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Have you ever had anything Stolen from you at Disneyland


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  • [Question] Have you ever had anything Stolen from you at Disneyland

    Mods: Please move if this is in the wrong place

    Question. Have you ever had anything stolen from your stroller/wheelchair/ECV/whatever while at Disneyland. The reason i ask is because i am curious as to what, if anything you did about it.

    On Saturday I was at Disneyland for the last night of our 5-night stay in Anaheim. I was at California Adventure to watch the Electric light parade and while waiting for it to start i bought 3 pins, Jafar, Darth Goofy and a Jonas brothers pin for my boss and a mini pin bag for my son. I put them in the basket attached to my ECV and watched the parade. They were still there when i crossed over to Disneyland to pick up a few more things. The fireworks were just a few moments from being cancelled and I ran in to the store next to the magic shop on Main Street to pick up something. I was not gone for more than 3 minutes and when i came out my bag was gone! I was heartbroken. In all my times at Disneyland i have never had anything stolen from me. I did not know what to do. I ended up just calling it a night and going back to the hotel because i was so depressed.

    I blame myself for the theft, since i could have taken the bag into the store with me, and I even thought about it, but chose not to so that it wasn't looking like i was planning on stealing anything. I am still mad at myself and and a little disheartened with what happened.

    So i guess what i am asking is What would you/have you done in the past when/if this has happened to you? I am just curious about it and wondering if I might have missed an opportunity to do something about it. The funny thing is, the pins would be worthless to someone who didn't collect them so I wonder if they picked up the bag, saw what was in there and threw it away.
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    Re: Have you ever had anything Stolen from you at Disneyland

    Someone took our stroller once with all of our coats in it. We didn't have much else in there, but they were nice coats. DH thinks someone just thought it was their's, but you would think they might notice coats that were not their's and a nametag that didn't have their name


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      Re: Have you ever had anything Stolen from you at Disneyland

      No, but I am paranoid about that, I almost never leave anything in or under the stroller and on the rare occasion when I do, I have a couple of bungee cords underneath that I weave around so that it would require someone to stand there, visible to everyone and unwind and unclip them to remove the stuff. (this is our stroller, not a rental) It isn't foolproof but it's a deterrent, since no one can just snatch a bag and keep walking. Of course, I see strollers and chairs full of bags parked outside everywhere at the park and I've never heard anyone complain that something was stolen.
      We did have someone pick up our backpack from a bus at WDW a few weeks ago, and not return it. That really upset me a lot. A lot.


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        Re: Have you ever had anything Stolen from you at Disneyland

        Oh, yeah. I was gettinga drink from the drinking fountain, and I set my pin bag (like the bag that came with it when I bought it) down to pull my hair back, adn I left it there, and no more than 30 seconds later I walked back to the fountain and the bag was there, no pin. (this was the fountain outside of the M&F garage, and it wasnt nighttime either. It was actually like 1 pm or something.)
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          Re: Have you ever had anything Stolen from you at Disneyland

          Sorry to hear about your loss.

          Sadly, even at the Happiest Place on Earth, laws can (and will) be broken.

          In almost 40 years of enjoying the Resort, we have never had anything stolen from us, our strollers, vehicles or hotel rooms.

          We do take the most basic of precautions though, so we don't give the thieves a chance to make us their next victim.

          Folks need to do their due-diligence to protect themselves.


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            Re: Have you ever had anything Stolen from you at Disneyland

            I've been very lucky in that I've never had anything taken or lost anything, but then I usually travel light and rarely even carry a bag (everything in my cargo pants) and only do my "shopping" when its the last thing before I head out the gate for the night.

            I'm sorry you were victimized, and of all places Disneyland. And to have it happen during the holiday time makes it even more sad. You think in the back of your mind that everyone there is there to have a good time and enjoy the spirit of the holiday, but unfortunately the truth is criminals go to Disneyland too.

            I've always wondered about strollers, and ECV's parked and left unattended.... I know its hard to carry everything with you every where but for some people that would just be to much of a temptation.

