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Disneyland Trip Report (and an hour at Knott's)


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  • Disneyland Trip Report (and an hour at Knott's)

    Kristi and I decided to head down to the DLR last night since we didn't have the kids. We booked the Courtyard Marriot on Priceline for $50 so we figured we would hit Knott's today.

    Then Kristi get's the news that she had to go to Oakland (she's on a plane right now) for business. We almost cancelled, but since you can't cancel Priceline we decided we would just do Disney last night.

    So we leave my work at 3:30 and we made it to Disney at about 5:30. Not too bad for LA traffic.

    Walk in and head straight for Space Mountain. We figured the FastPasses would be gone, but were shocked to see that they were only at 6:40. We grabbed our FP's then decided we would also do Stand-by which was posted at 45 minutes.

    We waited about 30.

    The changes in the queue were all cosmetic. And the only parts to REALLy change are the first 2 hallways. And new paint all around. I like it though.

    The station is ALOT different. The ship is still there. Gone is all of the FedEx stuff (Thank God). There are now station gates, but they really don't hurt dispatches at all.

    The trains look SWEET. They are pretty much the same style, but are cool looking. These are actually made for speakers.

    The ride itself is awesome. We all know it's the same layout as before. The effects though have been upped tremendously. The first 2 lift hills are awesome. Gone is the corney looking Radar Dish on the sun and it has been replaced with what looks like an asteroid. The star effects in the ride are unbelievable, and it's ALOT darker.

    I was shocked at how quiet the ride is now. You can't even hear the coaster at all. It didn't seem any faster to me than it did 3 years ago. The last tunnel effect is very weird, but cool.

    Space Mtn. used to be my favorite ride at DL and the new Space Mtn. is no different. I'm totally stoked to have it back and I can't wait to ride it some more. I'm still not sure if it's a credit or not ... but I can use all of the help I can get.

    When we left Space Mtn. we could have waited 10-15 minutes to use our FP's but we opted to head for Matterhorn instead. About a 10 minute wait. Good ride, Tomorrowland side.

    They now have all of the Finding Nemo stuff around the lagoon with at 2007 opening date listed for it.

    After Matterhorn we headed for Big Thunder. Walk-On, back row. Again, I love this ride and it's awesome to have all of the "mountains" back now.

    We hit Pirates after this because it was, again, a walk on.

    Next up was Indy. What has happened to Indy? It was a walk-on, thank God. But the ride itself, has certainly lost something. It's in DESPERATE need of rehab. The music on our Jeep kept cutting out, ALOT of effects weren't working and the overall condition of the ride was just kind of ... eh'. It's sad really.

    We decided to get something to eat next as it was about 8:00. All of the food lines were HUGE. We finally found a managable line at Tomorrowland Terrace (I refuse to call it whatever they are calling it now).

    Get up to the front, put my order in (Double Cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce and a Spicy Chicken Sandwich) and I get this answer:

    Random Food Services CM: "Uh, it's going to be about 15 minutes for a burger"
    ME: "I'm Sorry"
    CM: "It's going to be a 15 minute wait for a burger"
    ME: "Why?"
    CM: "Our thing that cooks the burgers is broken and we have to grill them"
    ME: "You have to use the grill to cook them? You have like 3 things on the menu"
    CM: "Sorry"
    ME: "Okay, then let me get a Grilled Chicken Sandwich wrapped in lettuce and a Spicy Chicken Sandwich"

    So they can cook a "Grilled" chicken, but they can't "Grill" a burger? Whatever. :bang: :bash: :!$#%:

    So we sit down to eat and Kristi's "Grilled" chicken is cold and dry. My Spicy is nasty. I was going to take it back, but there were about 50 people waiting for "Grilled" burgers so I decided not to. We basically paid $16 for a Diet Coke.

    Up next was Space Mountain. Used our FastPasses and we were on in about 10 minutes. Again, I'm stoked it's back.

    Did some shopping (got the MONORAIL GAME) and we were gone by 9:00. We were both tired.

    Going to our Hotel we thought we would hit Knott's since we were over there by 9:30. I thought I remembered seeing they were open until 10. Called Elissa to tell her that we were becoming just like them, getting to parks right before they closed.

    Well, turns out, I looked at the wrong day. They were actually closed at 6 and were only open for a private party. No biggie, not like we had to pay for parking or something.

    Go to our Hotel, Check-in and we were asleep by 11:00.

    So Kristi's flight left today at 2:00. (She just called, she landed in Oakland). We didn't want to go all the way home, just to turn around and head back to Burbank so we figured why not kill an hour at Knott's.

    Got to the park about 8:30, had breakfast at Amber Waves (this way you don't have to pay for parking ) and got let into the park about 9:30. While waiting for the rope to drop there were alot of annoying *** kids. It was annoying.

    Headed straight for Silver Bullet and we got the front row on the 3rd train out. This was Kristi's first ride. She said it was fun, that Batman was better and neither one of us had a desire to ride again. Looks like Knott's has a Home-Run on their hands ...

    Up next was Xcelerator, Walk-On, front row 2 train wait. Still the best ride in the a park, hands down. Supreme Scream was next, still fun.

    We then hit La Revolucion since Kristi hadn't been on it. Fun ride, but she got a bit dizzy on it. We left at 11:00. We pretty much had to so she could catch her flight, but honestly I don't think we would have stayed much longer than that anyway. An hour is about all the Knott's we can stand.

    Overall we have a fun night and morning. I'm home now, with the kids and trying to think of what to do with them tomorrow. We are having a party tonight and eating stuff that Kristi can't.

    Look back on Tuesday for the Pictures. Kristi took the camera with her to Oakland.

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    Re: Disneyland Trip Report (and an hour at Knott's)

    Sounds good!


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      Re: Disneyland Trip Report (and an hour at Knott's)

      Sounds like u had fun.They really do need to fix Indy though its not the same ride with everything not working
      :thumbup: I'm back MiceChat:yea:


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