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Sleepy Monday


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  • Sleepy Monday

    Time for another 7 day thread. Feel free to move this to the lounge, if I posted incorrectly.

    This time I have chosen the topic of the seven dwarves. Now this is not quite what you are thinking. Today's topic is Sleepy.

    The dictionary defines sleepy as drowsy, quiet and without much activity.

    When Snow White woke up from her nap at the cottage of the 7 dwarves, she guessed which dwarf was which dwarf, by their personalities. Sleepy gave himself away by yawning.

    Monday morning is the day that everyone wants to sleep in. You probably did not work over the weekend. You most likely don't feel like going to work or school today. Monday mornings are also a new start day.

    So the topic is Sleepy. Is he your favorite dwarf? How do you sleep? Are you an insomniac, or do you go to sleep easily. What makes you drowsy?

    Snow White was adored by the seven little men that she originally thought were children. So on Sleepy Monday, talk about Snow White's Sleepy or anything else about what comes to mind.

    Who always goes to bed with his shoes on?
    What is the first thing that you do every morning?

    Answers are:

    a horse and wake up

    That is unless you are an insomniac, or have a night time job.

    Sleepy Monday

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    Re: Sleepy Monday

    You know BA, the name of that dwarf was changed from the original. His name was sleezy and eventually became Snow's favorite dwarf. They were alll very happy where no one slept alone. Snow became very sad when the dwarves left the mine and the little cottage an moved to Hollywood to get work on the "Wizard of Oz". Unfortnateky, after obtaining their SAG cards and appearing in the movie, The dwarves were only able to get roles in a seried of shorts. Snow White in the meantime had developed a cocaiiine addiction and was sentenced to a long miserable life.
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      Re: Sleepy Monday

      You spin quite a tale.


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        Re: Sleepy Monday

        I don't think Sleepy is my favorite, but I do like him, and certainly today. Yawn. Monday's are like that - Sleepy was a good choice for Monday.

        Do you remember the old dwarf characters that used to be in the park? Not the rather lifelike ones now, but the ones from 20-30 years ago? I only remember seeing them on TV specials, but they looked so wooden - like weebles or something. I don't know why I thought of that now, but I am sure glad that technology has brought them into the 21st century!

        I'm a late owl, BTW. Midnight is about the first time I can sleep, and it didn't change when we moved west (thought it might).

        I miss the sense of innocence that the early Disney animated films have - not sure they still have that.
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          Re: Sleepy Monday

          My grandson's momma is a big fan of the 7 dwarves. They are hard ones to get autographs and pictures of. I myself can relate the best to Sleepy. I think that I can sleep about anywhere. Fell asleep in the Enchanted TikiRoom. I think my age has something to do with that. Don't have the stamina I had when I was young.

          Snow White's Sleepy is so adorable compared to the Gimli dwarf of Lord of the Rings.

          I Think this thread has put fellow MiceChatters to sleep,


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