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Best Park Magic from a Cast Member...?


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  • [Chat] Best Park Magic from a Cast Member...?

    Ok, the thank-you thread has me thinking of all the times that the CM's have really made the difference in my Disney experience.
    There are a lot of theme parks out there, giving DL a run for it's money (well, they're trying) - and if you ask me, it's the people that give Disney it's edge!

    So what's your latest or greatest example of a CM making your visit exceptional?

    Here's mine -

    Last summer, stood in line for Gadget's Go-Coaster for quite a while with my non-coaster-riding daughter, who was 7. Of course, as soon as we got to the loading area, she balked - no way was she getting on. (And I'm not a mom willing to force my terrified kid onto a ride, so... drat!)

    The CM seated at the ride asks her, 'You're not scared, are you?'
    Callie has her face smashed into my side in terror, but nods her head, yes.
    The CM indicates her mysterious panel of buttons and nobs and lights and whatnot and says, 'you know, i can slow it down for you if you want. You want me to make it a little slower this time?'
    'Yes!' Whew! What a relief!
    So she climbs in, unafraid, and of course LOVES the ride.

    When leaving the ride she says, 'mom, I could tell she made it slower! That was so fun!'
    And when I told her I DIDN'T think it was any slower, she was even happier!

    She now considers herself the daredevil of the family, she's much more willing to try a new ride, - all because one very kind ride operator took the time to reassure a scared little kid.

    I thanked her as we exited, and went by City Hall, too. I was so grateful to her that day, and I still feel so grateful whenever i think of it!
    A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.
    -Roald Dahl

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    Re: Best Park Magic from a Cast Member...?

    Great story!
    If you can keep your head when all around you have lost theirs, then you probably haven't understood the seriousness of the situation.


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      Re: Best Park Magic from a Cast Member...?

      Great heartwarming story. Thanks.


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        Re: Best Park Magic from a Cast Member...?

        Ha...i was there!!! Cute story...
        -Peace Love Jonas-


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          Re: Best Park Magic from a Cast Member...?

          Thats adorable I guess I missed out on cast magic ...All Ive been told was "nice shirt" :[ (TWICE)...If only I was a 5 year old girl ...if only.

          Now, I'll turn that little mouse's dream into a nightmare Fantasmic!


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            Re: Best Park Magic from a Cast Member...?

            We spent 3 days at DLR last July. It was the first trip to the parks for my husband and both children (son 11, daughter 12). My kids and I all have birthdays in that same week so we all had on birthday buttons, EVERYONE including other guests wished us happy birthday. On our last evening there we were just wandering in NOS so my husband could take in the sights. He stopped to ask me a historical question about DL and a CM overheard came up to us and spent 25 minutes indulging us in not only DL history but Walt Disneys story also. My husband being a history buff and Misssouri native, ate this opportunity up! When we were leaving, as we passed BTMR, my daughter grabbed me and asked for one more ride on what had fast become her favorite. The line was HUGE and we needed to be on the road very early the next morning so I started to tell her no when the CM at the FP entrance gave us a "psst!". She still had her birthday button on and when she went over he handed her 4 FP and said happy birthday!! All the time those FP saved us gave us plenty of time to stop by city hall on the way out!


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              Re: Best Park Magic from a Cast Member...?

              A couple years ago we were waiting in a long line for Indiana Jones and it was the last ride we were riding that night cause the park was closing. We were standing there tired and figiting because we wanted to continue into the building. My sister, Cousin and I then spotted the cast member there peering into a box and then standing back then peering in again. So I asked what he was looking at. He told me he could see the entire ride from there. And I didn't believe him so he said that he was watching the line move to tell us when we could go. So I said that it was a secret box and he said ya. He then told us about 3 secret mickey that were hiding on the ride. I know there is more but he only told us about three. He didn't tell us where they were he just gave us some clues. That were not your typical clues. For the first one he leaned over to the side to indicate that we should lean over sideways to view the hidden Mickey. The second one he opened his hands like a book and the last one he pointed to his head. He then sent us on our way and told us to come back and tell him if he found them. So we spent our entire walk towards the ride looking side ways. We found the book one in the office behind the wire. We never did find the other two and we were so concerned with finding the mickeys and getting back to talk to the cast member we didn't even care about the ride with the exception of finding the head Mickey because he told us it was on the ride. We literally ran back to the front to ask him. Luckly he was still there only he moved to the very front of the line telling people that the ride line was closed for the night. After much begging he told us about the two that we didn't find and the next day we headed back to find them. He was an amazing cast member! It made the time in the line go fast because we were looking for this mickey.
              ~Princess Aurora at Heart~


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