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What to expect for going to the MK after being a hardcore DL fan???


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  • [Question] What to expect for going to the MK after being a hardcore DL fan???

    I know this doesn't exactly fit with the topic here but I want DL Fan's opinions here. I might be going to the MK in March and I want to know what to expect. When I say "What to expect" I mean feelings. I am a hardcore DL fan like many of you in this section and I am aware of the great feeling DL gives us or we wouldn't be here correct? I just want to know what to expect. Will I be disappointed? Will I maybe like MK better? Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that the MK is the most visited park in the world, so is that telling me that I have a good chance of liking it better than DL? If I love DL will I not like MK as much?

    Thank You guys for the help. It is much appreciated


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    Re: What to expect for going to the MK after being a hardcore DL fan???

    Personally I love both resorts. but hopefully this helps...

    MS: Althought the buildings are full scale the street feels shorter. There is alot of Streetmosphere, which is always fun. Personally I feel cheated as there is no Cinema anymore and the west side-street was turned into a shop... but the Penny arcade still has alot of vintage games. I so miss the fudge counter - so many flavors. Also I love the MS station and Firehouse's style. Disappointment - Exposition Hall (version of the Opera House) was turned into the Kodak Center... but they do show some cartoons.

    TL: You really feel like you are in the future. Love the design and details. Best things - TTA (people mover) and Astrojets. However, I dont like the idea of the Stitch attraction and the Buzz ride is very low tech. But I have always been a fan of Carousel of Progress. And I love the fact that the TL restaraunt has a AA stage show (he is kinda like a alien Liberace).

    FL: The style is very old DL FL (pre-1983). Not much is really different except Pooh is really good, no Toad, and the teacups are enclosed.

    Toon Fair: its ok for what it is, I always liked going on Goofy's Barnstormer

    Liberty Square: HM is awesome, longer and has alot more effects than DL... any DL/HM will be pleased. If you are going towards summer, stop by the HOP the old show was good and the new show will be amazing. also there are alot of nice shops in this area. Also the market stand has pickle get to grab your own.

    FrL:2 words - COUNTRY BEARS! also Splash is alot more comfortable as the logs seat side-by-side. Aslo I like MKs Thunder a little better. Tom Sawyer Island is definatly a must see... very detailed! Turkey leg stand is near CB and are 100 times better than DLs

    AdL: its a big mishmosh of styles.. but the rides are good. POTC has a really cool barker parrot (I miss that), they still have the Treehouse, JC is longer... but 2 disapointments Tiki Room and Aladdins Carpets... only go on if you have kids that remember Lion King and Aladdin.

    Hub: is really big! and some of the best, but expensive restaraunts are in this area. Cinderella's table (inside the castle)is good, but I like the Crystal Palace for the Buffett, and there is this little place (kinda like Plaza Inn) always a good place for breakfast.
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      Re: What to expect for going to the MK after being a hardcore DL fan???

      The one best piece of advice is to just NOT attempt or dare compare it to Disneyland because if you walk into the park doing that and having that state of mind you're just going to be tearing MK apart piece by piece without even giving it a chance to experience it as the Magic Kingdom, not Disneyland 2.0, which it is suppose to be but then again really isn't, hence 2 different princess castles.

      Just look at your possible MK trip as a whole new park that is completely different than Disneyland, designed and built differently for a whole new different audience.

      Just please, please please try to stop yourself from saying "Disneyland's version is so much better" but more so say "Magic Kingdom's version is different and I enjoyed it for differences this attraction had." Treat the same rides as found at Disneyland as completely new rides with slight differences which could be considered "surprises" you didn't expect.

      I myself have always been a Magic Kingdom kid, it was my first park I ever visited and was a frequent visitor many times before I visited Disneyland for the first time back in 2005. Since WDW had 4 theme parks and amazing hotels and a giant castle, well I had to walk into Disneyland for the first time with low expectations because I figured it isn't as big as WDW and I thought I'd be done with it in a day since I decided only to stay at the Grand Califorian Hotel for a maximum of 4 days.

