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Around the Park Photos


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  • [Pictures] Around the Park Photos

    Bat's Day Fun and Shenanigans:
    Haunted Mansion:

    And now for the third and final aspect of my trip...general around the park photos.

    Starting off with arriving at Downtown Disney at night.....

    Vault Disney it is!

    Melty, sinister, scary-tree version of Mickey? WANT.

    Sure, why not...

    Don't smile!

    Pretty colors.

    Fireworks from outside the gate...



    Then off to bed! See you tomorrow, park.

    Good morning, Walt's ghost.

    Where they keep the fire ants.

    Hooray, Claude Coats! Thank you for the skeleton caves and corridor of doors.

    Where is everyone? Must be off sailing with Admiral Spack Jarrow....

    That totally just sounded like the hero space captain in some bad fifties sci-fi novel. Awesome.

    Dark bayou is dark.

    My old friend Bob, but most just call him Shishka...

    Don't be cheeeekin!

    Have a little old time rum with old Bill, aye?


    The true cost of the tragic plastic silverware incident...

    Remember: When it comes to Jean Laffite, don't believe everything you read... Looking at you, Thread.

    Oh my.

    Secret escape path!

    No one loves Mr. Toad Toad flu, maybe?

    But I don't want to be Cyril again!

    Off to be disemboweled by the Abominable Snowman! Yay!

    And that about wraps it up for section sure and stay tuned for part to, wherein there are singing birds, a tree stump, secret restroom, and creepy dolls.
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    when the spooks have a midnight jamboree....

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    Re: Around the Park Photos

    Awesome, can't wait for part 2.
    Taking contributions to get me back to Disneyland!


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      Re: Around the Park Photos

      Thank you for sharing! I will be watching for part 2.


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        Re: Around the Park Photos

        great pictures!


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          Re: Around the Park Photos

          Originally posted by darkfairycthulu View Post

          How much did it cost you to get DL all to yourself?


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            Re: Around the Park Photos

            that is so cool...the happiest place on earth.

            don't forget to upload photos of your next visit.


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              Re: Around the Park Photos

              fab pics!!! luv the queue pics & ride & all!
              Epcot rocks! I luv Capt Jack Sparrow, alongside Will & Elizabeth!
              Tiff Prendergast on Facebook


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                Re: Around the Park Photos

                Nice pics! The Haunted Mansion shirt is really starting to grow on me.


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                  Re: Around the Park Photos

                  Ohhh thanks for the photos and loved the ones where we could see the fireworks from the central area between the parks. I've always wondered what that view would look like.


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                    Re: Around the Park Photos


                    And to start us off, a very boring, blurry photo of something I've never seen in a trip report before....

                    Just imagine you are waiting in line for Space Mountain. Thrills! Chills! Danger!

                    Prepare for downcount! (Bonus points if you know the source...)

                    Continue? [Y/N]

                    Don't do it, for the love of Flying Spaghetti Monster! Madness that way lies..

                    Creepy tiki pole god is totally winking at you. Go ask for his number, seriously.

                    The window is a LIE! No sign of black lights or shiny rocks anywhere.

                    Never looked back here before? Neither have I.

                    Guess who was out and about for Bat's Day! Always good to see her Highness roaming Fantasyland and being snide to children.


                    Start Again! (Day Two)

                    Now, there has been a lot of talk of Disneyland being potentially haunted. What with tales of poor little Timmy, and the haunted cabbage of Tomorrowland, and Bucky the Rabbit, the bathroom specter of Critter Country. However, I can conclusively tell you only one bonafied paranormal event truly exists at Disneyland....

                    And it involves good old Tilly here. I am still a little freaked out by it, nothing like this has ever happened to me in the park before. As I was taking this photo, I began to feel very uneasy. My arms broke out in gooseflesh, and I felt as if someone was watching me. I took the photo, and lowered my camera, looked around behind me to see if someone was waiting to pass into the on there. I turned back, and Tilly had turned her head and was looking right at me.

                    Then she tried to sell me a D23 membership. True story.

                    Meeting up with human sentient being accomplice designated Jenna...

                    ZOMG Ghost Orb!!1!!

                    The caterpillar is not pleased you intend to sit in his hollowed out corpse.

                    One of my favorite things about the park...I always see random new details, somehwere, that I never noticed before.

                    Characters in Small World not having an effect on merchandise, hmmm?

                    No more fries. Only DEATH.

                    Goats! Goaty goat goats.

                    Please sir may I have another?

                    Yeaaah.....ok. Not quite as creepy as the Marie Osmond dolls used to be here, at least...


                    Museum of the Weird goes here please.

                    Burning Rigid Turtles? Bicycling Rapid Tumors? Bugs Reading Tennison?

                    Villians Lair goes here please.

                    Oh no..I know what this means....

                    Protect me, Magic Sea Serpeant!

                    In Italy, the children have painted the city with and bathed in the blood of their enemies.

                    Still there.....

                    Now,'s the thing. I never liked or particularly cared about Small World before. And I accept, change, for change's sake, is likely a bad thing, in the form of random characters or not. As others have said...some work better than others, some are pretty bad. But in the end...I still don't care for the ride. I am not going to be riding it again anytime soon, certainly, on future visits. My main complaints are....and others have said ugly the show room floors are, and how visibly intrusive the lighting elements and such are. The horrid looking 70's style shag carpet in India is pretty bad, besides all the unshielded lights and speakers and ladders. I like the new lighting scheme itself on the sets, it looks pretty nice and very crisp, but the show as a whole does nothing whatsoever for me. End rant.

                    Yay for Alice!

                    Very cool honorary new sign on Main Street. Very unique and I like how prominant it is, a bit of Victorian weirdness in the setting of the normal "town".

                    And the fantastic new window, Rolly deserves it. And I love the concept art on the Tarot cards...any bit of the Museum of The Weird that makes it into the park is good by me.

                    Another under-appreciated element of the park, the random Emporium vignettes, here for your viewing pleasure..

                    And that about wraps it up....hope to see you soon, old friend...hopefully...

                    So long, Walt's Ghost....

                    And a few panoramic shots to wrap things up....

                    This trip report brought to you by the tree stump. Ia ia stump fhtagen!

                    when the spooks have a midnight jamboree....


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                      Re: Around the Park Photos

                      awesome shots! nice share mate!


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                        Re: Around the Park Photos

                        fantastic photos!

                        looks like you had tons of fun.
                        the grass is green:thumbup:


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                          Re: Around the Park Photos

                          Wow! Lots of great shots! Loved them all!

                          Looks like you all had fun too!
                          Home away from Home.


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                            Re: Around the Park Photos

                            Love-a-lee photos, DFC! Great job! :clap:


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                              Re: Around the Park Photos

                              Nice pictures!
                              Check out my page at

                              Check out my pin collection at User name is WheresMickey


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