other attractions in fabulicious Vasooki-land! :yea:


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        Re: We Won the Dream Suite!!!

        Great experience!!! Any pictures? Any idea what was causing the leak?

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          Re: We Won the Dream Suite!!!

          I'm surprised, but then again not. That building has been plagued with floods from the leaky roof for years, with water finding its way down to the Pirates attraction. I thought that there was a lot of roof work done in the Dream Suite build, but I guess they didn't do enough, or figure out a way to keep the roof drains from clogging with debris.


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            Re: We Won the Dream Suite!!!

            Wow... hate to say it but in CA we don't always plan for rain! Glad everyone was ok despite the obvious issues cited by the OP.
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              Re: We Won the Dream Suite!!!

              ooooh i am jealous. we're getting down to the wire as far as the YOAMD goes, you're so lucky to have won nearly at the last minute! sorry that it was all leaky and flooded, but i'm glad to hear that all the CMs were so great through it all.
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                Re: We Won the Dream Suite!!!

                I have pictures (they give you a CD with all of the pics they take of you), but I'm way too tired right now to even look at them, let alone post them. I'll post some pics tomorrow.

                As far as the cause of the leak, it was apparently debris clogging a rain gutter. With all of the winds we have had lately, lots of leaves and debris pile up in gutters, then when it rains (which it rarely does here), the gutters get clogged.

                We have annual passes that expire on Friday, so we went this past weekend for a "last fling" We had never even seen the dream squad the entire year, let alone win anything. It was truly a thrill!


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                  Re: We Won the Dream Suite!!!

                  I am super jealous.

                  This is super ironic we got onto Space mountain around 9:00.

                  I am so jealous.

                  I wonder if they have been reparing the leek all day cause where I live which is about an hour away south it has been pouring all day.
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                    Re: We Won the Dream Suite!!!

                    I saw your son! He was looking over the railing of the Dream Suite at . . . I'd say about 3? Expecting to see him in the Mickey car later on, had no idea we had a family that has a member who surfs MiceChat. wooo, what is that? Two so far?


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                      Re: We Won the Dream Suite!!!

                      i saw your family last night when you were introduced before fantasmic!! i cheered for you!!! :clap:

                      too bad about the leak, but still, what a great memory!!

                      Dreams DO come true! :ap:


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                        Re: We Won the Dream Suite!!!

                        I don't really care about winning the Dream Suite, I rather a Dream Fast Pass.
                        Any photos?
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                          Re: We Won the Dream Suite!!!

                          That's pretty darn cool! Glad you and your family enjoyed the experience, in spite of the rain.
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                            Re: We Won the Dream Suite!!!

                            Congratulations! So it was you who we saw before the parade!


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                              Re: We Won the Dream Suite!!!

                              Congratulations! What a way to end your annual pass year. Are you going to renew?


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