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The Infamous Harbor Cruise

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  • [Idea] The Infamous Harbor Cruise

    Okay I have an idea for a jungle cruise like attraction in DCA in the wharf area called the Harbor Cruise. The boats will just be like the jungle cruise boats but will have the oldie candy striped theme with a marina theme to it. Now remember this is just an idea and I know there is no room for it! I'll give u Part 1 of the ride through since I have to leave soon.

    PART ONE: The entance building will be where the current remodled Fortune cooky dragon chinese place-whatever its called. As the que progresses you start going down stairs and underneath the wharf in to whats themed as a fish market or a marina. You will be able to smell fish in some parts of the quoe.

    You then enter your boat themed to the old candy striped jungle cruise boats but much cleaner! You then exit the dock and you cruise out to the little triangle coral water area (not PP bay) thenmake a right (towards bugs land and entrance). Where the water dead ends where the walkways come together and make a V shape will be Sea Devils cave.

    As u enter the cave the skipper says, "Everyone turn back and wave to the ppl (refering to the ppl on the parade route wathcing you)."

    the ppl wave back. While the skipperis smiling and waving he says "Oh..they'll never c us again" ppl laugh.

    As ur in the cave you keep moving and is pitch black so u can't c a thing.

    skipper says, "U know this cav is called sea Devil cave???"

    ppl say no.

    "Do u guys know what sea dvils are? Oh where is that light switch?"

    if ppl say no he says...

    "there actually GIANT OCTIPI!! Intesresting huh??? Don't worry though there only Dangeress when there splashing there tentickles! Oh theres the light switch!"

    LIGHTS GO ON and on bothe sides of the boat there are Giant Octipi splashing there tenticles

    PPL scream in horror

    skipper says, "Uh....How many of u would like to stay here and enjoy the relaxig scenery. How many of you would like to continue the cruise?"

    Part two will come in a bit...

    What do u guys think?????

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    Re: The Infamous Harbor Cruise

    I'll have Part 2 3 and 4 later. I havn't worked on the comedy that much. After sea devils cave you will go in to a bay loaded with tropical vegitation covering the walls with all sorts of animals in between CA screamin quew and carsland show building


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      Re: The Infamous Harbor Cruise

      Alright sorry for postin thhree times but I don't wanna type part 2 and 3 if ppl arn't gonna read . So I'll type that in like an hour cause my hand hurts from this, txt messaging, face book, and myspace!!!!


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        Re: The Infamous Harbor Cruise

        I am listening and I am interested in hearing the rest!!!


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          Re: The Infamous Harbor Cruise

          It just seems too weird and tacky for me


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            Re: The Infamous Harbor Cruise

            Very cool idea. It would fit the theme perfectly.

            Also, it could fit into the area


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              Re: The Infamous Harbor Cruise

              Interesting. How about instead of making it a comedy based attraction, why not make it like the original subs, except atop water. Maybe even like a glass-bottom-boat or something.


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                Re: The Infamous Harbor Cruise

                ^I like that idea


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                  Re: The Infamous Harbor Cruise

                  This is a cool idea, and I would totally ride it. I also like the glass boat idea.
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                    Re: The Infamous Harbor Cruise

                    It sounds really cheesy and really expensive. I mean you either need really good actors being ride ops or it would just be corny like Jungle Cruise. And also, I don't think Giant Octopi will be attracting the youngsters...


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                      Re: The Infamous Harbor Cruise

                      It seems too similar to the jungle cruise, but maybe if it had some good actors similar to the Great Movie Ride, it could work.
                      We are currently imagineeing a new attraction for you!

                      Please enjoy all the other attractions in fabulicious Vasooki-land! :yea:


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                        Re: The Infamous Harbor Cruise

                        Forget the octupus! Its supposed to be like the jungle cruise with cheesy and all, it gets better thats not the whole ride


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                          Re: The Infamous Harbor Cruise

                          Okay I'll go into more detail later but once you've entered the california channel u pass giant sea turtles, sting rays swimming under you, dolphins, killer whales, humpbacks, great white shark, seals, sea lions, pelicons, and otters on a booie.

                          All of cource will be animotronics.

                          As the ride starts to end it comes out where the world of color contruction opening is under the billboards by the pier. It comes around to about a quarter of the way and circles a booie with sea otters on it it then passes underneath Ariels grotto and back to the docks.


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                            Re: The Infamous Harbor Cruise

                            The scary boat ride through the cave totally reminded me of the Willy Wonka song -

                            There's no way of really knowing
                            Just how fast we're really going
                            Is it raining, is it snowing
                            Is a hurricane a -blowing...

                            Ooh, that Gene Wilder really creeps me out! *shiver!*

                            Until we got to giant octopus - whew! What a relief!
                            I'm ready to hear more.
                            A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.
                            -Roald Dahl


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                              Re: The Infamous Harbor Cruise

                              ^ I get a different about a three hour tour...a three hour tour...
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