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Late Night Disney Shenanigans 4/16


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  • Trip Report Late Night Disney Shenanigans 4/16

    Last week, my friend Jeanie and I spontaneously decided to take a mini vacay to Disneyland/Southern California. Nevermind that we just spent the weekend prior in LA/OC as well... We're both unemployed and have nothing to do with our time so why not?!

    We arrived at the park just as the fireworks were going on...

    batsu! it's cold in so.kali...i do not understand! (btw batsu means to make an X with your arms signifying NO! BAD! in japan)

    Jeanie and her prop...her safety blanket

    got our blast on...gawd i suck so bad at this's all about toy story midway mania!

    my orange haired friend, Irene miraculously found us in line for Matterhorn...She spotted Jeanie just as she was covering her head with her safety blanket. Talk about timing!

    you can't tell but...WE'RE ON A BOAT M***** DON'T YOU EVER FORGET!...*tribute to the lonely island*

    i really enjoy the new sparkletastic version of It's a Small World...even though the photos don't depict that...that's besides the point. i love the bedazzle goodness.

    we rode teacups...and i was reminded that as i grow tolerance for dizzy rides decreases exponentially...@.@

    you know you're awesome when your beard can provide sun protection...

    fancy tea party inside the Mad Hatter shop...

    Irene drove us to Hell on Mr. Toad's Wild's a good way to keep warm

    Watch out, there's a new disneyland bum in town...Irene has competition!

    she does not approve!

    Late night mischief...we discovered after all these times that we can chill at the park after midnight...instead of rushing out with the crowd right before it closes..It's wonderful. The park is empty and peaceful.

    Jeanie feels more powerful and fun when she has a prop with her

    ...i guess she's right!

    just trying to keep warm...sunny california my butt...

    hook's eyes...they burn into my soul!

    she's entranced by the spinning lights....

    why is this peter pan soooo frightening?!!! no wonder wendy has her eyes closed!

    went home to sleep cuz jeanie wanted to spend a full 16 hours at disneyland the next day! WHOOP WHOOP! there's way too many photos so i'll post it next time

    <3 stephiee
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    oh hai~~ *face fills with happiness*

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    Re: Late Night Disney Shenanigans 4/16

    Great pics. That Peter Pan is pretty creepy.
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      Re: Late Night Disney Shenanigans 4/16

      Great photos and a great TR. I want that blanket with the ears and eyes!!!


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        Re: Late Night Disney Shenanigans 4/16

        Hehe...we always linger after closing!
        Good pics, looks like you had an awesome time. Thanks for sharing!


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          Re: Late Night Disney Shenanigans 4/16

          Looks fun!


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            Re: Late Night Disney Shenanigans 4/16

            great shots.. i can see that your really are having fun..
            just do what you think...


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              Re: Late Night Disney Shenanigans 4/16

              Oh gosh that Peter Pan IS creepy. He sort of looks like a ventriloquist doll.... (eeps! runs for the hills)

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                Re: Late Night Disney Shenanigans 4/16

                two :thumbup: what a great ur hair color...ah..many moons ago I too had hair color like that..memories
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