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DCA Madness


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  • Trip Report DCA Madness

    Hi All,

    So some friends and I started our day over at Disneyland, And to our amazement the park was not too busy. First we met one of the park's newest horses (danny) :yea:he is a 3 year old clydesdale. They are trying to train him to be less affectionate as he kept turning back to us to be petted during our ride to the castle.

    We noticed that Main Street east was to open at 10am which seemed a little odd with the anticipated Spring Break crowds the resort was expecting.

    First ride was to be Splash Mountain as always. I've noticed lately that they can't make up their minds about how high the water level should be, last week it was just a few inches from the top of the flume and today the level was at least 8 inches lower.

    On the way out of DL we stopped by the wait times board the longest lines were 40 minutes for Indy and Space this was at 10am

    We then headed over to DCA to see what the Construction happenings were for the day, after waiting a solid 10 minutes to get in the gates, the lovely (cough,cough) HSM:3 Senior Year starting blaring it's horrible music, we had never seen it and decided to watch (what a waste of time)

    Then over to Hollywood Studios, Monsters Inc had a posted wait time of 40 mins and tower 50, is DCA busier than DL we thought to ourselves? No way, then we saw the Muppets with an extended queue yes Muppets!

    The Hollywood Backlot stage had a special Disney performing Arts Performance which was great. The performers did an excellent job. Walked accross the street to catch "Drawn to the Magic" as always a GREAT show only when it is perfomed on Hollywood Blvd.

    Then it was Paradise Pier time, Unfortunately the HSM:3 Thing was following behing us, (once again annoying) The Pacific Wharf bridge is now open and looks good clears up a little bit of the congestion in that area.

    We walked by screamin' only a 30 minute wait and TSM had a posted wait of 40 mins (looked like at least 50) Maliboomer 45 mins, orange stinger 40 mins with an extended queue made of green masking tape complete with arrows (TACKY) and not to mention BAD SHOW!!! We decided it was too busy and wanted to leave DCA.

    On the way to the grand, Grizzly Had a 55 minute wait and was using their extended queue which I had never seen before so it's fair to say that DCA had a BIG day and maybe things are changing for the better! (we can only hope)

    "To All Who Come To This Happy Place Your Welcome!"

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    Re: DCA Madness

    Originally posted by CastMember 02 View Post

    the lovely (cough,cough) HSM:3 Senior Year starting blaring it's horrible music, we had never seen it and decided to watch (what a waste of time)


    Unfortunately the HSM:3 Thing was following behing us, (once again annoying)
    =P hahaha


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      Re: DCA Madness

      if you go to dca right as it opens the lines are not as bad. i went on yesterday and got threw everything in 3 and a half hour.


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        Re: DCA Madness

        Pics or it didn't happen.
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          Re: DCA Madness

          Originally posted by dizzneeland View Post
          Pics or it didn't happen.


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            Re: DCA Madness

            Sounda pretty bad. Any Screamin' CM's wanna tell me if they hit 6 train op yesterday or just 5?
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