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Happy New Year: Your Favorite Pics of 08


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  • [Fun] Happy New Year: Your Favorite Pics of 08

    So I had this idea a week or so ago and I thought it might be cool to try it out here.

    Since a new year is just around the corner and everyone and their brother is talking about the best of 08: I thought it might be cool to show off pics of your favorite things, times, people, etc of 2008.

    My only rule is you limit each post to 10 moments at the most. I know it will be hard to just pick a few but I'd appreciate if you did.

    So without further ado, my fave parts of 2008 (have I typed 2008 enough yet?) in no particular order (except maybe chronological):

    1) The Gumball Rally- Getting Fourth Place, running around like a maniac w/ my dad, winning a book cause i knew stuff about Kuzco, meeting new people, getting overwhelmed at a meet and taken under the wing of Pratt55... good times:

    2) Breaking Pirates & Space Mountain all in one day!- With Disneyphenom & horse_bunny to join me, we broke two rides after never having been in a 101 sitch in my life

    3) The most documented game of musical chairs ever! (note: excited face )

    4) Going to Disneyland for the first time with my best guy friend (and then going like 5 more times this year) (really, we had fun... this pic was just too perfect to pass up )

    5) Chatting with Captain Hook during his set and helping him mess w/ kids then getting rewarded with a fast pass cause he liked us

    6) Watching a Pirates last day (though this was technically a sad thing)

    7) DCA Mickey's Trick o Treat Party w/ Giselle & Captain Hammer (one of the most fun nights I have ever had at a Disney theme park!)

    8) Characters in general... esp during Halloween

    9) The Muppet DCA Time Quest... I'm sorry dude, it was fun

    10) Getting an awesome camera that makes me think I'm a photographer (I'm so not) and lets me take very pretty pics like this:

    I could post a million more, but I have to stick w/ my own rules *shakes fist at rules*
    This was the year I beat my personal record for going to Disneyland w/ 9 times (really not sure if I should be proud of that or not). I may have never won a dream in these two years of a gazillion dreams, but my memories are far more precious than any of that (though I wouldn't have minded staying in the dream suite )
    Every trip was full of fun and magic and all that stuff that makes us all consider Disneyland the Happiest Place on Earth.

    So... what were your fave Disneyland memories for 2008?

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    Re: Happy New Year: Your Favorite Pics of 08

    Hmm good question. I know one thing that wasn't my favorite part of 08 and that was loosing a Character friend at the park that I knew for over 2 years this was the last picture I got of her.

    And when I saw her on the Mark Twinn for Fantasmic that same day I just started to cry cause I knew I wouldn't see her again. I still do miss her as of now and thinking about her. She was the very first character that had remember me from all the times I been to Disneyland.

    OK I just though of some that was the best for me.

    1. With the POD Aurora. I had fun showing her my shirts and getting pictures of her as she was dancing she would stop long enough for me to get some good pictures of her.

    These are my 3 favorite photos of her from the parade.

    2. I would say it just happen on Dec.26 with Fawn how I kept going back just to meet her and every time I try and saw her but to get in line she was gone. But the 3rd time when I got there she had to go but she stay long enough just for me.

    That's all I can think of right now my favorite part of 08. If I can remember more I will add them to it to complet my 10 favorite moments of 08.


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      Re: Happy New Year: Your Favorite Pics of 08

      Awesome idea for a thread!

      Um.. January, 3rd anniversary and Gum Ball Rally!

      1) Getting to the park around 6:30 AM on the day of the rally. What a weird experience. There are actually people around then, but not many...

      2)The day of the anniversary...riding the Mark Twain and getting "flashed" by pratt55.

      3) What a great group of people!

      4) April-- Food and Wine par-tay!
      Hangin' with Maynard.

      5)Again, more awesome people!

      6)Can you feel the love!?

      7)June, Summer comes to Disneyland! Literally!

      8)A penguin with penguins!

      9)December, Christmas time in Disneyland, and a visit from Chicago from Barbarann!

      10)A magical ride on the Lillie Belle, thanks to 071755 and her sister Parkfreak!

