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Yay! Another Holiday Trip Report! ~loads of pictures~

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  • Trip Report Yay! Another Holiday Trip Report! ~loads of pictures~

    Cause you can never have too many

    ~*~All pictures can be found full sized over at Clawdee's photos- powered by SmugMug, but be warned, they are in disarray and need to be organized (which will totally be done after my trip reports and stuff) Enjoy! Also, these are not all the pictures that I took, I took over 500 and will not post them all. To see them all, go to my smug mug.~*~

    Now, this is my first 'Official' Trip Report, one I actually planned! Though I have to say, unplanned Disneyland Trips are the best.

    This is the first 3 days of the trip, Day 1, which was driving 5 hours from Ione to Bakersfield to stay the night with my Aunt, Day 2, from Bakersfield to Anaheim, and Day 3, first day in the park!

    I've been planning this trip for months and we where actually able to go when I wanted! The 2nd week of december, so the kids could see the Christmas decoration, and so I could see them too. I'm a fan of Disney, (in case you can't tell by all my lovely Disney icons) and we always used to go only in the summer. So in the summer, I planned a trip for December. And it happened!

    I planned this for 1 full week in the park. And by graphs and people I talked to, it was supposed to be very empty the week we went. The most empty of the entire year in fact. Which was a lie, or, way too many people saw the same graphs as I did, lol.

    We left home on Saturday the 6th, and made our way down to my aunts house in Bakersfield for the night. She was lovely enough to lend us her time share for the week, so we didn't have to pay for a hotel.

    And it was a chance for mom to drive all the way to LA, by herself, and prove to g-ma, that she was in fact, an adult. And to prove that the GPS I bought mom actually works.

    Our lovely GPS system which I got from a while ago for mom's birthday, it was only $100, and it works great. It needs to be updated a bit though. I named her Captain Janet. Yay!

    Drivin to Bakersfield is boring, as always, but it was very, very, pretty.

    And what fun is being stuck in the car for 5 hours? Loads of fun if you have my siblings for well, siblings and car mates:

    After a very long, uneventful car trip, we where happy to be at my aunts house. But, it was freezing. And, Matthew being Matthew wanted to go swimming. Of course. Mom wouldn't let him, he pouted, we went out to dinner to the ever fun and lovely Casa Mexico! Mallory was not home, she was at Pismo for the weekend, and after dinner Nick left for a party. Aunt Angel was busy doing her biscoitti for the Christmas season, so me and the kids took the chance to try out Mario Kart for Wii.

    What a fun game. We stayed up for hours playing it, I totally want it now. Anywho, we where up until about 1am, then woke up the next morning at about 9ish, but we where in no rush, check in wasn't until about 4pm, we had a 2 hour drive, and then hand out at the hotel all night. Our annual passes where not good for the weekends, so we couldn't do anything until the next day. We unloaded, took a walk around, got some great pizza, watched TV, and went to bed late.

    The drive down to Anaheim was fun, Lindsey had wanted to spend Sunday driving around Hollywood searching for movie stars, and well, Janet took us through Hollywood, but we didn't see any movie stars. We did see a guy pee on a wall though.

    And then we saw it:

    Hollywood Tower! I mean, it's not like you can see the castle from I-5, you can sorta see Space Mountain, if you try hard. So Hollywood Tower is the new landmark for me. We quickly found the hotel, which was wonderful. The wonderful Dolphins Cove Resort on Orangewood St. Mile and a half away from Disneyland. It used to be an old apartment complex, now it's time share condo's. The grounds are wonderful, and the rooms, omgoodness, don't get me started! Beautiful!

    As we where getting to bed, at the lovely hour of about 9ish (no sleep the night before, blah) we couldn' sleep...again! We where so excited about the next day. Me and Lindsey where sitting on the balcony over looking the parking lot, when we heard a bang, and a bright light filled the air! THE FIREWORKS! Mom and Matthew jumped out of bed, they had no idea what it was, and they couldn't sleep either, so we went out to the parking lot and watched them for 15 minutes, then went back inside to try and sleep.

    We woke up bright and early, got to Disneyland, got the AP's for mom and the kids, got their pictures, and was right in time for Hatter and Alice with the band! But I wasn't able to take many pictures, because everyone wanted to get goin on rides.

    We then headed towards main street, where we saw Chip, tried to take a picture with him, but mom pressed the wrong button and the line was getting long. So then we got a picture with the tree! It's soo big and pretty!