            As for the pins being worthless to anyone who didn't collect them... think eBay. Even if they didn't want them they could sell them.

            I guess all you can do is say its a lesson learned, and the next time you are in the park, just be extra careful with anything you purchase before you leave the park.

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              Re: Have you ever had anything Stolen from you at Disneyland

              One time my sister got some plush fish over at the boardwalk games in DCA and gave me one. After a few more rides we headed over to DL. We were right in front of the DLRR Main Street station and I dropped my fish (that sounds so stupid) and I didn't notice until about 10 seconds later. Then I turned around and after a mere ten seconds it had disappeared. So my sister was really nice and gave me hers.

              It's a stupid story but it's true.

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                Re: Have you ever had anything Stolen from you at Disneyland

                I've had my bag disappear after leaving it in the bag bag on Indy. I was super sad because it was my favourite bag and had my brand new barely had the cover cracked open Imagineering book in it. A few other little things inside, but nothing major. It still made me freak out a little bit.

                Now I try to be overly cautious with my stuff. I don't bring anything unless I can hold it in my bag. My bag never goes into a bag bag and is always on me unless I can directly see it. I check my pockets periodically to make sure my phone and ipod as well as my wallet and keys are still there. My shopping can either fit into my bag or goes to the gate to wait for me at the end.


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                  Re: Have you ever had anything Stolen from you at Disneyland

                  I've never had anything stolen from me at DL, but I've never left anything anywhere while there, not even just for a minute. I think a lot of people forget that there are jerks everywhere, even in DL.
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                    Re: Have you ever had anything Stolen from you at Disneyland

                    Not DL, but at WDW I somehow dropped my camera on the Monorail. We went and checked every single day to see if someone had found it and returned it, but of course they hadn't. It was a nice (and new) camera, too


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                      Re: Have you ever had anything Stolen from you at Disneyland

                      When we bought new hats, we put our other hats in a bag, and I left it by a bench. Of course, when we returned later, the bag was gone and nothing was ever turned in.

                      My favorite cap was in the bag.


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                        Re: Have you ever had anything Stolen from you at Disneyland

                        A hostess at the Blue Bayou stole my heart.


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                          Re: Have you ever had anything Stolen from you at Disneyland

                          We have never had anything taken from us. We have a designated stroller watcher when we go on rides. We have a fairly large family and usually have three to four strollers with us. It's just common sense to watch your stuff or take it with you. If we do make large purchases we use the service that allows you to pick your stuff up at the exit at the end of the day.
                          I have one interesting story to tell, my father in law was an ex Chief of Police for a town here next to San Diego and he was very well versed in who's a crook and who's not. One day at Disneyland he pointed out a fella and said that the guy was a pick-pocket, well I basically laughed at him and didn't think he knew what he was talking about. As it was we were waiting for the parade on main street and we kept watching this guy and sure enough about 30 min later security very discreetly surrounded this guy and escorted him backstage, they had been watching him too.
                          I'm always aware of who's around me now and am always watching our stuff and our kids.
                          This is not a knock on Disneyland, it is amazing to me that so little of this kind of action is never known by the general public. Disney does an awesome job of taking care of business. They protect their customers at the happiest place on earth.

                          this story may or may not be true, depends on who you are and what you know.

                          hiding in Lakeside


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                            Re: Have you ever had anything Stolen from you at Disneyland

                            I often wonder why people leave their strollers outside of POTC, etc. and have tons of bags underneath. I'd never leave things out in the open to be stolen, because there are people who will do that anywhere! I'm so sorry it did happen to you though, because that is just evil of someone to do especially at DL !


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                              Re: Have you ever had anything Stolen from you at Disneyland

                              I always keep my wallet in my front pocket, not the back, to avoid getting pick pocketed. My brother had an experience with a pick pocketer years ago at Knott's, so they're out there, and maybe even at DLR.

                              Here are a couple of excellent videos that show how it's done.

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