      Well once I arrived I enjoyed Disneyland for what it was, which was an amazing park that to this day I still don't think is better or worse than MK, I continue to treat both parks as 2 different fun experiences. I also remember the day I checked in I overheard a family talk about their trip of 7 days at the resort just starting and I was like "that's way too much time for this place" but little did I know that I was wrong. I regretted only staying 4 days and on my next trip to Disneyland I booked 6 days and a future trip may be longer.

      I walked away thinking Disneyland has so much to offer for such a small area and DCA is something I can't get at WDW. I am happy with both parks. I love both parks for what they are, what they are limited to and what they offer. I'm just happy they are there for us to enjoy.
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        Re: What to expect for going to the MK after being a hardcore DL fan???

        I'm a former Floridian now living in LA. I love MK, but I find Disneyland overall to be much more fun. One thing you will miss about MK is that it lacks the intimacy and small size of DL, yet has less attractions.

        Worse at MK
        *Fantasyland - There is no Pinocchio, no Mr. Toad, no Alice in Wonderland, no Matterhorn, etc., etc. The themeing isn't as nice either, and it occupies a much larger area despite having fewer attractions.
        *Pirates of the Caribbean - No comparison here. The MK version is essentially a budgeted version of the DL ride.
        *Space Mountain - It's not as dark as it should be, no music and the seat layout is similar to the Matterhorn. However, SM at MK is closing this spring for a huge rennovation project.
        *Buzz Lightyear - Similar ride scenes, but older technology with the laser guns attatched to the vehicle.

        Better at MK
        *Haunted Mansion - While the ride is almost identical, the MK version just underwent a $30M renovation last year. It was a top notch renovation!
        *Peter Pan's Flight - The details are much better in the MK version, especially the flying over London.
        *Splash Mountain - Boats seat people side-by-side, making it much more comfortable.
        *Jungle Cruise - There is an added tunnel portion through Cambodian ruins that I always miss seeing at DL.
        *Tomorrowland - Just the overall themeing is far superior at MK in every single way.

        And, of course, don't forget that the Carousell of Progress, Country Bear Jamboree, and People Mover are still alive and kickin' at MK.


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          Re: What to expect for going to the MK after being a hardcore DL fan???

          For me, being at the MK was like being in Twilight Zone Disneyland, it was the same, but also different...totally surreal feeling.

          My guess is you will still be partial to Disneyland (as I was since that's my home park), but it's interesting to just see the differences. Some parts of MK are better and some are not.

          Parts that were better in MK:

          They still have some of the old rides I loved that were taken out of Disneyland (Carousel of Progress, Country Bear Jamboree, Swiss Family Tree House, Peoplemover (although it's called something else)

          I loved the castle. Ours is cute and I love it, but I was fascinated by the size and intricacy of MK's.

          Much better selection of food and restaurants

          A bigger Adventureland, actually, overall more space in every area.

          Splash Mtn (actually follows the theme of the story), Big Thunder Mtn (more intricate theming, and bigger), Jungle Cruise (longer and more involved)

          Liberty Square and the historical feel to the area

          Things better in Disneyland:

          New Orleans Square

          Tiki Room (theirs is truly awful), Pirates (theirs is the abbreviated version), Buzz Lightyear, Space Mtn (although MK's is now closed)

          The much more intimate feel and overall feel of it being the original park.

          The variety of stores on Main Stree. MK's is mostly one store the length of the fascade.

          Anyway, that's my first thoughts...I'm sure I'll think of other things in the meantime. But it's much more fun if you just enjoy each park for what it is. I think both have equally good and bad points, and it's much more fun just to sit back and enjoy the differences.


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            Re: What to expect for going to the MK after being a hardcore DL fan???

            Disneyland is a far better single park than the Magic Kingdom. However Disney World is overall a better experince than Disneyland due to it's massive size and more parks to visit.

