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A Major update for the Indy Model


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  • Video A Major update for the Indy Model

    I think pretty much everyone is familiar with my computer model of the Indiana Jones Adventure, and I have received several requests for an updated video on my newest achievement.

    A short background: When I first started this model exactly one year ago, I was aware that one thing I wouldn't be able to do is animated the EMVs. It just wasn't possible given the program I was/am using. However, due to technical issues, I had to re-create the EMVs in a separate modeling program, and import them to the main program.

    In that separate program I found I could animate whatever models I make. So, thanks to that fact, it opened up the possibility to animate the EMVs for my model.

    The following video is only showing the EMV. It is not in the complete model yet because of timing issues.....but that's another story. It's also untextured as of now, but I am gathering the needed textures so I can update it later.

    The animation is not complete, and this is one that I 'quickly' threw together in 2 hours to demonstrate the animation.

    YouTube - EMV Motion in the Indiana Jones Adventure

    Please comment, and critique as you wish, but please remember that this short clip isn't even where I want it, haha.

    I do have some other videos posted on my channel if anyone is so inclined to watch other parts of my model.

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    Re: A Major update for the Indy Model

    wow, looks like you spent a lot of time on that, looks very accurate. Keep up the great work! Although I think the part where you drive up the steps to the overlook should be a bit more defined, but then again, it hasn't been very defined since they toned the actual ride down. So it is very accurate!


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