    Then we headed to our first ride of the day, Pirates! Then over to HM Holiday! It was fun to see it decorated, but it wasn't anything special -ducks from thrown pineapples-. We then wandered a bit, and I have to say, it was crowded, cold, and we quickly went over to DCA to do what we had to do there so we wouldn't have to go back till Friday (for Aladdin!!!) We did everything there, caught part of the HS3 parade too! Here are a couple HS3 parade pics, and some from the Monsters Inc. ride. Now, some of them do look like I used flash, but I did NOT.

    On the Beast and Belle's Library! We all sat down and did the charecter thing, mom was Lady from Lady and the Tramp, Lindsey was Yzma, Matthew was Lumiere, and at first, because Matt was a pain in the behind, I was the ever wonderful Maleficent, then when I did it all on my own with out Matt's help, I was Belle, which is just like always.

    After we spent most of the day at DCA, we headed back to DL for a snack before heading back to the hotel for a meal. After searching through parade crowds for a pretzel cart, me and Lindsey finally headed over to Coke Corner to see if they had them, and they did~ And we caught the end of musical chairs with Hatter and Peter! Lindsey totally has the couple pictures I caught of Peter before he ran off into the crowd.

    We ate, went back to the hotel for a meal, watched a movie, then headed back. While waiting at the bus stop, the fireworks started!

    We then went and rode Soarin' Over California, Matt and I anyway, then headed over towards Grizzly, which we rode twice in a row, and then to Toy Story Midway Mania!

    We rode single rider on TSMM, only had to wait about half an hour. Matt and Mom where sorta paired up, same car anyway, then I got on a couple cars later, and Lindsey a couple after me. I thought I did really well, 130k+, but the guy next to me was kicking my butt! I totally thought I was beating him, I was hitting all the 2k plates and stuff. Lindsey said she didn't even look at her score because the guy next to her was scary and WAY too into the game, lol.

    We then started heading back to the hotel, when me and Lindsey decided that we where going to be crazy and ride Grizzly one more time, we where already wet and cold, why not right? It was walk on, we had our own raft. We got drenched. But it was fun. We went home wet, spent an hour in the nice hot tub each, then went to bed.

    * Disclaimer, the night is fuzzy, so what I posted might not have all happened in that order, but that is what we did on Monday!

    2 camera's where used on this trip, my new Canon Rebel XS and my old, but still wonderful Canon Powershot S5 IS. If you want certain info on a picture, just mail me and I'll tell you what I can about it. I'm still learning with my Rebel.

    ~Also, this is it for Part 1. Part 2 should hopefully be up tomorrow! It's already 3:30am, so I will work on it inbetween work in the morning!~

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      Re: Yay! Another Holiday Trip Report! ~loads of pictures~

      Great so far! Looking forward to the rest!

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      Originally posted by AGhostFromThePast
      all you need to know about the mommy stick is.. out of all the bad things that could happen to you... it's right between wetting yourself and death.


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        Re: Yay! Another Holiday Trip Report! ~loads of pictures~

        What an enjoyable TR. Nice job. It sound like you had fun!! I can't wait for the rest.


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          Re: Yay! Another Holiday Trip Report! ~loads of pictures~

          "Janet took us through Hollywood, but we didn't see any movie stars. We did see a guy pee on a wall though."

          You sure that wasn't Adam Sandler?


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            Re: Yay! Another Holiday Trip Report! ~loads of pictures~

            wonderful pictures. what a fun time you all had.


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              Re: Yay! Another Holiday Trip Report! ~loads of pictures~

              Nice report!



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                Re: Yay! Another Holiday Trip Report! ~loads of pictures~

                Excellent TR! And great pictures! Thanks for sharing, I'm definitely looking forward to the rest!
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                  Re: Yay! Another Holiday Trip Report! ~loads of pictures~

                  Another great TR!


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                    Re: Yay! Another Holiday Trip Report! ~loads of pictures~

                    Originally posted by draybook View Post
                    "Janet took us through Hollywood, but we didn't see any movie stars. We did see a guy pee on a wall though."

                    You sure that wasn't Adam Sandler?
                    haha, I don't know, my sister saw him. After she said that, I asked her if he looked like a movie star we would know XD You never know around there.

                    And thank you all! I'll be getting part 2 up hopefully soon.


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                      Re: Yay! Another Holiday Trip Report! ~loads of pictures~

                      awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your trip report!


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                        Re: Yay! Another Holiday Trip Report! ~loads of pictures~

                        Your kids have awesome hair!


