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Disney Roller Coaster Music (S.O.B.A.T.)


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  • [Question] Disney Roller Coaster Music (S.O.B.A.T.)

    Ever since Space Mountain got refurbished, I have never ridden it without the music. But, I remember when I was young, the old Space Mountain's music rarely worked and you could barely hear it. It also used to have a little red light on the back so you could tell whether on not the music is working. Does the new Space Mountain have any of those? As for California Screamin' the audio always has new settings. Sometimes it's off, and when it's on, it is either soft, loud, or like a moving boom box that is so loud you could hear the bass line everywhere. And the trains vibrate.
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    Re: Disney Roller Coaster Music (S.O.B.A.T.)

    I was wondering something similar to your thread
    I havnt heard music in years.... Last I heard was Dick Dale on SM.
    I wanted to know if there is any music at all anymore? On SM.

    I have never heard music on Screamin' didn't know there was any!
    Thought maybe it was all high pitch and my "old mouse ears" couldn't recieve the signal anymore)
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      Re: Disney Roller Coaster Music (S.O.B.A.T.)

      I like the music on Screamin' - I've never had any problems with volume or shaking, but maybe in my frenzied enthusiasm I just haven't noticed.

      I like the new SM music, too, but I can't really remember what there was before.

      Usually my head is so filled with my own screaming, the soundtrack is more of an accompaniment than anything else. But that's cool - I can scream in time to the music.
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        Re: Disney Roller Coaster Music (S.O.B.A.T.)

        The last time we rode Screamin' we were in a train with no music (I think it was the blue one) and it wasn't as enjoyable. I know what you're talking about, I think the volume differs from train to train, for some odd reason, because we've been on really loud rides and rides where you could barely hear anything.


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          Re: Disney Roller Coaster Music (S.O.B.A.T.)

          I remember we were on green one day and the music went off right after the launch and was scratchy from the lift on.


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