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Part of Lilly Belle destroyed for ADA Compliance

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  • News Part of Lilly Belle destroyed for ADA Compliance

    I'm receiving word that the beautiful brass and wrought iron platform railing, as well as the train sign (or "drumhead") have been removed and destroyed in order to make the Lilly Belle ADA compliant. The railing has been cut and replaced by a chain to allow a ramp to be affixed. The drumhead will be removed in these instances. The "fixes" as described appear to be simple shortcuts, and require conductor assistance to make it all happen. I'm still trying to understand the changes, and how they appear. But from all indications, a large portion of the car has been destroyed. There is the fear that eventually they will need to widen the doorways.

    These changes apparently didn't go over too well with many in the train crew, both among the conductors that will have to wrestle with the system of ramps and deadbolts within a timespan of 2 minutes and 30 seconds in order to assist the wheelchair up the ramp to the more traditional of the crews which seek to maintain the integrity of some of the more historical aspects of the trains.

    These changes were demanded by the folks from "Adventures by Disney."

    As for me, I'm of the simple belief that if one is handicapped, one must simply recognize that one cannot do everything. I think in regards to the Lilly Belle, "modifications" to the car as made should never have occured.
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    Re: Part of Lilly Belle destroyed for ADA Compliance

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