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                          Re: Yay! Another Holiday Trip Report! ~loads of pictures~

                          Originally posted by SingingAngel7242 View Post
                          Your kids siblings have awesome hair!
                          Fixed! And don't feel bad, I can't tell you how many times I get mistaken for Lindsey's mom! It's so odd, cause I'm like 'Yea, cause I had her at the age of 6', then I feel bad because I feel old!

                          But it's ok, cause I didn't point out who I was in the photo's! I'm the big one with the pink sweater ) Or the Giant Raseberry as I called myself.


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                            Re: Yay! Another Holiday Trip Report! ~loads of pictures~

                            Part 2 will just be what I can remember of the next 3 days, Tues, Wed and Thur. Those days are pretty much a blur of rides, parades and fireworks, that I'm not even going to try and remember them in order.

                            Part 2, Chapter..1? Toon Town!

                            ToonTown! Yes we went, the last time the kids where there, over 2 years ago (their first and only time until now) I don't even think we set food in there. So they dragged us over there. We walked around in the stores, then thought we where going to ride Rodger, but it was a freaking hour long line. I like Rodger, don't get me wrong, but I'm not going to wait an hour for it.

                            We saw Goofy twice, once when we walked into Toon Town, but when we got in line his 'friend' told us Goofy was leaving and would be back in like, 20 minutes. So we hit the houses! Matthew wanted to go into Goofy's but it's for little, little kids. So we went next door to visit Donald! Man, that thing was packed for something you just stand on.

                            Me: So, having fun Matthew?
                            Matt: Not so much...can we get off the boat now?

                            After Donalds house, Matt wanted to go on Gadget's Go Coaster! Now, I have a question for all you Disney people out there, didn't they used to have another ride, over by It's a Small World, that was about the Rescue Rangers? I totally want to say it was like a bumber boat thing, or something on the water. But this was like, back when I was 3-5, in 1993. But I'm not sure, and I'm just wondering if I'm crazy or not.

                            Anyhoo, while Mom and Matthew where on the coaster, me and Lindsey decided, let's go check out Chip and Dales House!

                            After squeezing my big fat butt up there, I looked at my sister and was like 'lol...wut?' (yes, we totally say LOL out loud, for reals, cause we're cool like that) I totally don't remember ever going into that house, and OMG so boring. They could have added something else, seriously, walk up stairs, walk down stairs? Blah.

                            So we sat down below and waited, while giggling every time we saw kids excited to go in there, sorta mean, I know, but really, it was funny. One group of kids, from a school or something, looked so excited to go in there! In fact, they went 3 times.

                            When mom and Matt came out from the coaster, me and Lindsey totally played a trick on him.

                            'Hey Matt! You want to go into Chip and Dales house? Dude, it's so much fun, me and Lindsey spent so much time in there while you where on the coaster, we went like, twice.' It was so fun to watch him eagerly run to the house, and it was equally fun to see his face when he exited the house =D Yes we're mean.

                            We then headed to Minnies house! Which was very crowded, and we didn't stay long. After Minnie's house, just as we where heading into Mickey's house, we totally saw Minnie get in front of her house for pictures and we where sad we missed her!

                            It was so dark in Micky's house, that I actually had to use Flash. I'm not a fan of it, since you know, it's blinding. But if I have to I'll use it. But don't worry, I warned people before I shot in flash. So if you heard someone yell "I'm going to blind you now!' in Mickey's house during the week we went...that would have been me.

                            and then, finally!

                            After leaving Mickey's house, we saw Goofy! Lindsey and Matt totally love him, so I'm sad to say this, we chased him. -hangs head in shame- He was just wondering around Toon Town, no 'friend' in sight, and he was cornered by a bunch of little kids, at the gates, and it was at the time we where told he'd be out, so yea..

                            But seriously, people are crazy. This poor woman was standing next to Goofy, trying to get one of her daughters to go pose with her, and no one would let her go up, they kept pushing their own kids up, and then finally the lady got her daughter to agree to go, but only if she held her. So this lady has 2 kids in her arms, and people are still pushing their kids up there to take a picture! Some parents even put their kids next to Goofy while other kids where getting a picture taken with him! It was horrible. I was glad when the lady finally got up there with her kids, and I told Lindsey and Matt to wait until all the little kids got their pictures, and when I saw there was no more 'little' kids, I pushed them forward. (I define little kids as under 12)

                            Then we wandered Toon Town for a little bit longer, Matthew played around...

                            ...and blew up my trip report !

                            Well, after I pick up the pieces and get going on, Chapter 2 will be some of my favorite Fire Works pictures, and stories, of the week!