            I tend to agree with most of the things said above with a few corrections...
            Space Mountain closes mid April, it's not now closed.
            The barker bird at Pirates was taken away 2 years ago and now resides at World of Disney
            Tea cups just are covered, it's not a full enclosure.

            Also, something which is either better or worse, we have far more attractions with Fastpass so you'll either be waiting much less,or much more in lines depending on how well you use it.

            By the way, how did nobody mention Philharmagic? It's the best of the 3D movies Disney's got.
            Our Snow White is better too, it seems to have much more of an ending, DL's just sorta stops about 7/8th the way through the plot.
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              Re: What to expect for going to the MK after being a hardcore DL fan???

              MK has PHILHARMAGIC - our family's favorite attraction.


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                Re: What to expect for going to the MK after being a hardcore DL fan???

                Truthfully, it's like apples and oranges. They're both great! These are just a few of my thoughts ~

                Mickey's Philharmagic is excellent. I hope it makes it to our coast, but with WDI layoffs and plan changes who knows?

                MK's Peter Pan and IASW are different enough that they're both worth seeing. Big Thunder is awesome.

                Main St. and Cinderella Castle are a sight to behold! I think because of it's size, Main St. is not as intimate as DL's version. Neither good or bad, just different. We dined at Cinderella's Royal Table. It was a great experience and you definitely get a different view of Fantasyland that you won't get anywhere else.

                Tom Sawyer Island is old school TSI at Disneyland. Thankfully it doesn't have the same laws or restrictions DL has adopted, so I thought it was more fun.

                Swiss Family Treehouse is STILL Swiss Family Treehouse.


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                  Re: What to expect for going to the MK after being a hardcore DL fan???

                  WDW is better end of story
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                    Re: What to expect for going to the MK after being a hardcore DL fan???

                    I just wanted to thank everyone for their insights and information - really helpful for anyone who hasn't been yet. Like me!
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                      Re: What to expect for going to the MK after being a hardcore DL fan???

                      Originally posted by Maverick View Post
                      WDW is better end of story
                      Overall or just the Magic Kingdom? The OP asked specifically about the MK and I think most would disagree with you.


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                        Re: What to expect for going to the MK after being a hardcore DL fan???

                        Thanks a lot guys


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                          Re: What to expect for going to the MK after being a hardcore DL fan???

                          Originally posted by Maverick View Post
                          WDW is better end of story
                          Excuse me, but you mis-spelled "bigger".

                          As to "better end of story", well... You could stir up a BIG hornets nest with a purely subjective blanket statement like that. Before you make that claim you'd better have plenty of data points to back it up, and I'd also suggest you pack a lunch... For being designed on the same basic model they are very different, and each has it's good and bad points.

                          WDW is physically larger because they had the luxury of enough money to buy all the land in a big swamp, so no nearby neighbors to spoil the view. DL is smaller and was built in an established town (and almost overnight had dense develoment spring up all around it) but DL utilizes it's restricted space much better.

                          WDW uses the open space to ease the transitions between lands, DL has to do it with clever management of sightlines and visual screening. You'd never realize that one side of a building is Adventureland and the other side is Main Street unless you studied the map and blueprints.

                          WDW has the Utilidors underneath it so you never see any of the "backstage" stuff going on ike CM's "out of place" walking back to Harbor Pointe to go home, and the CM parking is physically seperated by miles - but some of us feel that's part of the charm that makes DL "real".

                          Now then, wanna make that statement again? There will be a quiz later, and you have to show your work.

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                            Re: What to expect for going to the MK after being a hardcore DL fan???

                            Originally posted by Villains Fan View Post

                            Space Mtn (although MK's is now closed)
                            MK's Space Mountain is not closed yet. It closes in April for it's big (and much-needed) rehab.


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                              Re: What to expect for going to the MK after being a hardcore DL fan???

                              I will not give a blow by blow to compare the two parks, the thing that shocked me the most the first time I went was to see how spread out everything is at MK. The amount of walking needed is 2 to 3 times more than here at DL.

                              My best advice is to get some very good walking shoes this next month and break them in before you hit WDW.
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