      Magical times one and all!

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        Re: Happy New Year: Your Favorite Pics of 08

        Oh wow...I don't know if I can limit it to just 10...

        1) February 15. I went with a few friends and this was the first time I got to see the Mad Hatter. What's funny is I don't remember much of the things I did with my friends, but I remember everything that had to do with Hatter. Not to mention he was a total camera hog during the parade and was very pose-y for me.

        (he is doing Thriller, yes)

        2) March 30th. This was the day I met the girl who I can now call my best friend, Leanne. I also saw my favorite Alice for the first time, the man who got me to love Hatter in the first place for the first time, and my favorite Hatter (pictured above). Also the most highly documented game for Musical Chairs as Kuzcochik said.

        (And he continued to pose for my camera.)

        3) May 18th. This day was so chaotic. This was the second day I saw my favorite parade Hatter out doing walk-around. This was the day he tried to pull me up for the castle show. I also got to meet another girl who I can now call my best friend, Lizzi. We also had a strange moment with Aladdin and Jasmine when they walked past us several times going from backstage area to backstage area. This was also the day that Leanne and I decided to do something we had wanted to do for awhile. Ask Merlin why he wears a purple dress.

        4) July 2. This day was CHAOS. I would go into why, but it wouldn't really make sense. I can tell you that I spent it with Leanne and her friend Rachel and we spent a lot of time at Jedi Training Academy seeing a friend of ours. Besides that nothing would make sense, but it is why we laugh everytime we walk past Tomorrowland Terrace, make jokes about a man named Brian, and say "I need you to keep your parents behind this blue line at all times!"

        I don't have many good pictures from this day since most of it was spent at JTA. Almost all pictures have the back of Brian's head in it like this:

        5) July 27th. I got to give Hatter a little present this day, which was the first of MANY presents he got from us wonderful people he sees every Sunday. Everytime I would watch a meet and greet, someone would have no idea who he was. And everytime after they left he would look at me and shrug. So I decided to make him a nametag. What was originally going to be "Hello my name is the Mad Hatter" became names like "Tea Man" "Guy in the hat" "Alice in Wonderland's friend" and "Crazy Person.". Most of them were names I had heard him refered to as before. This was also the day I became better friends with Lizzi because of the four words "What Would Jonas Do?"

        6) August 3rd. Two of our amazing Disneyland jokes were created this day. "THAT'S A LADEH!" and "Good job Brian!"
        Ladeh: So we were watching Hatter and Alice's meet and greet when someone, no one really remembers who, pointed out a Peter Pan "imposter" (AKA someone wearing the Peter Pan hat) When Leanne turned to see, she thought whoever it was was refering to some woman walking past. So, the wonderful Leanne, YELLS "THAT'S A LADEH!" causing everyone, especially Lizzi, to collapse on the ground laughing.
        Brian: Later that night it was just Leanne and I. We decided to go on Thunder Mountain (which claimed to have a 1 minute wait but actually had a 10 minute wait) While waiting in line we're talking innocently, then hear one of the ride attendants say "Good job, Brian!" Of course we automatically thought of July 2nd Brian and we could not stop laughing. Later while we were eating one would look at the other and say "Good job, Brian!" causing the other to choke on their food.
        (outcome of the LADEH incident)

        7) October 10th. Leanne, Lizzi, and I (AKA SC...don't ask) got to go to the Halloween party this day. It was just beyond amazing. Leanne was Merlin, Lizzi was Lillian Gracey, and I was the Mad Hatter. Most of the night was spent dancing, watching Peter Pan (who would look up and wave at us every 5 minutes), and being crazy. It was such a fun night and we can't wait to return next year to do it all again!

        Me with Littlecricket because she's awesome!
        Three strange people...

        8) November 9th. This was, least I believe it was, the day that most of the Sunday Group formed. The Sunday Group is made up of people who are Micechatters and Hatter fans. Lizzi (SkeletonStockings), Leanne (DisneyGirl52), Me, Troy (Hilsbro), Blake (lovedisney33), and Erica (Mowgli) were the main group members who joined this day. There were more people, but we don't see them every Sunday. Also the day the famous Interuppting Platypus joke was made. If you ever see Blake, ask him what it is.

