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DCA Expansion - Ranking Themed "Lands" According To Your Interest


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  • [Other] DCA Expansion - Ranking Themed "Lands" According To Your Interest

    The idea of this thread is for you to rank the renovation and expansion themed lands of DCA, according to how they appeal to you at present. This will be based on the discriptions and/or pictures that you have seen. Both Al and MasterGracey have posted extensively in detail about the coming expansion. Allow me to recap the lands or districts -

    Buena Vista Street / Walt Disney Plaza

    This will be the new name for the Sunshine Plaza. It will also be the newky renovated/themed entry plaza. Arches will replace the Golden Gate Bridge. The Carthay Circle Theater will stand in the place where the sunburst currently is. It is umclear to me whether the budget will allow for a show to be in the theater by 2012 or not.

    Mission style buildings will dominate the landscape which will represent the era of the 1920's when Walt first started making a name for himself. The area will be kind of like Main Street, curbs and sidewalks included. bronze "Partners" statue of a younger Walt and Mickey will be created. Red Car trolleys will run up and down Buena Vista Street as well as Hollywoodland. Playhouse Disney - Live On Stage will receive a significant update. Ticketed events will take place in the newly renovated land as well.


    The glamorous period of the 1930's will be depicted here. The Red Car trolley system will travel the Hollywoodland street, with guests hopping on and off in accordance with their desired destinations. Each trolley will hold 20 people. Professional directors, animators and writers will occasionally pop up to meet guests and converse. There are talks of a new indoor coaster.

    Due to the 1930's setting, a uniquely themed coaster would be more likely than Rock 'N Rollercoaster. Still, who can say for certain? Mickey'sPilharmagic is another possibility. However, building other than the Muppet buiding would need to either be built or renovated. Playhouse Disney - Live On Stage will receive a significant update. Ticketed events will take place in the newly renovated land as well.

    Cars Land - a new land situated on 12 acres of expanded new land

    Radiator Springs Racers will be the mega E-Ticket anchor for this exciting and new land. The ride system system will be based on that of WDW's Test Track in EPCOT and Journey To The Center Of The Earth at DisneySea. However the system and technology will be far more advanced. Moogoo special effects will line the indoor portion of the ride, while cars will race side by side on the outside track as they hit banked turns, straight aways - switch lanes - travel across bridges, through tunnels, and past waterfalls. You'll do everything else under the sun in a desert setting full of rocky formations. Some of these rocky formations will disguise the ride building itself.

    Other rides will include Mater's Junkyard Jamboree and Luigi's Roamin' Tires (think Tomorrowland Flying Saucers). Dining and shopping venues will be part of the overall experience of this new land.

    Paradise Bay (the new name for Paradise Pier)

    The new Victorian boardwalk theme already features Toy Story Mania. It will also include Mickey's Fun Wheel ferris wheel, other rides, Disney and Pixar themed midway games, Disney's World of Color show - and expand to include the Little Mermaid dark ride.

    Rumored and Unnamed New San Francisco area (to replace Pacific Wharf)

    Rumored rides include a dark ride with a robo coaster element - and a coaster based on the industrial revolution.

    Grizzly Peak Recreational Area

    Grizzly River Run. Rumored attractions include a slow moving, scenic mine train ride, and the return of the Country Bears. The Blue Sky Cellar (featuring concept art of coming rides and other attractions) will soon be moved to the area of the Bolden Vine Winery.

    Condor Flats

    Soaring Over California will remain it's primary attraction. A buzz about a slow moving train has also been going round.

    With all of this in mind, how would you rank the each area according to what interests you?
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    Re: DCA Expansion - Ranking Themed &quot;Lands&quot; According To Your Interest

    My personal rankings are as follows -

    1) Cars Land
    2) Paradise Bay
    3) Grizzly Peak Recreation Area
    4) Condor Flats
    5) Hollywoodland
    6) Buena Vista Street / Walt Disney Plaza
    7) Rumored and Unnamed San Francisco Area
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    To Boldly Go Where No MiceChatter Has Gone Before!


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      Re: DCA Expansion - Ranking Themed &quot;Lands&quot; According To Your Interest

      For me, it goes:

      1. Buena Vista Street/Walt Disney Plaza- It will be cool to see how much change there will be!!
      2. Carsland- I am excited for the detailed rockwork and RSR
      3. Paradise Bay- Victiorian Architecture and Little Mermaid Attraction!
      4. Hollywoodland- New architecture
      5. Grizzly Peak Recreation Area- COUNTRY BEARS!!!
      6. New San Francisco Area- Still a rumor
      7. Condor Flats- Not changing a lot


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