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Short Trip Report, no pics


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  • Trip Report Short Trip Report, no pics

    The rare Sediment trip report, sponsored by FedEx, AT&T, and all other abandoning sponsors. (I don't require exorbitant payment.)
    Leave home at about 8:15, dropping off younger kid at school. Have fun! At school! While we're at D-Land!
    Decide to take The 118 to The 210 to The Pasadena Streets to The 710 to The 5. The 101 always sucks, but this does tack on a good 10 miles.

    Arrive 10ish at M&F. Easy in.
    Decide to walk after seeing two trams and a lot of guests waiting. Arrived at about the same time as guests who parked next to us. Plus we burned calories! In your face! U-S-A! U-S-A!
    Get in line at entrance to get birthday ticket. Needed to go to booth instead. Go to Lion King booth. Line too long. Walk across to other side. Not as long.
    Go to bathroom while wife waits in line.
    Wife goes to bathroom while I stand in line.
    Inside before 11. Turn left.
    Indy: 15 minute wait. Nice and bumpy.
    Jungle Cruise: not opened yet.
    Pirates: 5 minute wait. had a family taking flash pictures of BB and of each other. Stopped the flash before the drop, otherwise there would be a few more skeletons in the scenes.
    Splash: 15 minute wait, which was mostly walking. Very wet.
    Haunted Mansion: one elevator ride wait, and a delay in boarding due to assistance-required guests. Fun as usual. No one screaming or reciting.
    Big Thunder: 20 minute wait. Three trains, but just put the 4th one on as we were in queue. Tons of fun. Splash at the end nearly hit guests in line.
    Matterhorn: closed for seasonal maintenance. Damn!
    FNSV: too long a wait (40). Will try later.
    Space: closed, come back later.
    Monorail to DTD and lunch at Storytellers. 5-minute wait. Very nice. No screaming kids there.
    Light rain starts.
    Monorail back to Tomorrowland. No wait.
    Space Mountain: 20 minute wait. Good, we need to digest. Wow, that seemed a little faster than the last time I rode, oh, 11 months ago(?). Maybe because it was darker than the Rockin' version. maybe the fans pointed at you in strategic places were working better. No idea. Just seemed pretty fast. Sat in back row.
    Rain is too heavy for comfort, and me without hat or jacket. Oh, well, it will pass soon enough.
    Nemo: 30 minute wait, and 80% sheltered queue. Good enough. Worth the near-dry wait, but I don't have to go on ever again. Maybe one time with my youngest. Cool effects, but light on original plot.
    Rain stops. Cool how D-Land can control this. Oh, there was a little drama in the trip when the rain started, but it all ends well!
    "It's A Small World: Under New Management": walk-on. New character-/product-placement were far too distracting. As Al said (and he's never wrong), it's become a game of "Where's Waldo?" And there seemed to be a lot fewer other "children." No need to go on ever again. Bypassed the shop, too. Wife has great memories of this attraction from her youth, and she did not like the additions. I did not mention the new things, only that it had been refurbed. She seemed to have known of the additions. I did not have to convince her to ride it (I needed to convince myself, though).
    Sleeping Beauty Walk-Through: walk in. Very nice. I really liked the effects. Not sure if they were new, but they sure looked it. Wife's favorite movie, and she had never seen this attraction before. She enjoyed it, too.
    Jungle Cruise: 15-minute wait. Funny as usual. I chuckle. Had a heckler behind me who might have gone overboard if the ride had gone on any longer. New line: "The beautiful Schweitzer Falls, named after the famous Albert Beautiful."
    Buzz: 10-minute wait, though a group of nine had to cut the line to reach the ONE person waiting for them. Some LL baseball team, but there are always better ways to "cut in line" than that. In this case, it was only 10 minutes, so sheesh, you didn't save that much time. OTOH, it was only 10 minutes, so why should I get so angry at THPOE? Still, I know I'm not changing my opinion, judgment, sentencing, and execution of said violators.
    Space Mountain: 30-minute wait. Always more fun at night. Wait, that's the next ride. Anyway, still seemed much faster than usual. Sat in front. Can "see a lot better" up there.
    Big Thunder: 30-minute wait. Definitely more fun at night. Might need to light the critters up more. Hard to see them while whizzing by. Sat near the front, get more acceleration through the curves as the rest of the train pushes you through.
    Leave before Fantasmic! and the huge rush, but after the LA traffic rush.

    Did not use FP once. Wife had iPod which had some quizzes loaded on it. Did a few of those while waiting.
    IASW:UNM sucks.
    FNSV: unrepeatable.
    Space: repeatable, though my back might object.
    Big Thunder: once in day, once in night is the best way to double the fun.
    Skipped Fantasmic! Seen it once, why see it again?
    Birthday buttons are on about 10%-15% of the guests. No foolin'. Normal random sample of birthday inquiry would be about 1 in 365 or less than 3 per 1000. Not at DLand during this promotion, though. Now, will I take four trips to DLand, one for each member of my family? Probably not. I prefer my current frequency of once a year or so. If my kids were twins: certainly. And I thought I'd see more birthday twins, but I didn't.
    Summary of summary: fun day with the wife and not kids. Just like old times.

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    Re: Short Trip Report, no pics

    Sounds like you had fun. Glad to hear it.
    Partner in Crime: Smaps.

    Go Huskies!!!

    Disneyland: September 12th to 19th




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      Re: Short Trip Report, no pics

      Originally posted by BK15 View Post
      Sounds like you had fun. Glad to hear it.
      Quite the good time. Glad that rain stopped, mostly. Glad that Nemo's queue is mostly covered, too. Otherwise we would have ridden Space Mountain the rest of the day!


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        Re: Short Trip Report, no pics

        FNSV <-- what is this???


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          Re: Short Trip Report, no pics

          Originally posted by Kristine30 View Post
          FNSV <-- what is this???
          "Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage." I hope this is the proper acronym.


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