        9) NOVEMBER 26TH PROBABLY THE BEST TRIP OF THE YEAR. We got to see Merlin at Goofy's Kitchen this day. It was Leanne, Lizzi, Lizzi's boyfriend Ray, Leanne's friend Rachel, a new friend Heather (SonicHearts), and me. We spent 3 hours at Goofy's Kitchen and got to spend quite some time with our great friend Merlin. He is such a crazy wizard and we love him for it. Oh we also met Tony Baxter this day. He's awesome.

        We all look like idiots, but that is entirely Merlin's fault. He YELLED something that won't make sense to people here and we all started laughing when this picture was taken. Oh and Merlin is a Doctor Who fan. Fear it.

        10) December 14th. This day was very very sad, but also so much fun. We, mainly me because most of the main members saw her again, had to say goodbye to our favorite Alice this day. She left to go on and do bigger and better things, and she gave us a warning in advance about it. We were planning on giving Hatter and Alice presents this day, but knowing she was leaving made her presents a bit more special. Everyone wrote them little notes which were put in decorated boxes (done by Lizzi and Erica) and we presented them to the two before they went backstage at one of their later sets. I would go more into detail about this day, but it's one of those days that is hard to think about without getting emotional. We all loved her so much and we were all very sad to see her go. I know some people here aren't big character fans, but she was very very special to us. She wasn't really a character, more of a friend.

        He isn't looking at the camera in this one, but he is in another one so it's ok.

        My two favorite people in the world
        Alice with the presents I gave her
        SC in front of the doors they will one day walk behind

        If anyone read all that, good job. It was a lot. But this year was the best year of my life and I owe it to all the friends I made during it. I'll never be able to thank them enough for all of it. a video I made about the year

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          Re: Happy New Year: Your Favorite Pics of 08

          I loved 2008. So many things happened, especially at Disneyland and it's going to be very hard to limit this.

          1. Hanging out with my 3 favorite people ever!

          2. Having some funny and cute character interactions!

          3. My brother and I attended Mickey's Trick-Or-Treat Party for the first time.

          4. Out of all of the funny on ride pictures that we take, this one is my favorite.

          (Shawn couldn't get reception)

          5. This picture is extremely blurry, and I apologize. It's one of my favorite moments I've ever had. It was the VERY LAST DAY of POD (so November 11th), the first performance of the day. Pink flower and Red flower were my favorite performers of the entire parade and they knew that our group loved them. Every single time they were there, we were screaming and cheering for them. Pink Flower would come over to us and say stuff like, "You are all amazing! I love you guys!"

          One time we took a 2 week break from Disneyland, came back, and when we heard us yell, "PINK FLOWER", his face lit up. Then he came over to us and said, "Where have you guys been?!?!" Anyways, Pink Flower offered to take a picture with us, and we invited Red Flower because he's awesome also. There is another picture with my best friend in it, and it's my avatar!

          Oh yeah, we also started befriending Purple Flower, who gave us the title of "FLOWER POWER", but I don't have a picture of him. I am seriously going to miss POD so much <3.

          6. When my mom came along to Disneyland with Shawn and I. She's not a Disney freak like us, but I am really glad she can enjoy herself.

          7. Meeting new people and making new friends!

          (From left to right: Light Mouse, Shawn/Pacman, Kritter, Sir Didymus... Of course I didn't my brother, but I did meet the other 3 this year!)

          (Lovedisney33 and Hilsbro)

          (Burt Gummer)

          And that's 11 pictures! Whoops! 2008 was definitely the best year I've had in awhile. Great idea for a thread, btw!


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            Re: Happy New Year: Your Favorite Pics of 08

            Great idea for a thread. I am going to just try to pick one picture from each trip we took.

            First picture of 2008 and our first NYE at the resort.

            January 2008 Ralliversary, yummmmy canoe boys and me.

