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1st Trip Report. Oh yes =)


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  • Trip Report 1st Trip Report. Oh yes =)

    After the long two year wait and saving money, we finally went to Disneyland! =)
    I had alot of fun, we also visited Universal for two days and spent a day at Knotts.

    *12/20-12/21/08 Universal Studios.
    Saturday and Sunday we stayed at the Universal Hilton(thanks to the free rooms). It was fun here but nothing really new here. The waits times were pretty empty for the weekend. Mummy and Studio Tour had the 20 min wait. Simpsons 40 minutes ofcourse. Everything else was a walk on for us. The Grinchmas theme was nice. The Whoville backlot looked wonderful and not so plain with the Christmas decorations and the whos singing. The park was decorated nicely and the tree lighting show was cool as well. Kind of shorter than I expected though. The kids loved the snow. But the highlight of the weekend at Universal was the unlimited food. We ate so much and unlike most themeparks, their food taste good. I recommend if going to the park early to get it and that way you can just eat all day there.

    Here are the pics.

    *On highway 5(a little before Magic Mountain).

    *From the Universal Hilton.

    *Inside the park.

    *On Studio Tour

    *They had a real chucky walking around b4 this. Freaked me out lol!

    *Um hmm. =)

    *In London.

    *Haven't seen him out for years.

    *The Grinch himself.

    *Grinchmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

    *I downsized the images, but its funny how the kid ended up in the shot with that face lol.

    *Here is a video of the Tree lighting Show.

    YouTube - Grinchmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

    *12/23/08 was Knots Day. I took no pictures this day sorry.
    This was my least favorite day. I was excited about going here since it was our second time coming here. But we were so shocked by how crowded it was on a Tuesday, considering how empty it was at Disneyland and Universal. Every coaster had a long wait. Silver Bullet was the only one that went fast because if its capcity. Ghostrider & Pony Express were the only other coasters we waited for and it took about 50 minutes. Everything else wasnt really worth the wait and Xcelorator was not operating.
    But we did check out the ice skating show which was nice. It really got you in the mood for the holidays and the skating was impressive. It was our 1st time on the Log Ride and it was nice. It had more things inside of it than I thought but the logs moved us by to fast to enjoy them. And Calcio Mine Ride was nice too, kind of creppy though. That was all the rides we rode. Very stressful day unfortunately. Their western part of the park is pretty cool though. Being our second time there my whole family was able to notice that this park is really rundown and cramped though. =/

    *12/22, 12/24-26/08 Disneyland Resort. Yay :yea:
    We went here on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday we just relaxed at the resort(we learned the hard way of of not going to DL on Christmas day), and Friday. We stayed at the GCH for the 1st time. Very nice hotel especially on the holidays. Only thing that was wierd was they had only 1 elevator section and that sucked it you stayed really far down the wings. And the carolers were singing in the lobby. It was nice with the tree and being by the fireplace while they were singing. And Santa took pictures by the tree too.

    Monday I was so excited like a little kid. And the park had little crowds which was awsome. We did everything that day. All the rides had an under 20 minute wait, except Space and Indy of course. But even they were about 20-30 minutes which wasn't bad either. Even Nemo had a 15 minute wait it was great. This was the only day we went on pirates even though it was a walk on. They had alot missing out of this ride and me being a Disney geek I noticed them fast. It was a disappointing ride, no singing dog, some of the chasing pirates were missing, dude on the bridge missing, alot of parts were quiet on the ride. Sad ! But HMH was awsome I loved it. Even though it can never top and original, it felt like a new ride which is cool they switch it up for a little bit. I loved the graveyard scene in the snow and the gingerbread smell. Also we saw the Fireworks right in front of the castle. It was cool because there was very little crowd so people were just sitting in the middle of the street on Main Street and it wasn't a problem. Normally we see Cast Members directing a hectic crowd through Main Street. Loved the fireworks and the snow my mom and I were so excited (my bro and dad are too cool for disney). Also Indy had effects working one day, other effects another day. Its really been the 1st time in years since I seen some effects work like I seen alot of smoke come out of Mara's eyes, lazers come out towards the bridge (though the fire wasn't working correctly), and the rat projection. The door scene was completely broken the whole week. I hope they get this ride running great like it did years ago, but the ride still is a blast! I also fell inlove with the darkrides on this trip. Alice, Toad, and of course Peter were so cool. I liked Pinocchio too. The Mark VII Monorails were sexy. The inside and out looked more futuristic than the old ones. Otherwise, every other ride I didnt notice anything wrong or new.

    Wedesday was a regular day at DCA. 1st time on TSMM and it was fun. And it looked so beautiful. PP is going to look nice when they are done with Phase 1. Also the Blue Sky Cellar was nice got me excited for years to come. After DCA closed we went to Dl and still was able to ride almost everything. And this time we saw the Fireworks on Mainstreet, nothing like walking down Mainstreet with the Christmas Music and snow. Beautiful! Friday we still were able to do everything despit the very crowded day, it was expected by us though so we were prepared. We still had loads of fun.

    I really am already missing this place and I cant wait for next time. We had a great time. Comments are appreciated and be nice it's my 1st TR lol! I have alot more pics and a video of the fireworks and snow on mainstreet i will post on the next page later. Thank you!

    *Here are alot of Pics from Dl.


    *Shots From and on TSI.

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    Re: 1st Trip Report. Oh yes =)

    Pretty cool trip report man.


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      Re: 1st Trip Report. Oh yes =)

      Nice report, can't wait to see the rest of the photos!
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        Re: 1st Trip Report. Oh yes =)

        Oh yeah! First time trip reports are always the best in my books.


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          Re: 1st Trip Report. Oh yes =)

          I like your pictures! Two years of waiting? You're a patient person!
          I :love: Donald Duck!


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            Re: 1st Trip Report. Oh yes =)

            Great TR!


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              Re: 1st Trip Report. Oh yes =)

              Thank you for sharing your trip report. I've always wanted to take a trip during the holidays. It's nice to see how it works for others.


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                Re: 1st Trip Report. Oh yes =)

                Very nice!! Good job on your first report! Now lets hope its not another two years before you get to come back and do another one!!

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                  Re: 1st Trip Report. Oh yes =)

                  What an awesome TR!
                  Taking contributions to get me back to Disneyland!


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                    Re: 1st Trip Report. Oh yes =)

                    Wonderful TR, looks like you and the family had a great trip!
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                      Re: 1st Trip Report. Oh yes =)

                      Great first TR! I love the resort during the Xmas season


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                        Re: 1st Trip Report. Oh yes =)

                        Great trip report! I love it when people size down their photos so the page takes a lot shorter of a time to load.
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                          Re: 1st Trip Report. Oh yes =)

                          Excellent report! Don't wait another 2 years to do another one!!


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                            Re: 1st Trip Report. Oh yes =)

                            Epic TR. That kid in front of the Christmas Tree with a freaked out expression is total win. XD Yay!


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                              Re: 1st Trip Report. Oh yes =)

                              Thank you all for the comments. Yeah hopefully next time it wont take to long I dont think i have enough strength to wait 2 years again lol. Happy New years everyone =)
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