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Prefered fantasmic seating?


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  • [Question] Prefered fantasmic seating?

    So Im going next month to DL with a good friend and I wanted to see the fireworks with them but since there will be no fireworks I rather get great seats for fantasmic. So one are the seats worth it? Next were on the disney site can I buy them? Thanks for the help
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    Re: Prefered fantasmic seating?

    Call 714.781.4400 between 8am-5pm (pacific time). I think its around $59/person? I haven't done it (yet), but hope to, soon.

    EDIT: You can make the reservation up to 30 days in advance.


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      Re: Prefered fantasmic seating?

      You can still get great seats without buying tickets.

      Just get there a bit early and sit right in front of the control booth.


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        Re: Prefered fantasmic seating?

        I dont think it is worth it. It is the same view everyone else gets, you just get a reserved seat and some dessert. When it was up in the gallery, that is when it was worth it. save the $60 a person and go to a nice dinner.


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          Re: Prefered fantasmic seating?

          I did it once, it's just too expensive and there is a good chance that you might not be able to sit in the front of the three rows. Yes the service is nice, but for a coffee you can have someone in your party go out. There were some small obstructions still even for us. We had one of the speaker systems which rise up only for Fantasmic! right in front of us.

          If its just you then it would be a nice change to try once. For a whole party though, don't pay $100+ to sit in some padded seats and get served a hot chocolate and a desert platter. If it was Balcony, that would be another story, that is one great view.

          If you and your friend want to float $100 for that go ahead and try it once, it will be fun either way. =)
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