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Monorail Red

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    I know this might not be big news but, I went to Monorail yesterday and the second door from the back is extremely hard to close. After it has shut the first time, I guess it didnt close all the way and the door reopened. After like 3 times of hard pushing the door finally closed. It happened again before the departure back to Disneyland from Downtown Disney. I thought this is extremely dangerous if the door had opened when it was moving.

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    Re: Monorail Red

    This is not as dangerous as you might think. Even though the Mark VII's have many design flaws, doors were occasionally hard for CM's to close even on the Mark V's.

    The pilot cannot turn his train on without a green light on all the doors. Even though a door may bounce open several times, as soon as the pilot gets a "green" on that door, it will remain locked the duration of the trip.