            February 2008 - Birthday at the park with friends

            No trip in March, but in April we had pinkfest

            May 2008 - Lola makes her first appearance

            June 2008 - Summer makes it to CA

            July 2008 - Was all about the love

            He said yes!!

            August 2008 - Zonie fun at the park

            September - no fun at the park.

            October - we made two trips, our first Gay days when our camera broke and then two weks later the introduction of new MC babies

            December 2008 - A trip with friends



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              Post your favorite park photos of 2008!

              Merely to compliment the other thread, I thought it might be good to have one for fun park photos or your best artistic shots of 2008, rather than a best-moments type of cover all the bases So feel free to share your favorite photos you've taken of Disneyland and DCA this past year, and have fun with it! I am looking forward to another year of great posts and photos from the talented contributors here on the boards.

              I may as well get us started with my best shots of the year....

              And I look forward to seeing your photos of the parks in 2008! Thanks for looking!
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                Re: Happy New Year: Your Favorite Pics of 08

                Thanks for all the great pics and stories guys! I love to see them continue

                And Dreamer20k... I didn't realize that was that Alice's last day (or was it soon after that, but that was the last day you saw her) (I knew she was leaving which made me sad)


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                  Re: Happy New Year: Your Favorite Pics of 08

                  Dreamer20k, I am so sad to hear that Alice left! I didn't know this. Where did she go? I thought she was so cute!


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                    Re: Happy New Year: Your Favorite Pics of 08

                    This last year was great.
                    My memories sadly started towards the end of the year.

                    1) I went on November 9th with a friend and hung out. We went to musical chairs were I meet up with the Hatter/Sunday group for the first time and played. This was also the first day I meet my favorite Hatter who was really crazy.

                    2)November 23rd I went agian and meet up with the Hatter group and Hatter pulled me up with a couple of other people to do the Disneyland Dancers. I did the solo. We spent the whole day laughting and telling jokes. Musical chairs was fun also that day I got to dance with Hatter and got some cute pictures of that game. After that we went to StoryBook Land and did a tribute video on Littlecricket's boat to some video's she has online.

                    3)The last time I went to disney before the year ended was on December 14th. I arrived to find Hatter and Alice by themselves. I then got Hatter to sign my Hatter hat. I then got to go see Bert and Marry Poppins
                    I just love Bert's socks. Later we then were eating at the Village Haus when Peter Pan came out of nowwwhere and we then followed him around he picked a flower and then gave it to me.Later we played Charades and Hatter made me start the game. I can not explain that game on bit. Since it was the Holiday vist I had made little dolls for Hatter, Alice and Robert.

                    This was byfar my favorite memory from this last year.

                    I hope I have more next year.
           pictures from the place were happyness happens everyday and were I love to stay.


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                      Re: Happy New Year: Your Favorite Pics of 08

                      well since i finally went to Disneyland this year I can now add my own photo but I still have to upload them from my memory cards as I have yet to do that. I'll add them soon here.


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                        Re: Happy New Year: Your Favorite Pics of 08

                        Here's a couple fine memories from 2008 at DLR for me..picture on Space is my cousin and I doing one of those funny ride pics haha!And DTD me playing my tuba for Tuba Christmas on my birthday {Dec 21st 2008}


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                          Re: Happy New Year: Your Favorite Pics of 08

                          Technically 2007, but clsoe enough to 2008....

                          Traditional anniversary breakfast....

                          The PINK meet....

                          The ability to scopp everyone one MC if I only had my laptop!

                          ust seeing Monorail Red on the first day it ran for the public was so thrilling, as you can see!!!

                          And riding in the lilly Belle :yea:

                          I don't have many pics!!!
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                            Re: Happy New Year: Your Favorite Pics of 08

                            Oh this is a serious thread. As in seriously fun.

                            I love looking at everyone's pictures and favorite moments! There are some really beautiful, funny, memorable, and brilliant photos posted here. Thanks for sharing them everyone!

                            Now, I just have to start looking for 10 photos to post myself. Hmmmm...


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                              Re: Happy New Year: Your Favorite Pics of 08




















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