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Something Wrong At DLR...


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  • [Other] Something Wrong At DLR...

    Happy 2009, everybody!!!!!

    First off, I was there on the 24th and 25th. There were so many things screwed up at DLR on both those days.

    I'll start with MSEP (now DEP). We saw it on Christmas Day. We were front row, across the entrance from Hollywood Boulevard, and between that and the parade gates. Obviously, the first thing wrong was that after the music started the Blue Fairy didn't show up for like 10 minutes. But that's to be expected, it happens every show. Then when she finally got there she stopped right in front of us for another 7 minutes. It ends up that there was a problem with the Caterpillar unit, and they got this little white thing to tow it the rest of the way. Also the turtle with the hat almost ran into one of the floats. And finally, the America unit was very short, length-wise. They had all the dancer chicks lined up BEHIND the eagle, still doing their thing, but with no purpose, and they were hardly visible in the darkness.

    Back to Christmas Eve. On POTC, many AA's were missing, most notably the pirate chasing the woman, the dude with the cats (the cats were still there), and the dog with the donkey and the other 3 AA's. However you could still hear the dog's singing/barking in the backround. Also many lights were out, including the one illuminating the pirate with all the hats. Davy Jone's mist waterfall was not straight, but was kinda curved.

    In IASW, but place where America is going to be looks ugly. :rant:

    Back on Christmas, returned to DL from DCA after DEP to see the fireworks. They started as usual, lights dimming and such. After the first fews bangs, the lights mysteriously came back up, and all the lights on Main Street turned snow white, no pun intended. Then a male voice started, talking about cancelling something. But before they could say what was cancelled, the announcement was cut short. There was a giant gasp from everyone. It kinda hurt my ears. Then they turned on the snow and the slow music.

    Nevertheless, I had the BEST Christmas EVER, and that slow song made the BEST Christmas EVER even mushier.

    Uhm, I think that's it. I'll post more if I remember more.
    Expect a trip report soon!

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    Re: Something Wrong At DLR...

    Well, glad it was a good Christmas, even if DL didn't live up to your expectations. You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men...
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      Re: Something Wrong At DLR...

      Wow. I did not know so many thing in POTC were missing. I knew the dog was, but not all of those other AA's.


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        Re: Something Wrong At DLR...

        on potc last time i went (nov.), i noticed that a pole had fell down and ripped through some sort of canvas with a door painted on it. it was after the battle scene on the right hand side. it looked like a cast member entrance.


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          Re: Something Wrong At DLR...

          attractions are subject to change without notice

          The POTC mist effect has been curved like that for a while now. I'm pretty sure when it was first installed, the mist went all the way down to the water and was quite convincing.

          At least POTC takes out broken elements instead of covering them up with bamboo (ala Universal's Jurassic Park). For the non-average guests, POTC's show would probably be better than Universal's solution. But at least Universal would have the ability to continue operation without completely shutting down the attraction.

          Fireworks may have picked up strong winds. Sometimes during a show they will cancel without notice.

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          -Jurassic Park


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            Re: Something Wrong At DLR...

            Originally posted by DisneyKid1994 View Post
            And finally, the America unit was very short, length-wise. They had all the dancer chicks lined up BEHIND the eagle, still doing their thing, but with no purpose, and they were hardly visible in the darkness.
            That's normal for that area, since it's right before the gate. (You were watching at the Hollywood Boulevard Entrance, which is right near the end of the parade.) For the safety of the performers, they stop performing alongside the Finale float and file in behind it so as to not get squished between the float and the gate.


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              Re: Something Wrong At DLR...

              Originally posted by filmfreak11 View Post
              At least POTC takes out broken elements instead of covering them up with bamboo (ala Universal's Jurassic Park).
              This is a little off-topic... but it's pretty funny when Jurassic Park has a broken element. I've seen sauropods (long-necked dinosaurs) with just bodies sitting in the water covered up with a wall of bamboo.

              As for POTC, I was there the day they had new additions to the ride. The mist was amazing!! I remember when that part of the ride felt soooo long... like you were in a cave of darkness forever, listening to eerie pirate music, and hearing nothing but that, echoes, and the water splashing on your boat. When the Davy Jones waterfall effect was first installed, it was cool! It looked like a real waterfall! It didn't look like a curtain of mist. Davy Jones would mystically appear out of the waterfall and then disappear, falling into it realistically. It looked so good! I miss that high-quality effect, because now it's just a sheet of mist, and hopefully you'll notice that the face you're looking at is Davy Jones and not Commodore Norrington or whatever... I hope this effect can be returned to its former glory.
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