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Crowds week of 1st - 4th


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  • Trip Report Crowds week of 1st - 4th

    I have friends and family at Disneyland today and the rest of the week.
    Is it busy there?

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    Re: Crowds week of 1st - 4th

    I just got back and it was packed. I believe capacity was reached. Alost all rides hovered at 50 minute waits.


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      Re: Crowds week of 1st - 4th

      It's VERY busy around the Resort today.

      We're heading over to Goofy's Kitchen now and then over to DL after that to close the Park down.

      We're leaving tomorrow, so there will be at least five people less!



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        Re: Crowds week of 1st - 4th

        thanks! I almost went with them, but decided not to. It was a last minute thing.

        So are there a lot of sales going on in the shops for Christmas stuff?


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          Re: Crowds week of 1st - 4th

          Yes, it will be busy this weekend. The lady who came to my ticket window this morning at 9am reported (after she rolled her eyes at me in a "FINALLY!" sort of way) that she had been waiting in line for an entire 15 minutes. I didn't have the heart to tell her that that would be the shortest line she'd be in all day.


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            Re: Crowds week of 1st - 4th

            Tell her to line up at one of the buffets in Vegas...those are REAL line ups. Disneyland doesn't even come CLOSE.
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              Re: Crowds week of 1st - 4th

              I'm getting a little scared, but I hope the 4th isn't TOO bad!


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                Re: Crowds week of 1st - 4th

                I'm heading out there in a few minutes - crossing my fingers for a light day...


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                  Re: Crowds week of 1st - 4th

                  Hey all, send some TR's our way when you get back!

                  I always thought that DLR was almost empty after New Years... guess I was mistaken.
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                    Re: Crowds week of 1st - 4th

                    Originally posted by LLCMC View Post
                    I'm getting a little scared, but I hope the 4th isn't TOO bad!
                    I'm with you!!! I am going on the 4th and I hope it isn't packed!!!


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                      Re: Crowds week of 1st - 4th

                      The only thing with the 4th is it is the last day of Christmas at the resort and Sunday is the first day that Cast Members can use their Main Gate Passes after being blocked out for the past couple of weeks. So I hope that whoever goes, that you have a wonderful time!


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                        Re: Crowds week of 1st - 4th

                        I just wrote a Trip Report about this... It was packed!! All the good rides were 60 - 80 minute waits on New Year's Day. The Fantasyland rides were all 60 minute waits. It was really packed! The only things with short waits were Star Tours (20 minutes at one lucky point) and Jungle Cruise (10 minutes). Your only hope is fastpass.
                        I am a rabid Disney fan. Possible future Imagineer (already designing rides for it)... I've only been to Disneyland. I'm hoping to go to Disney World this summer for the first time, and TDR might be possible in 3 years.

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                          Re: Crowds week of 1st - 4th

                          Just got back (Friday evening). Yep - it was packed:

                          Didn't someone say in the past that after the 1st, it's been "virtually empty"? Oh well, I was glad we went. We got our AP's after over an hour wait, and... let's just say it was an excellent day for people watching!


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                            Re: Crowds week of 1st - 4th

                            I went to the park yesterday it was very packed and busy even at DCA.
                            During the morning at DL it was light, but after 10 a.m. it became very busy. Even at DCA Monsters, Inc was up to 45 minutes. Screamin' and Soarin', GRR, TOT and TSMM (no single rider available all day) were over 40. Most of the day I was over at DCA. Single rider and fastpass did really help since I go on over 25 rides on New Year Day.
                            At DL highest I seen the stand by lines:
                            Splash 70
                            Space 75
                            BLAB 45
                            Star Tours 30
                            Pirates 25
                            HM 25
                            BTM 35
                            Matterhorn 45
                            Indy 70
                            Pooh 15
                            Autopia 40
                            Dumbo 30
                            Alice 40
                            Peter Pan 60
                            Mad Tea Party 20
                            Toad 20
                            Pinocchio 20
                            Snow White 20
                            "You are watching FOX"


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                              Re: Crowds week of 1st - 4th

                              I've been biking around the Disneyland area about 1hr a day for the past two weeks and since Christmas, almost all of the parking areas are really packed. Also, the "after-fireworks crowd" is always overflowing and sometimes drive me nuts when I'm returning home because they don't know where to get on the freeway and such. :P So I can pretty much guess that, yes, the parks are busy right now.


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