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Rocker's New Year's Eve Trip Report


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  • Trip Report Rocker's New Year's Eve Trip Report

    December 31- The last day of 2008

    I had heard that the Micechatters were going to be at Disneyland for a New Year's Eve celebration. I had never been to Disneyland on a New Years Eve on the four years that I have been an APer.

    Well, I decided to head on down to the park. However, because I had a Deluxe, I was blocked out. But I also needed a parking pass for my AP, so I decided to update to Premium.

    Anaheim Police making sure New Years Eve is safe for everyone

    While on the way to the Main Gates and into security, I noticed they had a new line for those without bags. I personally think it is great for those who don't have any bags.

    Off to pay for the upgrade. $150 more to update for a Premium. WHY?!

    When I got inside the park, I noticed that it was getting very busy, even though it was early in the morning.

    A very crowded Main Street

    Horses? We don't need no horses!

    I had some time before the meet, so I decided to go on a ride. I went to the waiting boards to look at the lines, and many of them were already approaching 20-25 minutes to almost 75 minutes for the major attractions.

    I had decided to head on over to Critter Country and go on Pooh since I hadn't been on it in a long time.

    Hey, Mickey D, where are you?

    Empty docks- no Columbia!

    Fowler Inn

    Nice garden, dude.

    Honeycomb Jam!

    In my honest opinion, Pooh is a good dark ride, it's a quaint one, if you will.

    After Pooh, it was getting towards the time to start the meet, so I headed on back to Main Street and towards the hub.

    Lighting for the New Years Eve event


    DisneyIPresume (BTW- Disney food is horrendous!)





    TikiRoomLiz tips her glasses to say Good Morning

    Rex Dopey 24 sayin' Hello

    Villains Fan

    Disney1978 says hello to Mary Read and Michael


    Fishbulb- rested he by the tumtum tree, and stood awhile in thought

    Trekkie Dad


    Newbie whose name is way over my head right now

    We had heard of a schedule for the day, so we decided to head on over to the Enchanted Tiki Room at around 12:40-ish instead of going straight to lunch.

    Off to the Tiki Room

    DIP, me , and Liz

    Rex Dopey 24 with the tiger eyes

    The Enchanted Tiki Room is always a lot of fun. I always like the music of it, and it even makes me sing along. A great show, and is fast becoming one of my favorites.

    After Tiki Room, we headed on over to White Water Snacks. Let me tell you something: they always have great food every time we go.

    Off we go

    Dusty then came up with an idea: we should go through DCA, and go get fastpasses for Soarin.' So we decided to do just that, THEN go to WWS.

    All right, let's go eat.

    But first, a little detour.

    Fishbulb fiddling with his camera.

    I wonder if that really works....

    Okay, now let's eat.

    Table of the moderators

    Table of the Administrator

    Nachos con asada, queso, y sour cream.

    "I hate when you look at me like that."

    In the end, the food at White Water was delicious as usual.

    After lunch, we decided to go for some wine over at the Trattoria in DCA, so we headed on over.

    The construction for the Grand Californian

    GRR was only a 5 minute wait

    Everyone was ordering wine, so I chose to get that. I usually like the Red Wine since it's kind of sweet, so I asked the others what was the best of the red wine. Michael suggested the Paggio Del Popa, so I chose it.

    PEZZ surprised us on the way in

    "Dude, are you old enough to drink?"

    Here is the thing: we had planned to go to the Muppet Vision showing at around 4:00, but because we had so much time, we decided to go to the Blue Sky Cellar.

    PEZZ Lightyear drinking his wine away

    Fish and Dusty speaking to a friendly attendant

    LittleScienceGuy enjoying his champaigne

    Villains Fan and Mary Read

    High School Musical dropped by to annoy us

    Dusty decided to bust a move

    Go Dusty, go dusty, go!

    To be continued

    AUTOPIA: Fan Since 1991

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    Re: Rocker's New Year's Eve Trip Report

    Dusty and Fishy always looking so handsome!!! Love you boys!! I need to come over and crash your DLR parks.


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      Re: Rocker's New Year's Eve Trip Report

      Awesome report so far!! How cool for those of us who were not there to see first hand all the fun we missed!! :lol: Someday...

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        Re: Rocker's New Year's Eve Trip Report

        Great stuff so far Alex. I'm so sad we couldn't make it.


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          Re: Rocker's New Year's Eve Trip Report

          Nice report Rocker! Can't wait to see the crazyness toward the end of the night.
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            Re: Rocker's New Year's Eve Trip Report

            Great TR so far! It was really fun to spend some time hanging out with you and everyone there!
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              Re: Rocker's New Year's Eve Trip Report

              Looks like a great time. Great shots and captions Alex.


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                Re: Rocker's New Year's Eve Trip Report

                Great start to the TR Rocker! Keep them comin!
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                  Re: Rocker's New Year's Eve Trip Report

                  great report so far Alex! it was good to hang out with you and all the other members there last night! can't wait to see the rest.


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                    Re: Rocker's New Year's Eve Trip Report

                    great TR, Rocker!


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                      Re: Rocker's New Year's Eve Trip Report

                      It looks like you had a very fun and entertaining New Year's Eve. I wish I could have joined the fun, but decided to go on New Year's Day. Great Trip report they are all fun to read and very funny. See you at Sundays meets.
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                        Re: Rocker's New Year's Eve Trip Report

                        I'm ready for more please!


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                          Re: Rocker's New Year's Eve Trip Report

                          Great tr so far Rocker! And I have to say that I think Dusty and Fish look soooo handsome in their vests.


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                            Re: Rocker's New Year's Eve Trip Report

                            Great TR so far but I want to see more!
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                              Re: Rocker's New Year's Eve Trip Report

                              Nice report!


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