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Pirates of the Caribbean - Stuff Missing


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  • [Other] Pirates of the Caribbean - Stuff Missing

    Becka and I went to the DLR tonight. We went on Pirates and found a few things missing.

    The "Don't Be Cheekin Girl" was not coming out of her window. It looked kind of pitiful to see the pirates and the rest of the characters below occasionally look up at nothing, and continue on grilling the mayor in the well. They had the sound turned off for the girl, so like the guy next to the cats a little further up, they obviously are working on her.

    Also the donkey was missing at the part with the 3 singers, within the fiery town scene. Once again, no sound coming from the donkey, but the singers could still be heard.

    So for those of you that may go to the park and go on the ride, keep an eye out for these, and let us know if you see anything else missing.

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